SUNYAC Newsletter: Dec. 6, 2000

Buffalo State Wins SUNYAC Game; Oswego Beats Potsdam; Fredonia Moves Into Second After Weekend

It was a week of emotional victories, perhaps the most being Buffalo State winning a conference game and moving out of last place; Brockport State was the victim as they dropped both games. Oswego State had an emotional win over Potsdam State, but lost its contest against Plattsburgh State. Potsdam did win its next game, but all of that opened the door for Fredonia State to briefly move into second place with a weekend sweep. Geneseo State salvaged a poor week with a victory over Buffalo State while Cortland State couldn’t muster an upset as it got swept.

Team-by-Team Report

PLATTSBURGH — The Cardinals continued to roll in the SUNYAC, sweeping another weekend of conference play. First, they disposed of Cortland, but not without a first-period scare that saw Cortland take a 1-0 lead. Plattsburgh quickly made it 1-1 at the start of the second period, and never looked back. Two players scored shorthanded goals, Eric Weidenbach and Jason Kilcan, while three others notched even-strength goals: Derrick Shaw, Brian Toussaint, and Brendon Hodge. The second night was billed as a battle for first place with Oswego coming into town, and for most of the game, a battle it was. Kilcan gave Plattsburgh the early lead, but then they fell behind 2-1. Mark Coletta scored back to back goals to give the Cardinals a 3-2 first period lead. They went up by two on a Joe Dolci goal. After Oswego cut it to one, Kilcan scored his second, and Bryan Murray put the game away in the third period for a 6-3 final. Plattsburgh has an opportunity to really open its lead up at Potsdam, then Plattsburgh hosts Amherst.

FREDONIA — Thanks to other teams beating up on one another, Fredonia found itself in second place after the weekend, helped by wins over Geneseo, 5-2, and Brockport, 4-1. Dave Mugavero scored twice against Geneseo. Christian Fletcher, Lionel Crump, and B.J. Bouschor also scored. Will Hamele only needed to make 17 saves for the win as Fredonia held Geneseo to 19 shots. Against Brockport, all the scoring was completed in the first 21:32 of the game. Fletcher, Matt Aboudara, and Erik Dolesh scored in the first period. Marcel Hurtubise scored early in the second, and that was that, despite Fredonia getting 44 shots on goal. Hamele again got the win, this time with 19 saves. The Blue Devils host Buffalo State and Plymouth State.

OSWEGO — The Great Lakers avenged last year’s playoff loss with a solid 7-3 win in Potsdam. Oswego jumped out to a 6-0 lead after two periods, but faltered slightly in the third period, only getting off two shots and letting in three goals; but this time Oswego was not to be denied. Seven different players scored. Joe Lofberg was outstanding in net, making 48 saves, including 21 in the third period. Oswego continued that momentum partly into the next night taking a 2-1 lead in Plattsburgh on goals by John Sullivan and Jonathon Hoose. However, the Great Lakers ran out of steam eventually, losing 6-3 and dropping back into a third-place tie with Potsdam. Oswego hosts Cortland and then travels to always-tough Elmira.

POTSDAM — The Bears’ luck against Oswego ran out as they were steamrolled for the first two periods in an eventual 7-3 loss. Already down 6-0, Potsdam tried a third-period comeback with a shorthanded goal by Joe Wlodarczyk, only to be scored upon again. A power-play goal by Brendon Knight and a 4-on-4 goal by Kevin Shaver merely slowed the bleeding down, as Potsdam’s loss came despite unleashing 51 shots on goal, 24 in the third period alone. Potsdam bounced back with a 6-2 win over Cortland. Wlodarczyk got the hat trick as well as an assist for a six-point weekend. Mike Snow, Sean Darke, and Mike McCabe got the other goals. Ryan Venturelli bounced back from the night before to get the win with 25 saves. Once again, Potsdam was a shooting machine, putting 57 on Cortland’s net. The Bears host rival Plattsburgh before traveling to Norwich for their second game against the Cadets.

CORTLAND — The Red Dragons were hoping to steal a point or two against the North Country teams, but it was not to be. They lost to Plattsburgh, 5-2, despite holding a 1-0 lead after one on a goal by Dave Ambuhl. After letting in the next four goals, Greg Menchen scored on a two-man advantage. John Larnerd made 33 saves in the lose. Against Potsdam, Cortland again took a 1-0 lead this time on a goal by Menchen. Again Cortland scored a power play goal after letting in a bunch of goals (this time five). The goal was scored by Chris Cullen. Larnerd was in net again facing a barrage of shots, making 51 saves. Cortland travels to Oswego for its lone game this week.

GENESEO — Despite winning one game, Geneseo had a miserable week. First they got embarrassed by Hobart, 8-1. The lone goal was scored by David Bagley. Then they lost to Fredonia, 5-2. Tony Scorsone tied it in the second, but Bagley wouldn’t score the final goal until it was already 5-1. Kevin Koury made 20 saves. The Ice Knights were able to salvage their week with a 5-3 victory over Buffalo State. Bagley scored two more goals. Kyle Langdon, Aaron Coleman, and Bryan Bowser got the other goals. Koury got the win with 24 saves. Geneseo plays at Brockport and then participates in the Hamilton Invitational facing the host team first.

BUFFALO STATE — Stop the presses, folks. Buffalo State is not in last place. They defeated Brockport, 7-4, to move out of the cellar. The solid performance was led by former Brockport player, Henry Jurek, who scored a hat trick and got one assist. Cyle McCorkle, Jeff Lacapruccia, Todd Nowicki, and Joe Urbanik netted the other goals. Harley Pottratz got a well deserved win with 21 saves. The Bengals outshot Brockport, 42-25. The Bengals were looking for a repeat the next night when they scored first against Geneseo thanks to Nowicki. However, Buffalo State was brought back down to Earth, losing 5-3. Sean Mask scored the other two goals. The Bengals travel to Fredonia, then come home to face Plymouth State.

BROCKPORT — The Golden Eagles were swept and fell to last place. First, they lost to Buffalo State, 7-4, despite holding 1-0 and 2-1 leads. After falling behind 5-2, they traded goals the rest of the way. Casey Firko, Nick Smyth, Drew Morley, and Brandon Marineau scored for Brockport. Tom Payment made 35 saves. Marineau scored the next night, but that was all Brockport could muster in a 4-1 loss at Fredonia. Steve Tippett was in nets and made 40 saves. Brockport hosts Geneseo, and then puts on the Jimmy Mac Invitational with predetermined matchups. The Golden Knights will face the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts followed by Skidmore.

Game of the Week

Well, it would be easy to pick some of the travel partner matchups. But we won’t. We’ll save those for when they meet again in the last games of the season, and instead go for a pair of nonconference matchups. Oswego at Elmira will be a rematch of an early-season contest that saw Oswego win handily. However, that was Elmira’s first game of the year, and now the contest is at Elmira. On the other hand, Oswego may be playing even better now. Then there is the Potsdam at Norwich rematch. Was Potsdam’s upset a fluke, or are they capable of playing with the defending national champions?


  1. Great game! Few penalties, hard hits, great chances all around! Duluth took Denver right to the wire, with Denver hanging on by their fingernails! Congrats to both teams!

    • Few penalties because refereeing was abysmal. Raskob’s hit on Plant was as dirty as Pionk on Johnson. After replay on big board Raskob, Sandelin, entire UMD bench, and 19,000 of us fans knew Raskob should have had major and game misconduct. Also, cross-check from behind to FInley in front of DU bench, in 3rd period, was obvious call. Refs were cowards, afraid to put UMD shorthanded. Love your “hanging on by their fingernails”, couldn’t be because DU lost their biggest D-Man right?

      • We were hanging on by our fingernails. It kind of reminded me of the Championship in 2004 against Maine. They peppered the crap out of us at the end but Berkhoel stood on his head. Hammond’s injury definitely took the air out of DU. Good thing Duluth didn’t tie it because you don’t won’t to go into OT with them. No matter as we won.

        • I agree. If they tied the game we would have lost in OT. Playing even strength, the Hammond/Butcher pairing held the top line for UMD in check.

        • 2004 is not a great analogy. DU played two men short on penalties for final 1:39. Maine pulled their goalie making it 6 on 3 for this whole time. Skinner played the entire 1:39 and probably blocked as many shots as Berkhoel.

      • Congrats, sir! Was a hell of a game to watch. DU this year was like the Sioux last year: completely dominant.

        • Thanks. Don’t understand why they were afraid to make the correct call, especially after looking at the replays. So obvious Raskob made direct intentional contact to Plant’s head with his elbow. How they could review it for 5 minutes and call it indirect contact defies reality. Guess DU was lucky they didn’t call Plant for making illegal contact to Raskob’s elbow with his head.

      • I think the call could have went either way, I don’t think it was malicious though. The one in the corner on the other hand I though was worse cause he launched himself at the DU player. Great game to watch though, both very well matched teams. Who’s gonna depart early for DU?

        • I don’t think it was malicious either, Raskob much more skilled than dirty. Problem is there is no lead-way for officials, intent is no excuse. Any contact to the head is automatic major and game misconduct. Their ruling of indirect contact was not reality, first contact was elbow to head.

          After the title game, Borgstrom once again said he wants to stay another year. He, and his parents, love him attending DU. Florida still wants him to bulk up a bit, but not enough to effect his speed and moves. I think both Gambrell and Terry will stay to see if they can repeat. The biggest, and most important, question mark it Tanner Jaillet. I think he is undrafted, which could be huge benefit, and his status remains uncertain.

          • They do like to win championships in pairs, I think that in theory they should be at the top of the NCHC again, since North Dakota has seen an exodus of players, and Duluth had a lot of seniors on their team. But I guess anything can happen.

      • DU losing their d-man was a tough blow. Definitely not a penalty on that one though, just two hits going hard into the corner and his leg got caught under him. The way those teams were flying around in the 3rd that can happen. I thought for sure the head contact would be called on the Raskob hit so I’m with you there. I don’t think it’s too surprising to anyone who has watch hockey (college or professional) that there is a higher standard for penalties in the 3rd period of a championship game.

        • Totally agree, no penalty should have been called when Hammond dislocated his ankle. Just two players fighting for the puck in the corner. I also agree third period calls have a higher standard but the cross-check from behind, was obvious, occurred in plain sight in front of DU bench with referee a couple feet away, and caused Finley to hit the boards with his shoulder. If you noticed, Montgomery didn’t complain when Raskob only got the two, but went berserk when the hit on Finlay wasn’t called. Either way, it was a fantastic game to watch, definitely the top 2 teams in CH.

  2. Chill, DU fan. Enjoy the awesome win, why moan about the reffing. Yep, it should have been a major, but the reffing was otherwise good in the 2 DU games. CHAMPIONS!!!! How sweet it is!!!

    • Please don’t mistake me telling the truth as “moaning”. I am really proud of our team, validated the national awards they won. In addition to the two calls I mentioned, there were a ton of high hits that weren’t called either. It got so bad that the Sioux and Irish fans that were there started chanting, “Let’s go DU, let’s go”. I don’t mind clean hard hits, like those when we lost 1-0 to UND, but a ton last night crossed the line. Since there were 2 NCHC teams in the finals, I wonder if the coaches could have agreed to have NCHC refs come in.

      • Lets be honest….we all know if they agreed to NCHC refs, it would be Anderson….and then they’d pull Shepherd out of retirement… ha ha ha

        • HAHAHA! I bet even your dream Shepherd/Anderson tandem would have called the major and game misconduct on Raskob. We had a ton of Sioux fans rooting for DU, they must have remembered Pionk.

          • Was a pretty bad non-call. First thing that made contact was his arm to the DU players face.

  3. I think it was pretty obvious that these two teams deserved to play for the national title based on the result. Great game. Quite the season for Denver, Duluth, and the NCHC as a conference.

    • Was a fantastic year for NCHC. Since the most that could have made it through was 3 of our 4 teams in Regionals (two were in Fargo Regional), having the two finalists was a tribute to the NCHC. It will help rankings for the beginning of next year.


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