One in the Books

After a scoreless first period, shots are 12 for each side, but Bemidji goaltender Matt Dalton has had to make some very good saves to keep Miami off the board.

Back with second period action in 15 minutes.


    • Want to see a great goal, Wisco? Go to NCHC.TV and go down the home page to the DU vs. UNO highlights for 3/4. Watch first goal by Borgstrom, guarantee you will like it. Let me know. You better get used to Fighting Hawks in the playoffs, especially if they win 2 next weekend.

      • Ya that goal wailed for sure. Enjoy him for the next few weeks! He’s a one and done, unfortunately for neers fans.

        Hawks still miss the dance, but thanks for calling them by their correct name!


        • He said he wants to come back next year. Think he will stay unless Florida forces him, doubt that will happen. Congrats on your showing, Granato helps any team.

          • That is the reason Florida liked that he came to DU, to bulk up. One caveat that needs to be considered. If “bulking up” causes him to lose his shifty moves and slow his great speed, that would be much worse than the way he is now. He is definitely NHL ready now, hope Florida doesn’t force his hand.

          • Denver, if I had a dime for every time I said one of UND’s star players was not developed enough to move on to the NHL….
            Borgstrom may stay another year at DU, but from the outside looking in I think it is unlikely. Look at Patrick Laine for the Jets, he is a wisp of a kid and has been bounced around a few times this year. Yet, he is currently the #2 goal scorer in the NHL. Borgstrom, imo, is a more talented hockey player (more complete) than Laine. Laine has a faster release for sure, but this is the only area where Laine is superior. What NHL team would not put great pressure on a kid like Borgstrom? Henrik will have tremendous pressure to join the Panthers, I do not see him returning to DU….as much as I would like to see this.

          • Heinen was (and is) a great hockey player. But Borgy is at an entirely different level…especially with ultimate upside. The fact we are, indeed, comparing apples to oranges is why I think the Panthers will want Borgstrom after the season.

            Candace said that Borgstrom “seemingly” gets better every week. I agree with Candace, but Borgstrom’s improvement is largely due to improving self-confidence. His great goal Saturday reminded me of Drake Caguilla, a player that had tremendous self-confidence. Borgstrom came to DU as an uber-talented CH player. Now he is confident and looks far more focused on the ice. NHL scouts look for this confidence as much as anything when they try to determine who is ready to move up. We’ll see, but I think Borgy leaves.

          • I want Borgstrom to stay as much as you do, but I don’t think the Panthers read this blog. You do realize that he plays against 1st to 3rd round draft choices almost every game, don’t you? The NCHC has a ton of good defensemen and back checking forwards, and he has a target on his back every game. In our OOC games, he lined up against Kunin (Wisconsin), 2 first and 1 second rounder versus BU, and a 2nd and 4th rounder at Providence. Most of these will be in the NHL either next year or the year after. Borgstrom’s “dances and dangles” will certainly translate well in the NHL, in addition to his speed and quickness.

          • This should be a most entertaining series, since I’m pretty sure the loser of this series drops out of NCAA consideration unless strange things happen elsewhere.

  1. Just a small correction, dries had a hat trick friday. It is also weird in that both western fans and UNO fans agree that this playoff series was the best option for their teams. Excited for playoffs next weekend!

  2. Another problem with having St Cloud at UND next weekend is that attendance at the Frozen Faceoff is going to suffer regardless of who wins this series since they both can’t make it there (UND more so).

    • If Denver and Minn-Duluth both make it, I think fans will just come to see top teams play. Also, CBSSN televising all Frozen Faceoff games so having them there will boost national audience and highlight our league.

  3. Time for Miami to find a new head coach, this team is going in the wrong direction the last few years. Hard to even watch anymore

    • I totally agree, Blasi is the weakest HC in the conference. You know who I would hire…..asst coach Brent Brekke. He is tough, smart, and relates well with his players. Miami has had a bunch of talent the past 5 or 6 years to not see more success.


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