Playing with house money

If there was a single overriding theme from the Notre Dame players at today’s press conference, it was that they’ve got nothing to lose.  As a No. 3 regional seed with a dozen freshmen, they’re playing with house money.

“Last time we were here [in 2008], we were a four seed and this time we’re a three seed,” Ben Ryan said. “So it’s a good feeling knowing there isn’t a whole lot of pressure on us. We had a lot fun out there at practice today, so I think we’re ready.”

“Enjoy the moment,” Ryan Guentzel has been saying to the freshmen. “You’re not guaranteed to be in this situation every year. Enjoy it with the 27 other guys on this team. It’s something that will be with you for the rest of your life.”

Joe Lavin captured the mind-set in a nutshell:

“When you get to this point, you can’t lose.”