Recaps from Saturday

Here’s the recaps:

Mine for the Consolation

Russell Jaslow’s for the Championship


    • For the Ivy League teams, nobody has any choice other than to rank based on potential. It’s the other teams for whom that rationale is unnecessary. I don’t like having to rank them that way, but I do think that Yale and Cornell are both Top-20 teams.

      • saw Union play this weekend..they completely dominated both games and will not lose too many games this year..should be in the top 10

  1. I think early in the season the rule should be “no games – no votes”. Let the Ivies jump in the mix later as they accumulate victories. Let those that are playing enjoy their place in the top 20 list.

      • Preseason polls are fun, you predict where a team will be at the end of the season, but after the season begins it’s the play and the record on which a poll is based. If you want to put in the team with no record you have a hybrid. Why does a team with no record move in your poll from week to week? If you thought a team was going to be at #5 preseason it seems to me that that team should be at #5 every week until it plays a game. As I said “no games-no votes”.

  2. Michigan Tech in the top ten…you must be crazy. You must make your polling decisions from a random drawing or something. Your hockey knowledge equals that of a 5 year old. Whats next? The Brown Bears at number one because their pants and jerseys finally match? Find a job with Glamor magazine.

  3. So, that “college hockey is a great way to make the NHL” commercial… I don’t suppose you played it for Paul Kelly for free, did you? And assuming College Hockey Inc is a paid sponsor of USCHO Live, shouldn’t you guys mention that, “Paul Kelly now joins us, and in the interest of journalistic integrity, College Hockey Inc. is a paid sponsor of USCHO Live.” ?


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