Recaps of Friday’s Games

Recap for Elmira-St. Thomas

Recap for Oswego-NEC 


  1. St. Kates will continue to struggle against strong defensive teams as long as the coaching staff continues to roll the same 2 lines until they are exhausted. They show no creativity with line matching or spot substitution of bench players in order to give the top lines a chance to regain their legs. This was especially evident against St. Norberts. When this years seniors graduate, the team will be a shadow of what it is next season due to the lack of ice time and game experience for the bench players, some of whom will not return next year because they never play anyway

  2. Point proven tonight. Despite outshooting St. Mary’s by a significant margin, the Wildcats lose 4-0. Very few serious scoring chances despite the number of shots. The top lines were still exhausted from last night but were expected to suck it up and carry the load again tonight. The team has no balanced attack under the current tactics employed,


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