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I talked with Vincent Eurizone, chair of the NCAA Division III Selection Committee today, and he took me though the process. Interesting stuff:

Read it here.


  1. Why is it you internet geeks want to read off records and tell us where you ranked certain teams.  What a waste of time!  You’re talking pairwise in November,  what a couple of DORKS!

  2. As a UNION Alum who was at the sold-out game, it was clear that the Cornell team has a wealth of youth, talent and speed and size. They have a great home field arena. The game had to be emotionally draining for both teams. Cornell is not easy to beat in Ithaca and Colgate is not easy to beat in Hamilton. An impressive road trip for RPI against all odds. 

  3. as a slu fan i would love to see rpi get hot right now. bc if slu gets past dartmouth we wouldn’t have to play union in the next round :p

  4. Clearly more important for Cornell to win ecac tourney than to win the cleary.. union will get into the dance regardless.. Cornell will likely need a win in the tourney

    • Cornell will need to sweep it’s quarterfinal series and needs a win over a TUC in Atlantic City (because if they don’t win the tournament it means they likely have a loss against a TUC).  UMass dropping out of TUC status would help as well.

    •  “Union will get into the dance regardless”?  I wouldn’t be so sure of that.  A tie for 8th in the PWR is a precarious position to be in for a team that’s never won the ECAC tournament and got swept by Brown this season.

      If they don’t win the ECAC tournament, it means they’ve got at least one more loss (maybe even two or three), which will hurt their PWR – and and by definition, it’ll mean another ECAC team that *wouldn’t* have otherwise been in the top 15* has snagged a spot, moving Union down the list.

      Then you have to hope that there weren’t any upsets in the HE, CCHA, or WCHA tournaments that result in auto-bids for two or three bubble teams like Western Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, LSSU, Colorado College, or even Wisconsin or New Hampshire – none of which would be all that shocking – because that’ll move Union down the list even more.

      (*I use “top 15” here instead of “top 16” because the AH tournament winner – already certain to be a team outside of the top 16 – will get an auto-bid, pushing the #16 team in the PWR out.)

      I’m not saying Union won’t make it – in all likelihood, I suspect they will.  But for a team whose fans chanted “Scoreboard!” when they were ahead by one goal at Cornell this past Friday, only to see Cornell take the lead and win, woofing about your NCAA tournament certainty is… well, a little amusing.

      • Honestly, no one should ever come into Lynah and chant scoreboard at the Faithful, It’s not going to shut us up, in fact it usually just makes me louder and more supportive of the Red. I think when opposing fans get uppity, it just makes Lynah more hostile. I know I personally love it when opposing fans come in and disrespect us in our barn. It makes our habit of winning 70% of our home games or more so much sweeter.

  5. Wow.. even the Cleary can’t buy Union a headline.. that’s ok when the seals got bin laden they flew at 500ft in the mountains.. like Union on the flight to Tampa…

  6. This Cornell fan wanted the one seed and doesn’t care about the Cleary.  And I’m far more concerned about what losing to RPI did to our Pairwise chances.  I haven’t been to Lynah in a few years but I don’t recall that we ever hung banners for winning the regular season.  And as far as I remember the trophy didn’t even have a name until 2001.  It has all the meaning as the President’s Trophy in the NHL.

  7. cornell fans are the worst..they are annoying and they whine too much…its gonna be great to watch them get left out of the NCAA tourney.  

  8. Cornell beating Union on Fri hurt, but Cornell losing to RPI on Sat made my weekend.  What a choke job by Cornell.  Pretty much eliminates the Ag School from the show unless they win the ECAC tourney.

    My bet is Cornell doesn’t even make it to AC.  Teams I worry about are Harvard and Colgate aka Team Smith.

    Huge congrats to Union for their 2nd Cleary Cup in a row!!

          • 32 points is rather low for first place in the ECAC.  How many times did Union beat Cornell?  And even you admit we handed it to you.  Let’s just hope this year’s Cleary Cup winner can actually make it to Atlantic City this year.  Last year’s winner choked in the quarterfinals.

          • One also might say that Union ended with 32 points and Cornell ended with 30…Simple number comparisons from elementary school would suggest which team won the regular season. Suck it up and TCB in the ECAC…..

        • Champs!!!  Again….

          How cute!  I know Union doesn’t have the history of most of the other ECAC teams so here’s a lesson.  The “Champ” is the ECAC tournament winner.  Yale won the tournament last year.  And nobody raises banner for the regular season.  And no other team would have a party on a Tuesday at a place to called Bombers Burrito Bar to accept the Cleary Cup – and broadcast the “event” on a radio show.  Wait until you actually win something worthwhile.

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  9. RPI had a really great weekend, their goalie allowed only 3 goals on 70+ shots.  Also, they put up around a quarter of their total league points this past weekend (from 13 to 17 points).

    I wouldn’t say that Cornell choked, RPI is just getting started.

  10. Here is hoping that both Cornell and Union make it into the NCAA Tournament and a
    NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Championship Bracket. Last year the ECAC did not fare well. Yale, Union and RPI had a combined 1-3 (Same as Hockey East, BC, Merrimack and New Hampshire). Yale and Union unfortunately ran into Minnesota-Duluth, the eventual winner. Union held Minnesota-Duluth to only 2 points, the lowest in the Tournament, but could not muster any offense. This year I would think that Cornell and Union would do better. ECAC teams have beat some the best. Union beat Michigan and Merrimack for example. Is the ECAC overrated? Is it underrated? 


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