Midway Through the Third

New England’s had plenty of chances in the third period, but has been unable to convert. it’s still 5-2 Oswego with eight minutes to play.


  1. I can’t find a plausible scenario for Union not to get in even if they lose both weekend games (which is plausible)….  Seems like you need upsets across the board.. (i.e BC forgets which end of the stick to hold or whole BU team gets bird flu or or the Michigan plane is late to the arena..  I guess technically, it could happen.
    You basically need all auto-bids to not win a conference championship. 

    While not mathematically a lock, Union has to be basically a 99% lock.  That’s as sure a bet as they come in AC..

    On the other side, if you are BC, I can’t find a PW scenario where there end up any thing other than a #1 seed.. do you rest the team to avoid injury?


    • Agreed. Union basically has a lock and will receive a 2nd or 3rd seed with very high probability. If I am the coach, I would rest the team and avoid injury. Winning the ECAC championship will have little impact on the calibre of opponents Union will face in the NCAA tournament and could put quality players at risk for the weekend after, which is considerably more important.

      •  If I were the coach I would try to win a trophy in AC since the odds of them making it out of the first round in the NCAAs is pretty slim, let alone making a frozen 4 run…

        • That’s actually kinda funny you say they won’t make it out of the 1st round they handled Michigan easily and lost to Denver by 1 on their rink! Union can even get a 1 seed actually if they win the ECAC and get help. Union is a lot better than people give credit for since they are from the ECAC


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