Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Everybody’s got an opinion about which players here in Denver will forego the remainder of their college careers and turn pro. I’ve been doing an informal survey of my fellow journalists and some coaches, as well as throwing in my own opinion. Here’s what I came up with:


TJ Oshie (North Dakota)

Andrew Kozek (North Dakota)

Taylor Chorney (North Dakota)

Ryan Duncan (North Dakota)

Nate Gerbe (BC)

Mark Mitera (Michigan)


Bill Sauer (Michigan)

Chris Summers (Michigan)

Ryan Thang (Notre Dame)

Benn Ferriero (BC)

Matt Watkins (North Dakota)

Chris VandeVelde (North Dakota)

Joe Finley (North Dakota)

Pure speculation. I’ll revisit this list come next September and see how close I and some of the other pundits were.