Final Bracket Projection, 3/4

In the end, all the drama between the BC-UMD selection turned out to be irrelevant, as all the top seeds won their conference tournaments.

As discussed in earlier posts, given the closeness of BC-UMD and Wisconsin-Mercyhurst, I see no reason why the NCAA committee would not swap the two teams, leaving a bracket as follows:

BC at (1) Wisconsin


Harvard at Dartmouth

UMD at (2) Mercyhurst

The one source of drama that really remains, is will the committee swap BC and Harvard to avoid the Harvard-Dartmouth intraconference matchup? I have nothing new to say here, but here’s the comparison between the teams.

Boston College vs Harvard

RPI      0.5646  0           0.5861  1

L16    12- 4- 0  1         11- 4- 1  0

TUC     9- 9- 2  0         12- 6- 2  1

H2H              1                   0

COP    12- 7- 2  0         16- 5- 2  1


PTS              2                   3

As I said in the previous column, Harvard leads by a considerable margin in three of the categories. BC leads by half-a-game in one category, and its head-to-head win was in triple overtime.

So given Harvard’s margin over BC, I do not believe the committee should sacrifice the bracket integrity to avoid an intraconference matchup between Harvard and Dartmouth. I don’t think it’s a huge difference, since both Harvard and BC played in January. So we’ll see what happens at 6 p.m. tonight.