In This Tournament…

…No lead is safe. With 14 minutes to go, it’s still 3-1 Miami.

Plenty of time.


  1. I believe that North Dakota has now done enough to successfully have a chance to defend their NCAA title because they won’t be losing to anyone ranked lower than #4 in the pairwise next weekend on neutral ice.

    • You are correct, UND is guaranteed as far as the first game is concerned. Worst case, according to PWR Predictor with teams near them winning, they would be in 2-way tie for 11th with a loss to DU. Not saying they will lose, just saying you are 100% right that they punched their ticket to Fargo. They won’t drop lower than 12th, even losing the consolation game, since it will be another top 4 team they play. I’m looking forward watching the games on CBSSN, should be very interesting since Sioux will have a majority of the fans in Minneapolis. Your team had a good run, fell short in very tough competition.

      PS- I watched the WMU-UNO game last night and arena was 2/3 empty, or optimistically 1/3 full. Hope Ray was one of the 1/3.

      • Looked rather empty for the entire weekend. Obviously more people there Friday and Saturday, but there were plenty of open seats.

        • As you saw, really looked bad last night. Think UND might have a good chance against DU, we are due for a less than quality game. Don’t know of any team that can play that good for such a long streak. Terry’s shorthanded goal Saturday night would make Borgstrom proud.

          • The defense continues to struggle with critical turnovers and will have to play much better against that talented DU team.

          • Couple things.

            I doubt UND will beat DU, but it’s not a foregone conclusion.

            Troy Terry has been on a tear. He might be the most productive player in CH the past 3-4 weeks. He is what you call a pure goal scorer.

            A DU loss, in either game this weekend, may not be the worst thing to happen. When UND was swept at Denver last year I predicted this would be a good thing….for both teams.

            I watched DU on Friday and think Blake Hillman has taken his game up a notch. He will be one of the best defensemen in CH next year.

            Matt Semisch, if you want to hear some great stories about Bottineau HS hockey from the 70’s….let me know. Bottineau, believe it or not, had great hockey teams in the mid to late 70’s. I had a front row seat and can provide you with some stories that few ppl will likely recall.

          • I agree, a loss to UND would not be the end of the world. First, is very hard to beat UND three in a row. Second, when you have been playing almost flawlessly for 14 games, you are due for a clunker and a wakeup call.

            Terry was fantastic, Montgomery said he had the best week of practice that he has seen in a long time. What also helped him was that Saturday night CC covered Borgstrom wherever he went, including when CC had the puck. Basically, Terry and Lukosevicius were playing 2v2 all night against CC forwards. His shorthanded goal was amazing.

          • Botno had one kid about 6’4″ (?) that skated like the wind in the later 70s. (He “shelfed” more than a few on me.)

      • Students were still on break, but yes I made it for the first two games and had to follow the 3rd on radio. Last week’s turnout was much better, but this week’s was pretty dissapointing.

        • Looked horrible on NCHCTV, thankfully it was not televised nationally. All those gold/yellow empty seats really stuck out. Both teams played uninspired hockey. I was listening to same radio broadcast that you did, as that was the audio for the telecast.

        • Tech was on break this weekend as well. It’s one of the downsides of on-campus tourney games – the home team loses some of its advantage with fewer students in the stands. Of course, that means there are tickets available for old farts like me, but we ain’t as noisy. Fortunately, both WMU and MTU got it done. Good luck next weekend in Minny.

          • Did you get to see techs student section sign? I loved the picture, “stand up old people” lol. Great to see tech kick it in when it mattered. Good luck against bowling green, both teams are much improved and that’ll be a fun one. And thanks for the luck, I’m excited to watch them play on cbss.

          • I sat on the same side with the students, so I knew they had signs/letters but didn’t really see them. Got to sit in a suite Saturday night which was pretty cool, but that was the night they lost. Tech’s early stumbles are a bit misleading – they had goaltending issues through the first few weeks, until they began playing the freshman Redmond and things began to click. Came back to Indiana today, and was reminded of how much “fun” the drive can be while taking 2-3 hours to cover 10 miles out by Milwaukee. Fortunately, I missed the 40-car/semi pileup that caused the delay.

          • The suite view mustve been a nice experience. Like you, when I traveled to miami, the night I had my best seats was a loss. Agreed that finding “beef” as the student’s call him, has really helped tech, as well as a much better offense than the middle of the year. Good thing you missed the pileup, but too bad you weren’t In front of it.

    • Not yet, there are scenarios where UND will not make it still if you look at the PWR predictor. Lot os upsets have to happen but they are not a lock yet. But it does look like the odds are now in their favor. Would be nice to beat DU but I just don’t see that happening. DU is just too good right now.

  2. Boy, are WMU fans sold on their team or what?

    Total attendance for their 3 game playoff series against Omaha?


    Attendance for the other NCHC playoff series?


    And, the other 3 series were all 2 game sweeps.

    Was the weather bad, or something?

    The best W-L record at WMU since the ’95-’96 season and the first NCAA tourney appearance in 6 seasons and nobody is more amped up than that?


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