Hockey East Medley

USCHO All-Hockey East Preseason Team and Award Winners

Goaltender              Dan Dennis              Providence College
Goaltender Martin Legault Merrimack

Defenseman Jon Coleman Boston University
Defenseman Darrel Scoville Merrimack
Defenseman Mike Nicholishin Mass Lowell
Defenseman Ken Hemenway Boston College

Forward Chris Drury Boston University
Forward Marty Reasoner Boston College
Forward Mark Mowers New Hampshire
Forward Shawn Bates Boston University
Forward Eric Boguniecki New Hampshire
Forward Dan Shermerhorn Maine

Player of the Year Chris Drury Boston University
Rookie of the Year Jeff Farkas Boston College
Coach of the Year Jerry York (tie) Boston College
Ron Anderson Merrimack
Len Ceglarski Award Derek Bekar New Hampshire

USCHO Hockey East All-Nickname Team

Northeastern Sports Information Director Bill Doherty is college hockey’s founding father of player nicknames. His top two from last year were the priceless Mike (Bud) Veisor and Dan (Hobey Dobey) McGillis. Here is USCHO’s list of Hockey East nicknames, some original and some that have floated around Hockey East in recent years. Regretfully, Marc (Nachos) Grande was pulled from this list because he was a late roster scratch from Doherty’s own Huskies.

Boston College
Peter Masters (and Johnson)
Mike (Hockey Is My) Correia
Brian Callahan (Tunnel)

Boston University
Michel (Bunny) Larocque
Tom (Barnes &) Noble
Peter (Ninja Turtle) Donatelli
Brendan (90210) Walsh
Matt (You May Be Wrong, I May Be) Wright

Dan Shermerhorn (Of Plenty)
Reg (Stanford) Cardinal
Chris (Oakland) Roeder

(Tony the) Tiger Holland
Tom Perry (and the Heartbreakers)
Dan (Hey) Juden
Chris (Leaky) Fawcett
Joe (Leon) Trosky
Rob (U2) Bonneau

Mike (First Tee) Mulligan
Anthony (Gino) Cappelletti
Ryan (All That Glitters Is Not) Golden

Martin Legault (My Eggo)
Claudio (Wood) Peca
Jason (Touch and) Feeley

New Hampshire
Eric (Hole-In-One) Nickulas

Arttu (D2) Kayhko
Jeff (Mo) Vaughan
Jonathan (Prank) Calla

Dennis Sousa (Phone)
Jon Rowe (Row Row Your Boat)
Dan Dennis (The Menace)

The Greatest Hits of Hockey East

“I Got You, Babe” – Northeastern and new head coach Bruce Crowder. They say our love won’t pay the rent… may be all too true as last year’s Coach of the Year deals with a roster bereft of talent.

“I Feel So Lonely, I Could Cry” – PC’s Hal Gill, the only returning Friar defenseman from last year’s top six.

“Bat Out Of Hell” – Chris Drury on a breakaway.

“The Fool On The Hill” – who else, but the NCAA? Their ethically bankrupt decision to effectively strip a UNH women’s recruit of her scholarship because she took an advanced English course instead of one with “75% grammar” typifies an organization frequently in need of both brain and heart transplants.

“Bridge Over Troubled Waters” – Jerry York. He inherited a cesspool from Steve Cedorchuk and has resurrected the Eagles as a recruiting machine and emerging Hockey East power.

“Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” – UMass-Lowell, where three goalies were one too many in 1994-95. Scott Fankhouser returns from a year in the juniors to reunite The Swiss Cheese Trio. After a strong year from Fillion last year, however, there will be no trio nor Swiss Cheese. Look for new head coach Tim Whitehead to avoid the mistake of two years ago and tap one of the three as the odd man out.

“Back in the Saddle” – (not to be sung until December 24) Shawn Walsh. His detractors, and there are many, would instead nominate him for everything from “Lyin’ Eyes” to “Mistra Know It All”, but this writer will veto that choice, looking past his errors and welcome back a hopefully wiser Walsh who has been a great ambassador for the sport.

“The Sounds of Silence” – Jack Parker, when an official is having a bad night. (NOT!)

“Take This Job and Shove It” – Referees and linesmen within earshot of Parker on bad nights.

“All Revved Up With No Place To Go” – Tim Lovell, who may sit out the 1996-97 season before returning for his final year in 1997-98.

“Crazy Love” – Tim Lovell, again, if he instead returns in mid-season for the UMass-Amherst. Why trade a full regular season with the Black Bears for half a regular season and playoffs with the Minutemen?

“Wild Thing” – hairy BU fan “Sasquatch”

“My Hometown” – native Maine-iac Aaron Boone, who turned down reported full scholarships at UMass-Lowell and Merrimack to walk-on at Maine.

“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” – Merrimack’s Martin Legault, who looks to return to All-Hockey East status after an off year last season.

“Hello, Goodbye” – Maine’s Jeff Tory and Blair Allison, who left the Black Bears days after announcing they were staying.

“(You Look) Wonderful Tonight” – BU goalie Tom Noble, who magically still has every hair in place at the end of each game.


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