Frozen Four farther north?

On the eve of college hockey’s national championship, the season’s crowning moment, an interesting question was posed to Minnesota-Duluth’s Justin Fontaine, a native of Bonnyville, Alberta, regarding a Frozen Four in Canada.

At first thought, the notion sounds weird — why would the NCAA move the Frozen Four to Canada? — but if you consider the possible reasoning, raising the exposure of college hockey in Canada, helping Canadian players see first-hand what the college route is like, helping schools win the recruiting battles against the CHL, it almost makes sense.

And Fontaine thinks it might be feasible.

“It’s an American thing [but] it’s always great to have hockey up in Canada,” he said. “I figure it would raise the level [of awareness] up there and definitely sell out; there’s a lot of hockey lovers up in that area. But it’s been in the States for this long, so I don’t know what it would take to get up there.”

Obviously not something to think about right now, but definitely an interesting piece to chew on in the upcoming offseason.