No Goal, then a Goal

Notre Dame’s Kyle Lawson appeared to make this one a goal game, but after a looooong review by the video replay official Greg Shephard, it was ruled that the puck was directed off Lawson’s skate. He appeared to be try trying to stop the puck with his skate at the far crease to put the puck in a wide open weak side, but BC’s Tim Filangieri checked Lawson off the play before he could use his stick. The puck went into the net directly off of Lawson’s skate, so no goal.

Just 35 seconds later, Boston College scored what’s probably the backbreaker, as Ben Smith took a feed from Gerbe (who has been in on all four BC goals) and floated a wrist shot past Pearce, who was screened by his own defenseman. What an emotion swing, from 3-2 to 4-1 in less than a minute.


    • Inexplicably so.  RIT is 3-2-1 the last two seasons at BCA, and four of those were tournament games against AHA final four teams, which (unsurprisingly) are harder than the typical Ritter Arena game.


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