Women’s picks: November 4

Although I didn’t get the Harvard-Clarkson pick right, I was happy to get the Minnesota-Bemidji State split right. On the weekend, I went 9-2-2 (.769), improving to 35-13-8 (.696) on the season, while Arlan went 8-3-2 (.692), improving to 33-15-8 (.660). There’s one huge series this weekend, the battle of Minnesota, as well as the battle of New Hampshire between Dartmouth and UNH. Let’s see how we can do this week.

Friday-Saturday, November 4-5

North Dakota at St. Cloud State
Candace: North Dakota hasn’t quite made the leap I thought they would this season, as shown by only getting one point last weekend in Duluth, though there is still time. However, though St. Cloud is improving, they aren’t there yet. North Dakota 5-2, 4-1
Arlan: The Sioux will find the big ice in St. Cloud more to their liking than the sheet in Madison. North Dakota 4-2, 6-0

Minnesota-Duluth at Minnesota
Candace: This series is a toss up for me. Theoretically, home ice should help the Gophers, as will the goaltending of Noora Räty. However, the Bulldogs looked impressive in dominating North Dakota last Friday, and I think the Wisconsin series helped the young team’s development. I think it’s probably a split, but who knows which game either wins. Minnesota  2-1, Minnesota-Duluth 3-2
Arlan: Rankings mean little when these sister schools meet. Minnesota 4-2, UMD 2-1

Wisconsin at Ohio State
Candace: In our debut feature discussion this week, I questioned whether anybody can stop Wisconsin. Someone will probably beat them, but it won’t be Ohio State. Wisconsin 4-1, 4-1
Arlan: Natalie Spooner’s Hockey Canada absences seem to come at the worst times for the Buckeyes. Wisconsin 3-2, 6-1

Bemidji State at Minnesota State
Candace: This is the type of series the Beavers need to sweep to establish themselves as an upper-echelon team.  Which, of course, means they’ll probably split, but I’ll go with Bemidji and the goaltending of Zuzana Tomcikova in two close games. Bemidji State 2-1, 2-1
Arlan: Crucial league points for the Beavers in Mankato. Bemidji State 1-0, 3-1

Northeastern vs. Connecticut
Candace: An interesting Hockey East home-and-home, and really the first big test for Northeastern. I could see Connecticut getting a win, but for now, I’ll go with Kendall Coyne and Northeastern. Northeastern 3-1, 4-1
Arlan: UConn has won only once in 10 outings, so I’ll go with the Huntington breed of Husky. Northeastern 4-1, 2-1

Friday, November 4

Yale at Quinnipiac
Candace: I think this is the game where the Bobcats may finally get a little confidence. Quinnipiac 4-1
Arlan: How does one say “long year” in Yale-ish? Quinnipiac 5-1

Saturday-Sunday, November 5-6

Maine at Providence
Candace: Maine played a great game to upset Boston College last Sunday, but they’ve historically then fallen flat in their next series. Providence 2-1, 3-1
Arlan: Is Tuesday an indication that PC has found something, or just that Yale is still looking? Providence 3-2, Maine 4-3

Saturday November 5

Boston College at Boston University
Candace: The Eagles have been mercurial, and the Terriers just beat them at Chestnut Hill Wednesday. Which means BC bounces back. Boston College 3-2
Arlan: BC has the better record, but BU has played the tougher schedule. BU 4-2

Sunday, November 6

New Hampshire at Dartmouth
Candace: The Big Green has already lost to one Hockey East squad, but I don’t think the Wildcats are quite strong enough to duplicate it. Dartmouth 3-1
Arlan: It will be interesting to see which direction UNH goes coming off of a bye. Dartmouth 2-1


    • There is a long way to go before anyone wins the championship. Union is a very good team that needs to play and win one game at a time. While their finish must be exhilerating, the competition from here on gets tougher each game, and many games are single elimination…. Good luck to a very good team…

  1. Zolynierczek: the guy everyone loved to hate, but secretly wished they had.

    Colgate decided to pick on him all night Saturday without prompt (he was very well-behaved), and he shoved it down their throats with two goals.

  2. Its amazing that you have merrimack in the top 5 after the get theirs handed to them all weekend by a team you have ranked 20. All it took for them to play a ranked team to get their stuff kicked in.

  3. Clarkson also managed to go 10-0-1 in league play in the 2007-2008 campaign, and very nearly were undefeated at home overall. Their record was 15-1-1. Their lone loss being a tough one to the always dangerous St. Cloud State. That was a good year to be at ‘Tech… Man, I miss Leggio!

  4. Amazed you still have RPI so high. Feb has not been good for them. They are looking at serious trouble w/ Colgate. Then, if they happen to make it through that, down to Lynah. I don’t see RPI making it to AC and if they don’t make it to AC, PWR or not, they don’t belong in the NCAAs.

  5. What I learned after watching UMaine pick up a tie at UMass, and then watching UMass get hammered at UMass-Lowell the next night, is FIRE TIM WHITEHEAD.  Good grief Maine is a terrible team –

    • Your hit the NAIL AGAIN with the Hammer…now if UM & A.D. Abbott have any sense they will show TW the door right after the season ends…and that may be after the regular season,as they will be fighting for either the 7th or 8th seed…either way they need a Big Time Change behind the Bench. Pretty sad how this Program has fallen in the last 5-6 years,after so many years of Hard Work by Coaches & Players and the Pride they took of being the Hardest working Team on the ice,night in and night out…..not anymore…but with change…you will see that it will turn around alot quicker then people think…Right Man….means you’ll see the REAL UMaine Hockey team…and there are a handful that could and would do the job.


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