Bracketology: A change we can’t make

It’s time once again to do what we like to call Bracketology, college hockey style. It’s our weekly look at how I believe the NCAA tournament will wind up come selection time.

It’s a look into what are the possible thought processes behind selecting and seeding the NCAA tournament teams.

This is the next installment of our Bracketology, and we’ll be bringing you a new one every week until we make our final picks before the field is announced on March 20. Make sure to check out our other entries on the Bracketology Blog, where we’ll keep you entertained, guessing and educated throughout the rest of the season.

Here are the facts:

• Sixteen teams are selected to participate in the national tournament.

• There are four regional sites (East — Bridgeport, Conn.; Northeast — Manchester, N.H.; Midwest — Green Bay, Wis.; West — St. Louis)

• A host institution which is invited to the tournament plays in the regional for which it is the host, and cannot be moved. There are three host institutions this year, Yale in Bridgeport, New Hampshire in Manchester and Michigan Tech in Green Bay. St. Louis’ host is the CCHA, not a specific team.

• Seedings will not be switched, as opposed to years past. To avoid undesirable first-round matchups, including intra-conference games (see below), teams will be moved among regionals, not reseeded.

Here are the NCAA’s guidelines on the matter, per a meeting of the championship committee:

In setting up the tournament, the committee begins with a list of priorities to ensure a successful tournament on all fronts, including competitive equity, financial success and likelihood of playoff-type atmosphere at each regional site. For the model, the following is a basic set of priorities:

• The top four teams as ranked by the committee are the four No. 1 seeds and will be placed in the bracket so that if all four teams advance to the Men’s Frozen Four, the No. 1 seed will play the No. 4 seed and the No. 2 seed will play the No. 3 seed in the semifinals.

• Host institutions that qualify will be placed at home.

• No. 1 seeds are placed as close to home as possible in order of their ranking 1-4.

• Conference matchups in first round are avoided, unless five or more teams from one conference are selected, then the integrity of the bracket will be preserved.

• Once the five automatic qualifiers and 11 at-large teams are selected, the next step is to develop four groups from the committee’s ranking of 1-16. The top four teams are the No. 1 seeds. The next four are targeted as No. 2 seeds. The next four are No. 3 seeds and the last four are No. 4 seeds. These groupings will be referred to as “bands.”

Given these facts, here is the top 16 of the current PairWise Rankings (PWR), and the conference leaders (through all games of games of March 8, 2011):

1 Yale
2 Boston College
3 North Dakota
4 Michigan
5 Denver
6t Union
6t Nebraska-Omaha
8 Merrimack
9 Miami
10t Notre Dame
10t Minnesota-Duluth
12 New Hampshire
13 Dartmouth
14t Western Michigan
14t Colorado College
16t Boston University
16t Rensselaer
— Rochester Institute of Technology

Highest seeds left in their tournaments:

Atlantic Hockey: RIT
CCHA: Michigan
ECAC Hockey: Union
Hockey East: Boston College
WCHA: North Dakota


• The Bracketology assumes that the season has ended and there are no more games to be played. i.e., the NCAA tournament starts tomorrow.

• The team that is currently the highest remaining seed in its conference tournament is my assumed conference tournament champion, thus earning the automatic bid.

Step one

From the committee’s report, choose the 16 teams in the tournament.

We break ties in the PWR by looking at the individual comparisons among the tied teams, and add in any assumed tournament champions that are not currently in the top 16. The only team that is not is RIT.

From there, we can start looking at the ties and bubbles in a more detailed fashion.

We break all of our ties based upon the RPI.

Therefore the 16 teams in the tournament, in rank order, are:

1 Yale
2 Boston College
3 North Dakota
4 Michigan
5 Denver
6 Union
7 Nebraska-Omaha
8 Merrimack
9 Miami
10 Notre Dame
11 Minnesota-Duluth
12 New Hampshire
13 Dartmouth
14 Western Michigan
15 Colorado College
16 RIT

Step two

Now it’s time to assign the seeds.

No. 1 seeds — Yale, Boston College, North Dakota, Michigan
No. 2 seeds — Denver, Union, Nebraska-Omaha, Merrimack
No. 3 seeds — Miami, Notre Dame, Minnesota-Duluth, New Hampshire
No. 4 seeds — Dartmouth, Western Michigan, Colorado College, RIT

Step three

Place the No. 1 seeds in regionals. Following the guidelines, there is one host team in this grouping, Yale, so Yale must be placed in its home regional, the East Regional in Bridgeport.

We now place the other No. 1 seeds based on proximity to the regional sites.

No. 1 Yale is placed in the East Regional in Bridgeport.
No. 2 Boston College is placed in the Northeast Regional in Manchester.
No. 3 North Dakota is placed in the Midwest Regional in Green Bay.
No. 4 Michigan is placed in the West Regional in St. Louis.

Step four

Now we place the other 12 teams so as to avoid intra-conference matchups if possible.

Begin by filling in each bracket by banding groups. Remember that teams are not assigned to the regional closest to their campus sites by ranking order within the banding.

If this is the case, as it was last year, then the committee should seed so that the quarterfinals are seeded such that the four regional championships are played by No. 1 vs. No. 8, No. 2 vs. No. 7, No. 3 vs. No. 6 and No. 4 vs. No. 5.

So therefore:

No. 2 seeds

No. 8 Merrimack is placed in No. 1 Yale’s regional, the East Regional.
No. 7 Nebraska-Omaha is placed in No. 2 Boston College’s regional, the Northeast Regional.
No. 6 Union is placed in No. 3 North Dakota’s regional, the Midwest Regional.
No. 5 Denver is placed in No. 4 Michigan’s regional, the West Regional.

No. 3 seeds

Our bracketing system has one regional containing seeds 1, 8, 9, and 16, another with 2, 7, 10, 15, another with 3, 6, 11, 14 and another with 4, 5, 12 and 13.

We have to place New Hampshire, a regional host, first.


No. 12 New Hampshire is placed in No. 7 Nebraska-Omaha’s regional, the Northeast Regional.
No. 9 Miami is placed in No. 8 Merrimack’s regional, the East Regional.
No. 10 Notre Dame is placed in No. 6 Union’s regional, the Midwest Regional.
No. 11 Minnesota-Duluth is placed in No. 5 Denver’s regional, the West Regional.

No. 4 seeds

One more time, taking No. 16 vs. No. 1, No. 15 vs. No. 2, etc.

No. 16 RIT is sent to No. 1 Yale’s regional, the East Regional.
No. 15 Colorado College is sent to No. 2 Boston College’s regional, the Northeast Regional.
No. 14 Western Michigan is sent to No. 3 North Dakota’s regional, the Northeast Regional.
No. 13 Dartmouth is sent to No. 4 Michigan’s regional, the West Regional.

The brackets as we have set them up:

West Regional (St. Louis):
13 Dartmouth vs. 4 Michigan
11 Minnesota-Duluth vs. 5 Denver

Midwest Regional (Green Bay):
14 Western Michigan vs. 3 North Dakota
10 Notre Dame vs. 6 Union

East Regional (Bridgeport):
16 RIT vs. 1 Yale
9 Miami vs. 8 Merrimack

Northeast Regional (Manchester):
15 Colorado College vs. 2 Boston College
12 New Hampshire vs. 7 Nebraska-Omaha

Our first concern is avoiding intra-conference matchups. We have one, Minnesota-Duluth vs. Denver.

So we switch UMD with Notre Dame to fix that matchup.

West Regional (St. Louis):
13 Dartmouth vs. 4 Michigan
10 Notre Dame vs. 5 Denver

Midwest Regional (Green Bay):
14 Western Michigan vs. 3 North Dakota
11 Minnesota-Duluth vs. 6 Union

East Regional (Bridgeport):
16 RIT vs. 1 Yale
9 Miami vs. 8 Merrimack

Northeast Regional (Manchester):
15 Colorado College vs. 2 Boston College
12 New Hampshire vs. 7 Nebraska-Omaha

Is there anything else that we can do?

We can switch Colorado College and Dartmouth for attendance purposes and ease of travel.

I would like to bring Union east, but that can’t really be done. If we move Union to Manchester, UNO has to go somewhere, and the only place it can go is St. Louis or Green Bay, but we create another WCHA-WCHA matchup somewhere.

But I can switch UNO and Denver in hopes of drawing some UNO fans to St. Louis.

So we make the two changes this week.

West Regional (St. Louis):
15 Colorado College vs. 4 Michigan
10 Notre Dame vs. 7 Nebraska-Omaha

Midwest Regional (Green Bay):
14 Western Michigan vs. 3 North Dakota
11 Minnesota-Duluth vs. 6 Union

East Regional (Bridgeport):
16 RIT vs. 1 Yale
9 Miami vs. 8 Merrimack

Northeast Regional (Manchester):
13 Dartmouth vs. 2 Boston College
12 New Hampshire vs. 5 Denver

More thoughts and education and plain wit on the blog. We’ll see you here next week for the next Bracketology.


  1. BC ought to pray that UNH doesn’t fall further in the rankings, or the Eagles will get shipped out of Manchester. I think if UNH dispatches Vermont, that will secure BC’s spot in Manchester…no matter what happens the rest of the way in Hockey East. Is this a fair assumption?

    • BC will go where ever they send them on route to another frozen four appearance .BRING IT ON 4 in a row for Hockey East after this year.

        • Sioux fans must remember the last time BC ended their season it was a Hockey East Beatdown or last year when UNH sent them back home .This year Duluth will will send them home.

          • Man I love when people try to talk trash and get their facts wrong. UND lost to Yale last year, UNH the year before. If you’re gonna trash on the No. 1 team in the nation, atleast do it correctly. Take off those East Coast shaded glasses and realize how good UND is this year. The depth of the Sioux is so much better than anyone else in the country, it’s unreal. That being said, it’s one and done…. we’ll see what happens

          • Yeah since they are 26-8-3 this year…. That’s a lot of LOSING…. so funny when stupid people confirm they are stupid by spelling words incorrectly and making stupid comments

          • Losing or loseing does it matter they lose pick a team in the regional and the sioux will lose thats what they do this time of year its a fact.

            oops I forgot to capitalize the S in Sioux

          • Ah yes, that’s right. The Sioux havn’t lost a game since January, yet because of their fan base, they suck. That makes perfect sense, if you’re from Minnesota.

          • I thought us Sioux fans weren’t allowed to mention previous titles. Cuz if we talk about it, it’s whining. You say we havn’t won anything in 10 years and it validates your point. Double standard?

          • BC has as much depth as ND. After that it’s not even close but those two have about equal depth and it is frightening. But don’t pretend like ND is the only team with depth.

          • i will admit the sioux got there butts wooped by BC in 08 but i can give u some very good reasons why the sioux lost in 09 and 2010
            09: brad eidsness is a horrible goalie and he was a freshy and joe finley cost the sioux at least 3 goals against UNH
            2010: brad eidsness gives up 2 very easy goals and i cant remember who but one of their players missed a penalty shot
            if u dont believe me look up the 09 and 2010 playoff highlights
            and about UMD beating the sioux if i remember right the sioux shutout the bulldogs 5-0 the last time they played and played them at home and split with them but barely.

          • That play he made with 3.5 seconds left against UNH cost them the game. How do you shoot it in the stands at a time like that?

          • @ #1siouxfan…how many teams can complain about poor goaltending? If I were to make that analogy I would be crying that Maine should be a number 1 seed. When UND came to Orono Maine got solid goaltending ( a rarity this year) and wooped them bad. In the BC & UNH series Maine really dominated the play most of the games but gave up those killer soft goals. Its hard to win when your goalies give up 5 or 6 goals on 18 shots. Who ever has the hot goal tending in the playoffs will go a long way. All it takes is one bad day and its over at this time of the season. UND can not skate with the likes of Maine, BU or UNH but otherwise present a strong team. Defense will be the key and not allowing soft goals even more important. I saw Denver and Coorado College play in person this year and was underwhelmed bythe lack of overall team speed. Still a great game to see but I really understood first hand why Denver got bitch slapped by BC a month earlier (no excuses either about altitude or travel).

        • As I have been saying all year, sooner or later every thread gets turned into a “We Have More titles Than You” pissing contest. Or the “Our League is Stronger than Your League” pissing contest. I hate all of you.

  2. The RPI and PairWise is a bunch of B.S. How can you have the #1 team in the nation as the 3rd #1 seed? Just doesn’t make sense. Just like college football, we shouldn’t let the computers run everything. There has to be some common sense somewhere.

    • Why even bother with the polls every week then if it doesn’t dictate the order of teams. The polls at least have a human feel to it.

      • To give ND fans something to complain about… unless of course they are currently ranked #1, in which case the polls give ND fans something to boast about.

          • Pointing out the truth is not hate. If you don’t think you guys whine you are completely delusional. Name one other fan base that complained every week about the polls. Who is always complaining about the Pairwise? Which fan base went ballistic over a bracketology article?

          • Canadian clowns are the truth, huh? Find me a college roster that’s all-american and I’ll shut up. And if yo’re referring to the first article that was amended later, EVERYONE had a problem with the brackets. This is an opinion forum. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Check my posts, cuz I don’t blatently bash other programs.

          • You ND fans are so full of yourselves – go recruit some more canadians you clowns. Its been 11 years since a title.

    • Guest: You are putting too much emphasis on the subjective whims of pollsters to determine playoff spots. In defense of PWR, the computer does just fine based on measurable results, not east or west coast bias.

      Jayson has set this up this week probably as close to how the committee would use PWR, anyway. The only exception is moving Denver and UNO. They probably are close to each other in performance, but the measurables show Denver is #5, and finished ahead of #7 UNO in the WCHA. I think this is unfair to Denver. I also think that UNO fans would outnumber Denver fans in St.Louis, but that shouldn’t be enough to sway the committee to switch them, considering my other comparable points.

      • I understand the PWR but only to a point…how can Yale be the overall #1 when they are not ranked #1 by coaches or writers AND they didn’t even finish #1 in their own conference? To me, THAT makes no sense..regardless of what the computers say

        • they didn’t even finish #1 in their own conference?

          OMG they finished second by one point!!!!! And their non-conference record was better than Union’s (although Union played twice as many games). Therefore, Yale has a higher winning percentage overall and a slightly stronger strength of schedule hence they have a higher RPI. they also have a better record against TUCs. So they’re higher in the Pairwise. It’s that simple. If they did take recent performance into consideration I can only imagine that sooner or later your team would end up on the short end of the stick and you would be whining about how awesome your team was back in October.

          • “Yale has a higher winning percentage overall and a slightly stronger strength of schedule ” What, is their SOS 36 instead of 37?

            “they also have a better record against TUCs.” In all 15 games they played against TUC?

          • He asked how Yale is ahead of Union in the Pairwise and I told him by explaining the process and the math. What’s your problem?

  3. Just a thought,
    how about swapping out Minnesota Duluth from the Greenbay series to the Bridgeport series? No WCHA team at all in that and Greenbay has both North Dakota and Missesota Duluth.

      • It probbably would help UMD attendance since GB is within a state width, but I see little additional benefit for UND. Perhaps since UND has to then travel ANYWAY, send them the greater distance?
        And for God sakes, bring the tourney home to the actual WCHA next year. Hell, anyplace in ND, SD, MN, NE, or CO would do. Even Mad city wouldn’t have been bad.

  4. His last switch with UNO and DU makes no sense in terms of bracket integrity. The New Hampshire regional now has the #2 and #5 seeds; not exactly fair to BC. But UNO back in New Hampshire. I believe UNO is a better team than DU at this point but if you stick with PWR, UNO needs to go back to New Hampshire.

    • Except that UNO and DU split two weeks ago….in UNO’s barn.

      Personally, I’d say the two teams are all but even right now.

      To me the more troubling thing is that DU, the #5 seed, winds up in the same regional as BC, the #2 overall seed. How is that “bracket integrity”?

      True “bracket integrity” would have DU in #4 seed Michigan’s regional.

      • As a DU fan I agree that UNO and DU are about even now. Don’t mind playing in BC bracket, compared to playing 2 more WCHA teams in Green Bay or St. Louis. There has never been “true bracket integrity” in a very long time so don’t fret about it. Once you get to the regionals it is all about the goalies.Realistically I see that as an edge for BC unless their senior Muse feels the pressure.


      • if they play the Sioux Merrimack will outskate them too much speed more speed than BC just as good a goalie and a punishing D.North Dakota plays a hitting style and Merrimack is too fast to get hit and roll 3 power lines .Hockey East is a nightmare for ND since 2001 check the facts .

        • I agree I witnessed Maine beat North Dakota early this year and they made it look simple Game plan was to skate and skate they did the Sioux defense looked like turnstyles when Maine broke out of their zone .Too slow to hang with a Hockey East squad especially Merrimack .The Sioux fans are in for another shock this year and although it is a shock to Sioux fans we Hockey East fans love playing the Sioux BC sent them home 3 times in the frozen 4 and UNH in the Regional its only fear Merrimack gets a shot this year .

      • I hope they send the Warriors West Merrimack will skate N Dakota into the ground never seen a faster team than this since the 2001 BC Eagles.

      • Agreed showed too much vunerability against Maine a couple of weeks ago. This weekend if MAine continues they may replace Merrimack in the NCAA tourney…

  6. I predict alot of upsets and some possible teams not in the top 16 winning their conference and getting automatic bids. The next 2 weekends and these preliminary seedings will change, I feel. Teams ranked 13-16 need to get it done the next 2 weeks. There are some quality teams nipping at their heals and could make a run.

    • Not 13-16 noonan18.. More like 12-15.. AHA top team (RIT) is currently tied for 16, but really is 17 due to RPI. With them getting AQ with their tourney winner, that will take up a slot. Don’t see them moving up at all in PWR since their remaining playoff games will be against unranked teams. Even with wierdness of PWR move into top 16 seems unlikely. Would take a major upset in one of the other 4 conferences to take another slot out of play.

  7. The Univeristy of North Dakota Fighting Sioux will get either Green Bay or St. Louis. You better hope BC or UNH don’t get shipped out there.
    And to B.D. Are you Kidding Me? UMD beating the Fighting Sioux in a Midwest/West Regional. Not this year anyway. Props to the Connolly boys up in Duluth, but they can go back to smoking their pipes and hitting the pipes. Good luck to Yale this year too! HAHAHA! BC and UNH have better shots chances than YALE!…without looking at stupid numbers(PWR…who do they play?)

        • you still didn’t win your regular season title.

          Nobody outside the WCHA gives a damn about the regular season title. I believe the ECAC didn’t even name the trophy until 2001.

          • Apparently not since the person who mad the post made the statement that ECAC fans did not care about the record at the end of the year.

          • No, I said they don’t care about the regular season title. I didn’t say they don’t care about record. Record is what gets you into the NCAA tournament. Record gets you seeding in the league tournament. Obviously, every team wants to win. My point was very clearly stated that they aren’t going to get worked up about finishing second by one point. You are either really, really stupid or just intentionally being a troll. Which is it?

          • You must be a WCHA fan because you don’t know anything of the world outside your little comfort zone. Teams in the ECAC simply don’t care about the regular season title other than it affords them the top seed in the tournament. I get that you guys in the WCHA do because you have threads in the forum about who is going to win the MacNaughton Cup but seriously, the ECAC trophy didn’t even have a name. As far as I know nobody hangs a banner for winning it or at least they didn’t in the past.

          • Nobody hangs a banner for winning the ECAC trophy because its not much of an accomplishment to win it.

          • Look everyone, ECAC Hockey is the first conference/division in the history of sports to not care about a conference/division title!!! You are SO superior! Give me a break. Yep, I bet the players would just assume finish fifth, sixth, ninth, or last every year than win the conference. I’d buy that argument if the teams in your conference had won more than three national championships combined.

          • Yawn. There’s a huge difference between second place and 12th. Yeah, I’m sure the players make that distinction. And I’m sure Yale players would prefer first to second. I also know they would much prefer the Whitelaw to the Cleary. That’s just reality. Maybe in the WCHA you cherish the regular season trophy as much as the postseason. Good for you. To expect the rest of the world to follow your conventions is inane. I’m pretty sure no professional athlete cares much about divisional titles vs a wild card berth. Being in a position to advance is what matters. Do you think the NY Yankees look back on 2004 and say hey, at least we won the division?

    • Hmm…I seem to recall Fighting Racists fans laughing at Yale last year too…until the Bulldogs BOUNCED your team out of the first round. Seriously, I don’t get you NoDak fans. It would be one thing if Yale hadn’t already shown it could beat you guys, but they’ve done so. And it’s not like either team has changed all that much from last year, either.

      • actually the sioux have changed this year because dell is our goalie now. i just watched the replays from last year in the tourny and (not trying to dis yale) but if eidsness wouldnt have been playing last year or the year against unh the sioux wouldnt have lost in the first round because dell wouldnt have gave up the soft goals eidsness did.

        • I remember when the Sioux fans also thought Lamoureux and Parise were the real deal in net going into the NCAAs too. Those were the days!!!

          • You have who to brag about? Keep hiding behind different screen names and don’t let anyone know who your a fan for, loser, GO SIOUX!!

        • So, you have replayed the games in your head, with Dell in goal and UND won them both? Congrats! Did they go on to beat BU (’09) and BC (’10) too? Can we actually play the games yet?

        • I am a sioux fan but i have to disagree with you, Dell had his chance those last two years to prove himself during the season, and he failed. Eidsness gave us the best chance to win those games.

      • And we are still laughing because one NCAA win does not a dynasty make. Yale still has a dumpster fire for a program and will until they win something worth talking about.

          • Excuses like: we had to travel east, we played 6 games in 10 days, we really outplayed you but it didn’t show up on the scoreboard, our regular season was longer, our regular season travel distances are longer. And logical fallacies like: we won seven titles. What does that have to do with anything? What does Yale not being a dynasty have to do with anything? Nothing. You’re logically impaired.

          • What are you talking about now? Those were all of the excuse the UND fans have been offering up all year about why they lost to Yale last year.

        • This from a school fan base that actually bought Holy Cross jerseys after they beat the Gophers. Someone find out if Gopher fans were pathetic enough to buy Yale jerseys.

      • Great comment. And Sioux fans are the classless ones. Why so much animosity, Bulldog? And when was the last time Duluth saw a FF? Can you say “one line team”?

      • “And it’s not like either team has changed all that much from last year, either.”

        Uh, you’ll find out differently.

    • If history is any indication, UNH will be gone early in the tournament as they will more than likely choke per usual…

      • The lowest 3-seed losing would be a “choke”? How do you figure that? If UNH is gone early, it’s because they’re not as good as the teams they’ll likely face (DU, and possibly BC, if UNH wins in the first round).

        • That’s pretty much how the logic goes around here. When you win against a lower ranked team it’s because they suck and never deserved to be there in the first place. When they beat you they were “lucky”. And when Minnesota beats you in overtime 2-1 they really thrashed you and dominated the entire game.

        • Yeah, on the one hand they say UND past success is not indicative, but then they do the “…played the Sioux like a pinball machine” nonsense.

    • I have no problem with UMD. I just don’t think it is fair to put two WCHA teams in the same regional.

      Thus, move the Bulldogs out and replace (Or move UND out since GB is closer and MIGHT draw more UMD fans if it comes to that but likely no additional UND due to lesser proximity..

  8. According to “wanting to take care of attendance issues every week” why don’t you just have HEA vs. ECAC in the 2 Eastern Regionals and CCHA vs. WCHA in the 2 Western Regionals. End result is none of these barns are full because we’ll be seeing games we’ve seen all season!! Again; some East teams go West and some West teams come East. This makes ALL of the regionals exciting for EVERYONE. Keep the top seeds @ home along with hosts and “they will come”.
    D1 Judgement day is in 11 days!! In the meantime…Let’s play Hockey!!

    • The real result would be a handful of tweedwearing fans in the east ever so politely clapping and tut-tutting physical contact – and the facilities losing money.
      While in the west the facilities will be full (12K+ at REA etc) of fans who know the game and ENJOY it.
      I guess we do have to break it up some.

      • tut-tutting physical contact

        Are you kidding? That’s the WCHA. No defense or goaltending. Just a bunch of guys flying around the ice scoring at will. It’s like an NHL All Star Game.

          • Do they give out a trophy for Best League? Is it one big trophy or 12 little ones – one for each team? Maybe the 12 pieces assemble into one big trophy. And you can assemble it once a year at the Final Five. All of you can masturbate on it and bask in your awsomeness.

          • You’re so awesome. Perhaps we should get you a little trophy and you can masturbate on it while you sit alone at your computer in your parents’ basement. Sorry your life sucks. So does your league.

          • I don’t need a trophy to know how awesome I am. And while I’m impressed that you dug up the old “parent’s basement” routine I would have laughed even harder if you simply skipped ahead to Godwin’s Law.

          • Apparently those skills don’t include defense. Your teams can’t play it and are completely baffled when they encounter one that can.

          • We can’t play defense? More like you clowns out east can’t play offense. That’s probably because all the good players would rather play in the WCHA where all the tradition is.

          • And once again we’re back at “tradition” – code for “WE HAVE MORE TITLES THAN YOU!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Let me know when you plan to join the rest of us 2011.

          • Were better. Past tense. The past has no bearing on the present. Or maybe it does in your universe. You’re probably one of those idiots that walks around in his varsity jacket from high school even though he graduated 20 years ago. Trying to relive the glory days.

          • No, I just enjoy pointing out your futility. You’re probably one of those guys who never even got on the varsity squad so now you’re bitter at the world. Sorry to hear your JV life sucks…

          • So you just confirmed it. You have nothing in your sad pathetic life than to bask in the reflected glory of champions past. Got it.

          • I’m still in college. I’m having a great time, and I’ve still got my future ahead of me. Too bad it sounds like middle age has hit you pretty hard. I’d guess your wife has probably already left you, but I doubt a woman would ever set foot in your room in your mom’s basement let alone marry you. But just to confirm, yes, I like remembering how great the WCHA once was, and currently is.

          • Dude relax. If you’re having such a great time in college then why are you spending all of your time having a silly post battle? Go find some girls man.

          • I was wondering how old you were because if you were an alum older than 25 I would be seriously worried for you. You’ll understand in a few years. PS If you’re not graduating this year I strongly advise you to take a course in logic next semester.

          • Fair enough. Apparently you’re the older one here, yet you started the personal stuff… Let me know when you start acting your age.

          • I thought we were past civility when you referred to us as “clowns” and kept using the word “sucks”. But you’re right, I sank to your level.

        • You obviously dont know hockey! The east is a fast pace non contact game. The WCHA is physical, except Goofs, they pretend they are an east team. When WCHA teams play in the east they get penalized for rough legal play that has been acceptable all season. WCHA has to adjust, not the east. GO SIOUX!! You tell me which is more like the pros? PLEEEEEASE!!

  9. These brackets look OK, could have been much worse. Jason could have put ND, DU, UMD,and CC in Green Bay. Too early to get concerned with these brackets yet, a lot will change with conference tournaments.

  10. Let’s do something innovative.

    I heard a rumor that more games are to be played this coming weekend.

    Then we can talk in a focused way about all of this.

    In the meantime, consult the final three words of “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre (correct spelling, FYI!!!) Dumas.

    “Wait and hope.”

  11. Please notice that in my previous post I used my actual name.

    This encourages a concept known as accountability for prior and future comments.

  12. 3 teams from ECAC including #1 overall?!? I don’t buy it. Yale and Union in the tourney? Yeah, but Dartmouth? There is no way you can convince me that Dartmouth is actually a better team than say Boston University, Maine, Minnesota or Wisconsin. Dartmouth had only 2 “quality” wins by beating UNH and Union (and how good is Union really? They didn’t beat anyone either). ECAC strength of schedule is a joke. Most of their NC games are against Atlantic Hockey. Big deal. Dartmouth wouldn’t fare any better than Bemidji or Minnesota-State in the WCHA, probably worse.

    • Union beat yale they are number 1 in the pairwise (not that i agree with that at all but they are) also union beat minnesota who can still make the tournament and is a team that can make some upsets, beat RIT a team who somehow made it to the final four last year regardless of how strange that sounds. They still have the number one defense in the nation, obviously they deserve what they are doing here.

      • Yeah, Union did beat Yale. That is one quality win. As for the UofM win, well the Goofers were playing like garbage then so that isn’t surprising. How did Union follow up that win? Oh yeah, by losing to Bemidji. Union also got swept by Western Michigan (a quality opponent). So, no, Union didn’t really beat anyone either. They amassed a bunch of wins with their 37th ranked schedule. And that #1 defense isn’t too tough to get when they don’t play teams that can score!

        • Sure they don’t play the hardest schedule but do they go out and win the games they are supposed to? That is what you have to do and if they are 6th in the pairwise they have earned that 6th place. They work just as hard as other teams do, they deserve where they are. And if you don’t think there schedule is hard enough wait till next year, some of big programs have noticed this team and picked them up on their schedule

    • Yawn. Hockey Easts Strength of Schedule is bad this year too because the bottom five teams are awful. And people like you conveniently ignore that the WCHA bottom feeders pad their records against teams like Bemidji did against AIC and Lowell.

      If Dartmouth does get in as a 3 or 4 seed and loses you’re going to claim it proves your point. If they win you’re going to say they got lucky. Maybe you should just not watch sports at all.

      • Sorry, I made a mistake. Minnesota State played AIC and Lowell. Bemidji padded their record by playing Northern Michigan and Huntsville.

        • You don’t really read the posts before you vomit all over the blog do you? I never said Bemidji was a good team. I said Dartmouth would do no better than Bemidji if they were in the WCHA. By the way Bemidji did have quality wins, i.e. wins against Nebraska-Omaha, Union, Colorado College. Also, they played Alabama because they were in the same conference until this year so they preserved the rivalry / match-up. Bemidji also had the 4th toughest schedule. My main point is that ECAC teams have cupcake schedules.

          • Actually I did read your post and commented accordingly. In discussing Bemidji I was clearly not responding directly to your comparison with Dartmouth. I was demonstrating how a team can pad their non-conference schedule with, as you say, cupcakes. By winning those games the entire league’s overall record goes up and so does Strength of Schedule. The WCHA has the best non-conference record and thus their teams have the highest Strength of Schedule. Nobody is arguing with that. I’m not arguing that it’s not the best league. And that would be the end of discussion if you guys didn’t go on and on about the absolute ranking of the SOS (Bemidji is 4th!!) while ignoring how you got there and more importantly, what it really means for the teams that aren’t at the top. North Dakota, good record, good SOS, high ranking. No problem. Wisconsin, Bemidji? Middling record made up getting creamed by the upper WCHA teams and beating up on, as you call them, cupcakes. Cupcakes are cupcakes regardless of what league they’re in so dumping on the ECAC for scheduling Atlantic Hockey is irrelevant. The schools are close and the non-Ivy teams have to schedule 12 non-conference opponents. Try doing that without scheduling the AHA and staying within a travel budget especially when certain western teams refuse to schedule reciprocal series. On the other hand, I guess the ECAC could go to an unbalanced 28 game schedule and limit the non-conference games. The Ivies will have to vote in a longer schedule first. It wouldn’t do much to help the AHA teams and develop college hockey in general but who cares, right?

            By the way, have you noticed how Hockey East’s strength of schedule clusters around the ECAC’s? BC is 26th right now. The horror!

            And since you’re being a dick, in one post you said and how good is Union really? They didn’t beat anyone either but then you said Bemidji had a quality win over, wait for it, Union. Which is it? Make up your mind, Rube.

            Now, would you like to comment on the math that goes into Strength of Schedule? Since all of the games within the league net out to .500 the only

      • Tech is the only “awful” team in the WCHA. I’m not saying that MSU or BSU would tear HE a new one, but they would be more competitive. That point makes no sense.

        • What don’t you understand? Look at Wisconsin. 20-14-4 overall. 12-13-3 in the WCHA but against the top four – UND, Denver, UNO, and Duluth – they were 1-8-1. They were 6-14-4 against TUC. How did they get to a winning record overall? By going 8-1-1 out of conference by beating Alabama-Huntsville, Canisus, and UMass twice each, beating Holy Cross, beating Michigan State, tying Michigan, and losing to BU. So why are they 15 in Krach? Because they played in the WCHA and were a middle of the pack team that couldn’t beat the top teams but ended up with the 16th ranked SOS. Do you start to see the circular logic in Strength of Schedule? OK, so maybe Wisconsin isn’t “awful”. I exaggerate. But they sure as heck aren’t that good. I can show you a similar story for Minnesota State (6-2-2 out of conference against Lowell, AIC, St. Lawrence). So I’d rather have Dartmouth in the tournament and lose in the first round than have a 7th WCHA team who is also going to lose in the first round.

          • Isn’t the point of the tournament to find the best team in the nation? If so, then I would think you want the best teams in the tournament. I agree Wisconsin has not be very good or consistent, but if Dartmouth and Wisconsin played a best of three are you going to tell me you actually think Dartmouth would win?

          • I think it would be close. KRACH says Wisconsin would win 56 percent of the time. I’d watch that as a play-in round. I’m skeptical of Wisconsin mainly because they did so bad against the top 4 in the WCHA. I mean really, 1-8-1? Come on. They are simply riding the coattails of UND, Duluth, CC, etc. by getting a Strength of Schedule boost for showing up and getting killed. Maybe if their non-conference schedule was a little more impressive. Again, go look up the records of the teams they beat. Dartmouth’s resume might be weaker in your eyes but at some point we have to make a decision and currently it’s to go with Pairwise. Pairwise has it’s flaws but so do KRACH and RPI and every other system. To reiterate, I think KRACH would better reflect Wisconsin’s true ranking if their records against the good and bad weren’t so glaring. North Dakota has lost to some teams below them in the standings but I have more confidence in their rating. And yes, the tournament should be about finding the best team. It ain’t Wisconsin. Or Dartmouth.

  13. I don’t understand why they don’t set up college hockey brackets like college basektball. Keep the dumb pairwise system if that’s what the “experts” think works best, and just keep the format 1 vs. 16, 2 vs 15 ect ect. and the home team plays at their rink. the playoffs may extend the season a bit longer, but I don’t think any hard core college hockey fan would mind that :) Also, I would just like to say, that I’m a HUGE sioux fan, but some of the people that comment on here and bash other teams & what not, GROW UP! yeah we lost to yale & UNH, because I believe we overlooked them. anyone can beat anyone on any given night. and obviously being a sioux fan, I am going to be biased in thinking the WCHA is one of the strongest conferences in college hockey. but if you’re going to mouth off about east coast teams, at least be able to back up your argument besides comparing national championships. because the sioux are good, very good…but common, if you choke every year in the tournament, it’s hard to make a good argument as to why you think you’re better than everyone else. that said….GO SIOUX! I hope we can bring another one home this year!

  14. While I can accept the system for selection and seeding, this rule that is “untouchable” of having the host staying home, really weakens the tournament as a whole. I know attendance needs to be looked at, however, seeding deserving teams, Number 1 seeds being sent out west to protect the gate diminishes the purpose of rewarding teams with home seeds. Basketball forbids a host team from playing in that region and it makes sense. As a big college hockey fan, I for one, think this must change.

    • Hey B327, Yale is hosting Bridgeport again next year. Hope they are good enough to make it (losing 9 seniors). From what I have heard the main reason for the two year in a row regional was attendance, sold out both days in 2009 and will sellout this year as well. College hockey regionals will never sell tickets like the more popular basketball regionals, hence the reason for keeping at least a couple of teams within their regions. As for all the Yale bashing, they are a very good team, and have a decent goalie this year. Any team in this tournament would be silly to discount Union, they are a tough tough team.

  15. I honestly do not understand how these ranking systems work. Yale finished the regular season second in their own conference behind Union, yet they’re the #1 overall seed with Union being #6? North Dakota is ranked 1st overall in 4 of the 5 polls having played the nations toughest schedule, yet they would be the 3 seed behind Yale (2nd in their conference and 28th/34th toughest schedule) or BC (24th/26th toughest schedule in the nation). If the schedules don’t matter, then how is Denver ranked 5 overall? They have the same record as Notre Dame who is ranked #9? It just seems really weird to me.

    • Actually, this makes me scratch my head even more:

      Yale 23-5-1 Overall 17-4-1 ECAC (finished 2nd in conference)
      Wins/Record vs. teams in tourney:
      #6 Union 1-1
      #13 Dartmouth 3-0
      #15 Colorado 1-0
      Losses to teams not in tourney:
      Rensselaer (20th USCHO) 1-1, Brown 2-1, St. Lawrence 1-1, Air Force 0-1

      Boston College 26-7-1 overall 20-6-1 Hockey East
      Wins/Record vs. teams in tourney:
      #5 Denver 2-0
      #10 Notre Dame 0-1
      #8 Merrimack 1-2
      #12 New Hampshire 2-1-1
      Losses to teams not in tourney:
      Maine (14th USCHO) 2-1, Vermont 2-1, Northeastern 2-1-1

      North Dakota 26-8-3 overall 21-6-1 WCHA
      Wins/Record vs. teams in tourney:
      #5 Denver 1-1
      #7 Nebraska Omaha 2-2
      #10 Notre Dame 1-0-1
      #11 Minnesota Duluth 2-1
      #15 Colorado College 1-1
      Losses to teams not in tourney:
      Maine (14th USCHO) 0-2, Minnesota (17th USCHO) 1-1

      North Dakota has 0 losses to unranked teams yet Yale and BC have multiple. They might as well rename the PairWise the BCS poll.

      • UND lost twice to Maine. BC beat Maine twice. 8 losses and 3 ties versus 7-1 and 5-1 seems pretty clear to me, especially when compared to BC. UND is still a one seed and playing in their region, not sure what you are getting all worked up about.

        • I hear you what are they worked up about could it be the long winter and being indoors with no life insight for miles in that picturesque state of NORTH DAKOTA. .

          • Where mean are still men. And play the game that way.
            I am amused at the eastern fans who have to use our name in their name as a supposed way to deride us (Siouxstillsuc, Etc).
            I guess they do not have the courage to use their OWN names….. Perhaps if they had grown up on the plains they would have developed that.

          • Yes, you’re a real man because you use your initials and are exactly as anonymous as the rest of us.

          • It would be great to see BC put a beating on Maine again but Maine’s season is going to be done by Sunday night so we’ll have to wait until next year.

          • Noonan that makes no sense. BC beat Maine 4-0 and 4-1, and lost one 1-4. UND lost twice badly with no wins.

            As far as Maine deserving more credit…..

            Granted Maine kicked the crap out of UND, but like others said that was at the start of the season, when teams were still coming together and kicking off the rust. Maine has 10 losses and seven ties, that is a lot of non-wins. I can list a ton of poor performances among those. Every year in the last 15 to 20 years UNH, BU, Maine, and BC have been dangerous. But every year one or two have stood above the others, this just ain’t your year. Get over it, you can’t win every year.

            I respect the Black Bears. They always can be a dangerous team, and some years they have had very elite teams. Nonetheless, this year they are just very good. They were far from great. If Maine wins the Hockey East tournament, even then you cannot talk about them being great. All it would be is an excellent run at the right time that Maine fans should hope will continue in the tourney.

        • I’m not worked up at all. But I also don’t get why people keep discounting Maine as though they’re some slouch…especially at home. UND did lose to Maine twice on the road, I wasn’t disputing that. If the Sioux played them again, I would think their chances of winning would be fairly good, but by no means would it be a sure thing. That was the only time during the season that the Sioux lost two games in a row. It was in October and at the time Maine was ranked 12th I believe.
          BC did go 2-1 against Maine winning both of their home games but losing at Maine. They also played Notre Dame and lost, but the Sioux played the Irish twice and took the equivalent of 3 points. BC swept Denver @ Denver which is impressive (lost it’s luster a little when Denver lost to Michigan Tech at home) but they went 1-2 against #8Merrimack. On that note, this is the same Merrimack that got absolutely humiliated by MAINE a few weeks ago, getting pounded not once, but twice. (4-0 Fri, 7-1 Sat)
          Look, the Sioux played a significantly tougher schedule this year than Yale or BC. That’s not my opinion, that’s a fact. Now, I personally think that BC is as good as the Sioux, if not better. BC was my pick to win it at the beginning of the year and they might very well do it again. I just look at the record the Sioux put together despite their schedule, again, losing to only 2 non-tournament teams (Maine 17-10-7 overall – 14-8-5 Hockey East and Minnesota 16-12-6 overall – 13-10-5 WCHA) who could very well make it if they have strong conference tournaments. The Sioux record is nearly identical to Yale and BC yet Yale lost to Brown (10-16 overall – 8-12-2 ECAC) and St. Lawrence (12-20-5 overall – 6-15-1 ECAC). At least BC only lost to 1 stinker being Vermont (8-18-8 overall – 6-14-7 Hockey East). Northeastern was 2 games under .500 overall, but went 10-10-7 in Hockey East which is respectable. Much more respectable than 10-10-7 in the ECAC if you ask me.
          So yeah, that’s pretty much my argument. I’m not very bright though so I’m sure it will be discounted. Should make for a good tournament. But Yale being #1 is stupid.

      • Your analysis is a disaster. You’re mixing objective and subjective criteria (pairwise and polls) and completely inventing new criteria: There is no category “wins against teams in the tournament”. There is wins against Team Under Consideration (TUC) which this year means RPI over .500.

        Yale being second in their conference is irrelevant. They had a better overall winning percentage than Union (and BC and North Dakota and Michigan etc.).

        • I said I don’t understand how the PairWise works. And I listed “teams in the tournament” as a way of showing how each team has done against those that would be and where they’d be ranked. I wasn’t implying that the committee should use the jdorf40 format to determine seeding. I merely put it together that way because I hadn’t seen it laid out like that anywhere else. And based on what I found…Either BC or UND should be 1, and the other should be 2. Yale should absolutely not be ranked #1 overall. That was the reason I started looking into it in the first place. And the TUC rule is stupid. I know you didn’t create it, but it’s stupid that they would use a criteria like that over ranked opponents. Especially when there are a few conferences that have much more depth than others.

          • they would use a criteria like that over ranked opponents.

            “Ranked” is entirely subjective. And Yale is still top 3 despite the complaints of the WCHA fans. Personally, I would have them around 6 but the point is 50 voters were polled. So you can screwed by the voters or screwed by the numbers. Pairwise, RPI, KRACH, etc do not take into account when you win or lose. If you lose in October/November and go on a tear in February/March is the same as winning in the fall and slumping now – if you go by the numbers. So yeah, Yale is slumping now and it’s reflected in the polls but not the Pairwise.

            And I don’t know what you’re point is about depth of league. The WCHA usually got 4 or 5 teams in the tournament, even when the league had only 10 teams. Depth was already reflected by the numbers and justly rewarded. If you can’t do any better than fifth during the regular season you get a chance to boost your record in the league tournament. If you’re still on the outside looking in at that point, too bad. You had your chance.

        • I’m happy that Yale had a better winning percentage than UND, BC or Michigan. Do you realize that per the RPI, there are only 2 teams in the TOP 20 that had an easier schedule than Yale? Union and Merrimack. Do you really think that Yale would have had a .8103 winning percentage had it played the same schedule as UND? Or BC? Yale only played 29 games to boot. UND’s non conference opponents were Maine, Notre Dame, Alaska and Robert Morris. BC played Denver, Notre Dame, Mercyhurst and Colgate. Yale played who? They played singles vs. Air Force, Colorado College, Vermont and Sacred Heart. Wow…that winning percentage is so impressive.

          • Do you really think that Yale would have had a .8103 winning percentage had it played the same schedule as UND? Or BC?

            No. And I never said they would. Pairwise, which you admit you don’t understand, tries to take Strength of Schedule into account through RPI which takes into account Opponents Winning Percentage and Opponent’s Opponent’s WP. Is it perfect? No. Does it matter? Barely. UND will still be a number one seed and get a creampuff first round game. And while we’re on the subject of Strength of Schedule, take a look at BC’s. The number isn’t very good because fully half of the league is awful and lost many of their non-conference games. The ECAC suffers because the non-Ivy teams have to schedule 12 non-conference games. You try to do that without playing Atlantic Hockey a few times. The WCHA plays 8 non-conference. And your bottom half largely played a bunch of other bad teams and won. That’s the difference. Your bad teams beat everyone else’s bad teams. Does that make me think UND or Duluth or Denver is that much better? Not really. I already thought they were pretty good before. That Minnesota State beat up on AIC boosted their record which makes everyone’s SOS look that much better. As for the Ivies playing 29 games, big deal. Your extra games were back in October and you had the same Christmas break to rest up. Every team has now played every weekend since the New Year although I see UND took a weekend off last month. How unfair!

          • Eveything about the WCHA is unfair! They won 36 out of 54 titles. thats 62%!
            WOW! They have sent a team to the final four 54 out of 58 years. Pairwise, which you obviously don’t fully understand, also takes into account the whining crybaby writers and pollsters from ECAC and HEA. Jdorf40, you want the true unbiased system, see KRACH.

          • I fully understand Pairwise. The WCHA’s past titles have no bearing on the present. KRACH is better but is also irrelevant to this bracketology discussion seeing as how it isn’t one of the criteria. But since you bring it up Yale would still be 2 and Union 6. Dartmouth, at 20, would drop out of the tournament. The WCHA would appear to get 7 teams in the top 15 but by the time you get to Minnesota (13), Colorado College (14, and Wisconsin (15) I thinks it’s quite reasonable to question if they are all deserving. Their records are barely above .500 and have losing records against TUCs in the Pairwise. In the case of Wisconsin 6-14-4 against TUC. Is that really deserving? They do benefit from high Strength of Schedule – primarily by playing the likes of UND, Denver, UNO, and Duluth against whom they went 1-8-1 (check my math). They did go 8-1-1 out of conference by beating powerhouses like Alabama-Huntsville, Canisus, and UMass twice each. And do you see how that non-conference record then boosts the whole league’s SOS? If you’re UND or Denver then Wisconsin’s 20-14-4 record looks great and the Opponent’s Opponent’s Record is more than offset. This isn’t to say UND, Denver, etc aren’t good teams. Wisconsin, meh.

          • I know KRACH is irrelevant, it just think it is a better system. The thing it doesn’t take into account is how your team is playing now. Then again play better and you would get in. I would love to see something like the Big Ten vs ACC does in basketball. It would only be a weekend deal so you would only play 2 teams. But it”s a start. It’s not a big money maker, so the NCAA won’t change criteria for getting in as well as how they “send ” this team there etc. I think they should help develope the sport not retard it. The state of Illinois doesn”t even have a Division 1 team, and they have the Blackhawks. I belive Alabama is the only place South of the Mason-Dixon line that has a team. Califonia may be another place to start, they have some pro teams.

          • OK. But since we were talking about KRACH, do you think Wisconsin should be in the NCAA tournament as the 15 seed simply because KRACH ranks them 15 (figuring AHA champ at 16)?

          • Wisconsin should absolutely not be in the tournament. They were ranked higher than UNO for a majority of the season and UNO was clearly a much better team. UW shouldn’t have been in the tournament a few years ago, but were allowed in due to bias (as usual) and ended up hosting a regional to where UND barely beat them (and a Princeton team that surprised the hell out of me) to go to the Frozen Four. Precisely my argument with Yale. They will get the #1 seed (securing the best location for them travel wise and seed wise) overall despite playing a super weak schedule, at the same time losing to a couple of brutal teams and playing nearly 10 games fewer than teams that played much tougher schedules. Earlier you said that it’s deceiving because basically the WCHA bottom feeders go out and beat up on the bottom feeders from the other conferences. I don’t see how that doesn’t just solidify my point? I’m not saying you’re crazy or taking any of this personally, I just really have no idea how Yale is ranked ahead of UND or BC. And your argument doesn’t make it any more clear. I could see them being ranked 3rd, even though I also have a problem with a team that didn’t even win their conference being ranked ahead of the team that actually did. I don’t care if they won more games overall. None of it matters. The fairest comparison is to look at common opponents. In that regard…Union beat them. But I do see that Unions SOS is actually quite a bit worse than Yale’s…so I’m able to at least get it to a certain degree.
            God I love college hockey. And I like hearing other people’s points of view too. I sometimes disagree…but how much more fun is it that we can all come to a chat board and let it all hang out eh? This internet thing is the cats meow.

          • By ranked I assume you are talking about the Pairwise. Yale is ahead of BC because their higher winning percentage translate into a higher RPI. Yale has a “weak” schedule but so does BC. If you strip out the Winning Percentage component of RPI and look only at Opponent’s Winning Percentage and Opponent’s Opponent’s Winning Percentage you would find that BC edges Yale .5072 to .5039. They are ranked 24 and 28 respectively. Side note: most of the other posters are using the KRACH SOS listed on USCHO. I’m using RPI here because that’s what the Pairwise uses. I got it here: Anyway, Yale’s higher winning percentage offsets the SOS so they win the RPI comparison..5815 to .5758. Yale also beats BC in games against TUC – 12-3 vs 11-5. And they win Common Opponents 2-0-1 to 3-1-0. Thus they win the comparison 3-0. Second side note: nobody mocks BC’s Strength of Schedule this year even though it’s a lot closer to Yale’s than to UND’s. Maybe that’s because it’s hard to mock the defending champs and Yale’s an easier target. That’s not to say I think they are equals but since certain people are obsessed with SOS I think it’s worth pointing out that maybe there are other things to consider.

            As for the UND comparison, there’s more reason to be annoyed. Yale wins the comparison 2-1. UND has a higher RPI but Yale wins on games against TUC and Common Opponents. They had one common opponent: Colorado College. Yale went 1-0 while UND went 1-1. That’s the difference right there. If UND went 2-0 they would leap Yale. then there would be a three way tie for first in the Pairwise and UND would presumably win the tiebreaker with the highest RPI. Is it fair? Maybe not.

            As for Union beating Yale for the regular season. I still say it’s irrelevant. Yale has a overall higher winning percentage and stronger schedule. Therefore they have a higher RPI. They have the same record against common opponents. Yale has the edge in games against TUC. They split head to head. Translation: Yale wins the comparison.

            On the bottom feeders thing, my point is that Strength of Schedule is being boosted but it really helps the WCHA teams on the bubble. North Dakota doesn’t need any help really. Their own winning percentage would get them a high seed even against weaker opposition, like Yale. Wisconsin illustrates the point to the extreme since they won exactly one game against the top 4 in the league. They played great opponents and lost. But they get a huge bump in Opponent’s winning Percentage just for showing up. And Opponent’s Opponent’s Winning Percentage because all of their opponents played the other teams during the regular season. If Wisconsin or Minnesota played better non-conference opponents and lost they would be on the outside looking in right now. Or further outside with little hope on the league tournament helping them out.

          • Hard to say. They finally won their first game in 8. They were something like 19-8-3 at one time. KRACH does take the bias out. Does a team that gets hot at the end and win their tournament deserve it more than a team that had a better record and higher PWR?

          • Well played sir. Seriously, “quit” only maybe you and George W Bush could think that the blue bloods from Yale belong on top.

        • Yale did a great job tonight. They lost to one of the worst teams in the country, at home, in the conference tourney for the second time this year. Solid.

        • Unranked per the Pairwise…or at least not ranked high enough to get into the tourney at this point. I thought I listed their USCHO poll rankings though.

  16. With this set up you’re looking at 3 WCHA in the FF. UNO would win @ STL, UMD in GB, DU probabaly beats BC. Take that east coast hockey!!!!!! At least it’s not NoDak this time eh, BC fan?

    • Good luck to both UNO and UMD, whichever one gets sent to our regional is burnt toast! They may get us in the Final Five, prolly not, but we got em for the GOODS!

    • I’d love to know what you use to determine that DU would “probably” beat BC considering BC went out to Denver and ran a train up on the Pios.

      • Ms Sue….and the rest of you Jokers….here is the deal OK. DU has a very good hockey team…best defensemen in college hockey for 2 years running. UMD is good but not FF material. Wisconsin…well..Ok Minny…..everybody hates the Gophers so they don’t really count. UNO is the best team nobody knows about…yet anyway. This leaves us with the Fighting Sioux. The Sioux are the best team in college hockey by far. Not because of one player but because of their entire team. I guarantee you the Sioux will win this year’s national championship. BC, UNH, Yale….it simply does not matter. There are only 2 teams that will have a reasonable chance at beating the Sioux…..DU and UNO. So, keep on with all your yacking about who one the last championship or who is or isn’t a whiner. None of this matters. Sioux win and that is all that really needs to be said. Can’t wait to see the trophy lifted in a few weeks…..I’m already there!!

        • Minnesota Gophers will defeat DU, UMD or UNO in WCHA Final Five. Let’s not even get into this discussion. 7 games in a row without a loss – Golden Gophers.

        • Dude…I’m a Sioux fan myself. Please stop guaranteeing victories. I make myself look bad enough…but for you to say that there are only 2 teams with a reasonable chance of beating us…it’s literally embarrassing.

    • I believe BC spanked DU this year so if their coming East Denver fans should only book that hotel for one night because BC and UNH will ruin Denver .

  17. How about the fairness of BC having to potentially play UNH yet again and avoiding intra-conference matchups? It is hard to beat the same good conference team multiple times in the same season, no matter how much better your team is.

    • BC gets plenty of help from the officials in their own conference tournament every year, so please stop whining about the matchup you get. Don’t believe me? Where are all the officials from Hockey East? That’s right Boston. Where is the tournament every year? That’s right Boston. Everyone else be damned as long as a Boston team wins every year. Every year there is a controversial call that just happens to go their way. There is nothing neutral about this tournament at all. If you play a Boston team, you also have to play the on ice officials. I have no sympathy if you have to play UNH in your regional or anyone else tough for that matter.

      • “Every year there is a controversial call that just happens to go their way.”

        What do you say about that 2000 debacle that screwed BC then? How about the no goal Gionta scored in 2006? How about the goal called back in the semis vs. UNH a few years ago before Ferriero scored again for BC in overtime? Let me guess, you think college hockey just started 3 years ago and don’t know what you’re talking about.

        I can’t think of a single instance where BC benefitted from Hockey East officials unless you’re going to tell me the Danny Dries penalty was a bad call and if you think that… God help you. BU on the other hand… BC goal called back vs. BU in 2006. UML goal called back in 2009. Both BU championships… Hmmmm.

      • Wheres the data to prove this? Give me a list of all of these controversial calls. Also do the “Boston officials” help just BC, or BU and NU too? Im very intrigued

      • Dude you are an idiot, @FightinSue is right you must be new to following college hockey or you only watch your team play. I can’t tell you how many times that HE ref Gravelese has screwed BC or BU for that matter.

    • Avoiding intra-conference match-ups is for the first round only. Besides, don’t cry about the one year BC has to play a conference opponent. North Dakota had Minnesota in their region 2 years in a row and then had Denver the year after that.

      • Dude at least know what you are talking about. This has happened to Hockey East teams plenty as well. UND is not unique in this bucket. It happened to BC alone every year 2004-2007 twice with UNH and twice with BU. I don’t feel like a three or four seed deserves to be near its home. Want to compromise ship them to the CT bracket. Want to keep it interesting, let’s have a holy war between the Eagles and the Irish

  18. All you need to know about Minnesota and North Dakota can be learned in the movie Fargo. Son of a Gunderson….

  19. Is it raining outside or are those tears from the Crying Sioux Fans .Really they cry when they have to travel they cry when they have to play certain teams in regionals and when they lose again this year it will be why did we have to play this team .The truth is the CRYING SIOUX are running out of excuses.Always running their mouths about tough schedule #1 team WCHA is above all others give it a rest try to graduate a couple of those Canadians you import to play and lose when it counts.

    • Well, all I can say to that is keep on hatin. We’ll see what’s good in about a month, and all you haters won’t have anything to talk about when the Sioux are hoisting a trophy.

      • I’ll applaud your team but your fans – mainly the anonymous ones in the comments after the poll and bracketology stories – will still be major douches.

        • Why don’t some of you guys give a clue to who your team is? At least Sioux fans have the audacity to post about THEIR team. All this ranting about why we suck leads me to believe your favorite club is anybody but the Sioux. Show some spirit.

        • More likely they will be here with a litany of excuses: The sun got in our eyes! we had to cross into another time zone! It wasn’t fair!! And you know what you will definitely hear? SEVEN TITLES!!!!!!!!! WE STILL HAVE OUR PRECIOUS!!!!!!!

        • No problem, Kris. I’m a fan of college hockey, I watch any game that’s on, and I enjoy it much more than the pro game. That said, I am a die hard Sioux fan, born and bred in Grand Forks. This is one of those years that I like UND’s chances at making a run. Not trying to be over confident, just am excited about how he whole team is playing right now.

          • It is about peaking at the right time. Merrimack peaked too early I am afraid and since Maine UND has been solid and BC has been pretty consistent all year. Maine is hot as of recent but needs solid goal tending and that is easier said than done this year. UNH will as usual go no where and I doubt Yale or Miami will make it far into the playoffs. This weekends Maine-Merrimack series will tell a lot for Maine. If Merrimack wins and thus makes the NCAA tournament I do not look for them to go far (perhaps 1 win). I think there has been enough “happeninigs” this season from what I have seen that many things could happen and suprise the shit out of everyone. Could this be the year we crown a National Champion for the first time since 1993 where it is the first in its programs history? This time of year one loss and its off for the summer. Let the puck drop and see where it goes.

    • Travel IS something that the ECAC and HE teams know SO little about….
      What is it with easterners and their bias against people from Canada? Do you have a problem with my brothers to the north?

      • Travel IS something that the ECAC and HE teams know SO little about….

        Don’t your teams go almost everywhere by plane? And play the same opponent twice in one weekend? In the ECAC you have to travel up to 8 hours by bus for Friday night and then move on to a second location for the next game. Sometimes the travel partners are close (Clarkson, SLU) and sometimes they aren’t (Harvard, Dartmouth).

          • Really? I might be thinking of someone else but I thought I read a UND blog by a player and he said something about a bus trip coming up and how it was one of the few they took. Well anyway, correct me if I’m wrong but you guys don’t play at every barn every year because of the unbalanced schedule. I’d be curious if you guys log vastly more miles than the ECAC. Harvard has to go to the North Country every year. And out to Cornell/Colgate every year. And vice versa. Hockey East has it much easier.

          • You are in desperate need of an internal censor. Not every moronic thought you have needs to be recorded for posterity. North country = St. Lawrence and Clarkson.

          • St Lawrance and Clarkson = North?

            Damn……. I am guessing the Anchorage boys are giggling at you bout now.
            Potsdam NY north? Hell, that is on the same northing as like “Iowa.”

          • Hahahahahahahah!
            Potsdam NY is on the same northing as the Northern border of Iowa.
            The guys from Anchorage are giggling at you now.
            Please find another regionalism. I recommend “The southland,”

          • Looking at league games this year and trying to piece together from the travel blog of the UND media director, North Dakota flew to Wisconsin. Pretty sure they flew to Omaha and Colorado and Michigan Tech. Bus to Bemidji, Minnesota State, St. Cloud. There was a nonconference game at Duluth which appears to be the longest roadtrip: 267 miles. I will give them credit for also flying to Alaska and Maine. Tough but also their choice. Presumably they will be paid back by Maine with a home series.

            Boston to Ithaca 330 miles. Boston to Potsdam, NY 350 miles, Boston to Princeton 274 miles.

          • Not sure about NoDak. I know the MN teams bus it to all the WCHA games except Alaska and Denver & CC. I belive they bus to Michigan & Michigan State when they go out there.

        • And I bet those one game weekends get really taxing, huh? Only five teams in that conference (ECAC) actually play a full schedule. A team like UND would only fly to play CC, DU and Anchorage within the conference, otherwise they’re on the bus just like everyone else. And that includes 10-hour trips to Omaha and Houghton.

          Argument = Invalid.

          • Yale played three stand-alone games this season. Might want to fact check before you just resort to name calling.

          • OMG! Three games!?!?!? Out of how many? Looking at the schedule, two of the “stand alones” were midweek games against non-conference opponents following a weekend when they played two games (e.g. Sacred Heart on 11/23 and Vermont on 12/8). The only true stand alone game was Holy Cross one 1/2/11. And now you’re whining about name calling? If you want respect drop the sarcasm.

        • You have a problem with air travel?
          perhaps someday they will let your team on an aircraft.
          Yeah, and few of those bus trips go further than North Dakota’s nearest competitor in Bemidji.
          Not our problem that your team cannot capitalize on their travel and play both of their seasons games back to back.

          • Are you completely mentally disabled? The point is that a few hours in a plane is vastly superior to six on a bus. So bragging about the distances between western schools is largely irrelevant if it doesn’t translate into more time spent traveling. Got it?

            And ECAC teams play one at home and one on the road against each opponent, hence the travel partner system. Try learning something before you spout off.

    • LOL, the Sioux have cried their way to more national championships than any team in the country save one. LOL…if this is crying then I hoep the Sioux cry me a river this year….LMAO… But, what I truly cannot wait for is watching Matt Frattin ripping one of his wrist shots off and sending BC’s water bottle flying in MSP….lol….I have never felt so confident! BTW, I agree with Jason. Just pair these teams up and let them get after it. I mean, does it really matter? Has anyone every studied who has won national championships based on their trip to the FF? Seriously, does anyone have this information? I have a feeling there is no rhyme or reason. Just drop the puck already right Jason…lol…..

      • Stop crying we know you have seven but seriously nothing since 2000 BC beat them in 2001 embarrased them again in a regional and Maine beat them early this year and hopefully Merrimack or Bc gets sent out to the regional with the Sioux so we can see once again the SUPERIOR HOCKEY EAST send the Fans home again.Here is a tip tell the fans of the Crying Sioux to only book their hotel room for one night because you will be losing your first game you just better pray Merrimack is not the 1st opponent because Hockey East owns N Dakota LMAO LOL LOL LOL

          • HEA has won the last 3 Frozen Fours maybe the WCHA should stop scheduling Providence and Lowell and play the meat of the division.You never see BC Maine or UNH playing your B teams in the WCHA and their are plenty of them..

        • Superiority comes with titles, so where are you basing the info that the east is “Superior”? If the Sioux go to the show 8 out of 10 years and takes one championship home of them years, whats wrong with that? Nobody else can say they were there that many times! Just because your the best team and make it to the show, you can lose any game to any one at any time. So getting there is a huge victory to begin with….. Grow up! GO SIOUX!!!

          • What grade you in check your facts Hockey East have won last 3 Frozen fours and BC has been there every year and sent your Sioux home more than once .Go check it and see if you can count.

          • Count the championships you child, Sioux have seven, thats seven!! About to be eight! How many does BU have?????????????????? LAUGHABLE


          • How about 5 titles and 3 second places in the last 10 years for the WCHA. But you are right, they have been the second best the last 10 years.

    • I second that! Merrimack cannot hang with UND. It might be a hard-fought contest, but UND woul have no problem taking care of business.

          • And BC returned the favor the year after and have 2 more after that.I won’t mention the beat down BC gave them in the regional or the choke against UNH ( I was there LOL LOL LOL ) and Yale .Who will it be this year i hope Merrimack gets sent to ND s regional .NDakota has won s h it since 2000 and the graduation rate is low and we all know their not in the NHL.Facts are FACTS BUDDY go cut a tree.

          • So they haven’t won a championship in 10 years…so what? Since 1997 they’ve only missed the tournament once (2002) and have won it twice and lost in the championship as recently as 2005. I think that’s respectable considering they play in what many believe to be the deepest conference in college hockey. As a fan, that makes me happy because they’re competitive year in and year out. And though, they might not have won or performed in the playoffs as I’d like every year…they’re usually in the hunt. Is a championship 10-15 years ago discounted more than one 5 or even 2 years ago? You might think so, but whether it was 2 years ago or 10, it’s in the past and has no relevance to today.
            And as far as the academics or NHL production goes, did you just grab that out of thin air? UND has produced some solid NHL players over that span. Zach Parise, Jonathan Toews, T.J. Oshie, Drew Stafford, Matt Greene, Mike Commodore…there are more, but that is some decent talent if you ask me.

      • Maine hung with the Crying Sioux early in the season but it was early and the Sioux had to travel and blah blah blah .

        • Travel had nothing to do with it. Newsflash: The Sioux got the **** beat out of them in Maine! In October! 5 months ago! If he seven titles theory means nothing, than a series that long ago isn’t a good indicator of those teams right now.

  20. I would like to see UND try to score on Kinkaid in the quarters if they get through to play Union. And could they contain Prezniac?

      • Kinkaid is brutal? seriously? then why has the kid been invited to many NHL developmental camps and also said to sign soon? how can that make a kid awful? ND fans keep looking past teams year in and year out and they just shouldnt. Maybe your team is better overall, but you still have to show up, and remember you only get one game.

    • Who??? Prezniac? Haha. Pretty sure Genoway, Forbort, MacWilliam and Blood can handle that clown. As for Kinkaid, well having a good season is not too hard when you play against those junior college teams in the ECAC and Atlantic Hockey all the time. How about Union scoring on Dell? He is the #2 goalie behind Kinkaid, but Dell plays in the WCHA and had the 3rd toughest schedule.

  21. Who cares what the matchups are! You make it to the final 16, you deserve to be there…anybody is capable of beating anybody. People who get all worked up about who is playing who in the first round are just scared that their team isn’t good enough to win. The way I see it you have to win 4 games to win it all…you’re gonna have to beat 4 good teams. As far as i’m considered, there are no moral victories for winning one game. You make it to this point it’s all or none!

  22. All the sally’s at the NCAA selection committee won’t seed the tourney the way it should be seeded but only to make $$. The best FF was when it was all 4 WCHA teams—a.k.a. the best conference in college hockey. Period. I belive DU won that year against NoDak. GO SIOUX!

      • I mean before that, the WCHA went 5 in a row… I know you east coasters have short memories due to the lack of clean air and so forth, but 30 titles for WCHA teams is a lot better than 11 for Hockey East teams.

          • The elitist attitude is warranted until another conference gets a number of national titles remotely close to the number the WCHA has won over the years.

          • And what do your past titles have to do with this year’s tournament? Should we let the sixth place WCHA team into the tournament because Denver won some titles in the 1960s? Someone please answer this since you guys bring it up 50 times a week.

          • I just like to mention it, because it further confirms the WCHA is by far the greatest conference in the history of college hockey.

            That said, the fact is the 6th place WCHA squad is probably better than the third place ECAC or Hockey East squad. The team in the WCHA just has to play tougher teams week in and week out.

            Also, don’t forget… Denver won a couple back-to-back in 04 and 05.

          • Yes, I’m aware Denver won two recently. And Minnesota the two before that. Still has no bearing on the present. When you guys keep bringing it up when it isn’t relevant to the discussion at hand makes you look, I hate to say it, kind of dumb. Like some kid on the playground saying his dad can beat up your dad. It might be true but hardly means much. Those past titles also don’t support your assertion that the 6th place WCHA team is better than the 3rd in the ECAC. Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. In most years the ECAC only gets two teams in the NCAA tournament so going ballistic when they might (might!) get a third in looks pretty childish.

          • Still would rather have 6 WCHA squads than 3 from the ECAC or 4 from HE. We just play a flat out better brand of hockey out here.

          • Last I check “better brand of hockey” is not a criteria in the selection process. But looking at this year’s standings the top 4 in the WCHA are clearly as notch above the next three (Minn., CC., Wis.). Then things drop off. And sorry, as outlined below, Wisconsin just doesn’t cut it. Awful record against top 4 in the WCHA and against TUCs. Great record against mediocre non-conference schedule. Sorry, they’re out unless they pull off a miracle in the league tournament. If I am reading this right Minnesota couldn’t even be bothered to play a full slate of NC games. Six? Two against UMass, Union, Ferris, Michigan and Michigan State. 3-2-1 with two wins over awful UMass. Pretty weak. 3-5-2 against the top 4 in the league. Meh. Better than Wisconsin. Essentially they are riding the Strength of Schedule coattails of the teams above them in the standings. Colorado College is largely the same boat. For some reason I feel better about them. Anyway, you can have your five and maybe a sixth if they play themselves in during the WCHA tournament. But honestly, they all had their chances. That sixth team will likely pull a one and done. Maybe Dartmouth will as well but if the result is the same I’d rather see someone new.

          • Christ almighty, the Sioux fans are sounding an awful lot like NY Yankees fans throwing their titles around like they mean something. “We won all these titles before I was even a twinkle in my mother’s eye.” Charles Haley won more Super Bowl rings than any other NFL player. Does that make him the greatest football player of all time? Give it a rest. As for this:

            “That said, the fact is the 6th place WCHA squad is probably better than the third place ECAC or Hockey East squad”

            How can you say “the fact is they’re probably better?” Facts aren’t “probably.” Facts are facts. We won’t know who’s better unless they play each other and settle it on the ice.

            I can already hear the excuses next year. “Well, we lost 4 of our top 6 scorers so our offense wasn’t as good.”

          • So anyone who thinks the WCHA is the top league is a Sioux fan? I don’t get it. The past is long gone didn’t even mention the Sioux, and he’s another Sioux whiner? You give it a rest! At least when I take a shot at somebody else you know where I’m coming from.

          • Strongest Leaguers year in and out are as follows

            HE / WCHA

            Any questions? IF so read the Book Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics…

          • “So anyone who thinks the WCHA is the top league is a Sioux fan?”

            Where did you possibly come up with that? Some Sioux fans are claiming that the WCHA is the greatest conference in college hockey because they have the most titles. Using that logic, do they also believe that Charles Haley is the greatest football player of all-time because he won the most Super Bowl rings as a player? I hardly think so.

            Throwing around all of the titles your team won decades ago is a classic way to cover up the lack of recent success your team had. Yankees fans are a classic example. When the Red Sox won in ’04 and ’07, all Yankees fans gloated about was “we have 27 titles. We have 27 titles.” They went 9 years between titles after the Sox won 2. Same goes for the Sioux. They haven’t won since 2000 so to cover up their recent futility, the fans are throwing around all the titles they won a while ago as if it means something now.

          • I will give you the fact that Boston College has been a power house for a long time now, more than a decade. Time and time again they are making the Frozen Four and more impressively making or winning the Championnship. That is impressive, but without Boston College it would be pretty quite from Hockey East aside from BU in ’09.

      • Yeah, a little drought there the last few years. However, since 2000 there has been 6 WCHA titles (won titles 6 of 7 years including 5 in a row), 4 for Hockey East (3 in a row now), and 1 for CCHA. Oh and all time, 36 titles for the WCHA teams compared to 11 for Hockey East.and only 9 for the CCHA (Michigan won most of their titles in other conferences).

    • The Big East is the best conference in college basketball according to the power rankings. They will likely get 11 teams in the big dance – the most ever. And yet the top team in the polls is not from the Big East. Imagine that! And they might not produce a national champion either.

  23. OMG!!!!!!!!! There is no section of the country, or any league, that can’t find fault with something. Each league has their own “style”; be it good skating, hard hitting, puck posession, long passing, etc. There is no such thing as referee bias when it comes to the Regionals or Frozen Four because a referee cannot work the game from each league who is playing. The only adjustments that teams have to make are the way the refs call penalties. This normally would hurt WCHA teams since they are used to much more hitting during their season, and have to tone down the banging so they don’t play shorthanded a ton.

      • Point well taken. From now on I will start off my post with “Hockey Rube 1 know absolutely nothing about hockey”. Is that better???

  24. Again, Minnesota will make it to the finals of the WCHA Tourney. That alone will get them a spot in the top 16. Here we go Gophers, here we go!

  25. The rankings are garbage. New Hampshire, Merrimack, Dartmouth, W. Mich.? Are you kidding? These teams have the easiest schedules with few games against top opponents. None of them would be over .500 in the WCHA.

  26. Merrimack is a sleeper team should not be underestimated Best Goalie in the nation and very quick to the puck.Seen them play a few times this year and they are like Hornets swarming around the puck .The D can hit and move the puck like a forward and have 3 or 4 snipers with the quickest releases .Program is growing and they are playing with a chip on their shoulders.I would think it is the Last team North Dakota wants to see 1st game just look at the recent history agains HEA teams.

    • Merrimack has the toughest challenge it will face this weekend with Maine. If they right the ship from their disastarous trip to Orono they may knock off someone in the first round of the NCAA Tourney. I don’t think they can make the FF however but then again who knows.

  27. BC vs Merrimack games this year was some of the best up and down highly skilled games .Personally do not think North Dakota has a chance against neither not enough talent or speed although the Sioux have the greatest jerseys ever.

  28. theres a good chance 10-14 players from North Dakota will be in the AHL or NHL next year. Can you even name 3 on Merrimack, Yale, or Union? I mean, how many players are even drafted on those teams?

  29. Right…cuz BC hasn’t won their last 5 ncaa tournament games against the WCHA.

    2010 Wisconsin
    2008 Minnesota
    2008 North Dakota
    2007 North Dakota
    2006 North Dakota

    All those UND games are Frozen Four. I mean BC sucks, they haven’t made the championship 4 out of the last 5 years and won 2 of the last 3 or anything….Anyone who says BC can’t beat a WCHA team is delusional

  30. I love all the whining. Pair how you like and cry about the setup. In the end your team has to say it on the ice. When you whine about pairings you just show who you are afraid of.
    Good luck to all, as in the end the best team will remain standing. And despite the incredible concentration of east coast press, I will laugh when the Fighting Sioux walk away with the hardware.
    Bring ’em all on!


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