Game Over

Oswego takes this one 5-2. The Lakers will take on Elmira in the championship game tomorrow, while it’s New England and St. Thomas in the consolation.

Look for recaps later.


    • Yea, I was wondering the same thing, but couldn’t get anything in the pair wise predictor to boost Merrimack. Most of the teams left playing that they played are in the hockey east, and no matter what, 3 will lose, and 3 will win (well one team will win twice)

      We kinda do need to win the HEA tournament if we want to get the 4th #1 seed. But either way we should be close by in the regionals.

    • There are a lot of unreasonable Umile haters out there (almost as much as the Whitehead haters) but i think the criticism is not unwarranted. He gets a free pass from the university for almost everything. But this program has really choked down the wire almost every year since 2003, often times when they should have been the favorite. He’s not recruiting the same caliber of kids that he was 10-12 years ago. And the good ones he does get like JvR, don’t stay. I’m not expecting a championship every year like a BC or Sioux fan, but a lot of season ticket holders are really grumbling, and many that i work with are not going to renew their tickets for next year. Umile getting fired may not make them stay, they would probably actually struggle for a while if they did fire Umile, but i don’t think a serious look at him and the team’s performance over the last few years is unwarranted.

  1. Good luck to Coach York. I hope to beat BC this coming weekend and have a real rematch in the frozen four if possible.

  2. BC and BU ALWAYS get the top slot. Lowell deserved the 8pm game so yes some people are disappointed about BU-BC at 8. Whoever wins that game will get the calls on Saturday. Remember Lowell getting screwed 4 years ago against BU??

    • I appreciate all Hockey East teams, even the one at Chesnut Hill College. I congratulate all the teams that made it to the Garden.

      Having said that, I trust Joe Bertagna and team to figure out the right top billing, both locally and for national television.

      Lowell/PC can get top billing Saturday with a win.

      • well there are advantages for the 5pm timeslot (see 2009 when UML-NU ended at 8pm, BU-BC didnt start until about 9 and went past 11)

        at least lowell then had time to focus on the final game.

        Besides, everyone would just leave before the 2nd game if BU-BC was early. Just sad that Jerry doesn’t have a chance to send Jackie into retirement

    • While fans may consider the 8 pm game to hold an advantage, the players and coaches do not. It’s to a team’s advantage to play the 5 pm game. That gives them three extra hours of recuperation time AND allows them to scout their opponent. Those are HUGE advantages, which is why the number one seed usually prefers the early game. However, the league also factors in the distance the team’s fans have to travel so Maine or Vermont would be more apt to get the 8 pm time slot for that reason. But since all the schools are in reasonable time proximity, it perfectly appropriate to have Lowell and PC play at 5. Lowell earned that advantage by winning the regular season. (I’m almost certain BC took the early game last year as the number one seed.) So Lowell fans should be HAPPY their team has this advantage even though it’s less convenient for the fans personally. This is a time to… take one for the team. :)

      • One would think the mental rest is as big or bigger than the physical rest during a league championship weekend. Especially if either (or both) games go to overtime. I remember getting out of both Boston Gardens after midnight for a Beanpot with overtimes.

        • It’s even more significant for an athlete because they’ve got so much adrenaline in their system, it’s a long time before many of them are ready to sleep.

  3. Parker retiring. Umile on the hot seat at UNH, and with a second detached retina, is it possible that York could bow out as well and have 3 of the most legendary coaches in HEA step down in the samey year?

    not likely.

  4. You wrote: “Kudos to Lowell coach Norm Bazin and PC coach Nate Leaman for the exceptional turnarounds they’ve performed in just two years at those schools.”
    “Kudos”, which loosely translated means “half hearted pat on the back” is a word most people reserve for when they have to praise someone they dislike. I’ll agree that Coach Leaman has performed an “exceptional turnaround”. 31-33-11 and 2 trips to the Garden in 2 years is very good. Congratulations to him. But mentioning Leaman in the same sentence with Norm Bazin? Really? The same Norm Bazin who was 2012 HEA Coach of the Year, engineered the greatest 1 year turnaround in D1 history, has a 48-23-3 record in 2 seasons, went to the final 8 in the 2012 NCAA tournament, has clinched a 2013 NCAA tournament birth and became the first coach from a school other than ME, BU, BC or NH to win a Regular Season Title in HEA history? This is like comparing the cute checkout girl at Marketbasket with Kate Upton or the “steak” on a Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwhich with a Capital Grille 24 oz Aged Porterhouse. Exceptional turnaround? Try historic. Never-before-seen. Never-see-again. Miraculous!

    • Where did you ever get that definition for “kudos”? It isn’t in my dictionary. describes kudos as:
      honor; glory; acclaim: He received kudos from everyone on his performance.
      Nowhere does it refer to anything half-hearted so please don’t put those words in my mouth. As for Bazin and Leaman, they DO belong in the same sentence because they were the two coaches who took over programs that missed the playoffs the year before they arrived. Two years later, they were playing in a winner-take-all game for the first regular season title for both schools. Bazin gets the nod because Lowell performed better last year and won that deciding game. But Leaman also took over a program that had missed the playoffs THREE straight years. The Friars had also only scored something like 75 goals the year before he arrived (one of the lowest totals if not the lowest) AND graduated 50 of them. They both are outstanding coaches and it isn’t appropriate to diminish either of them in my opinion.

  5. Unless Coach Blais finds an actual goaltender in the triumvirate of players he has at hand at the position and some defensemen who can actually play defense, UNO is going to finish in last place in the NCHC–which is where they were picked to finish.

    UNO can score, but their offense isn’t good enough to outshoot those issues by any stretch of the imagination. No UNO goaltender is even listed in the league leaders (a sign they stink or no one has yet played enough minutes by distinguishing himself to qualify) and UNO currently sports the NCAA’s 53rd ranked defense and 57th ranked penalty kill (along with racking up the 8th most penalty minutes in the NCAA).

    This is a team with problems, problems it should not have in what is now Coach Blais 5th season at UNO.


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