Connecticut to assess hockey program

In a rather cryptic announcement on its web site, Connecticut has announced that it is “conduct(ing) a complete evaluation of its men’s ice hockey program. The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the program’s current level of support to that of Atlantic Hockey league members and other programs in the region. The assessment will include financial support, staffing, facilities and potential revenue sources. ”

This could mean additional resources for the program to remain competitive in Atlantic Hockey (the Huskies currently do not offer scholarships); it could mean assessing what it would take for application to Hockey East, or it could mean something more ominous.

Calls to UConn have not been returned, but as more information becomes available, we’ll have it for you.


  1. Highly doubt the something more ominous part. Stafford is most likely to recommend a pathway leading to HE application including what would be needed to enable that pathway.

    • Or BTHC. But I agree. It’s not “we’re going to cut hockey.” It’s more of a “OK, rich boosters, here’s how much we need before we accept an invite to go play with the big boys.”

  2. UConn to HE is a great idea in theory only. No administrative support, no student support, no alumni support, and no arena.

    Unless the school wantsa to diverty funding from their Squeek Ball program and build a new arena up to HE standards, my gut tells me Quinipiac is HE bound 

  3. Need a MSU sweep. And Minny-OSU and UM – PSU split’s would be nice too. That would set up a very interesting week-end next week.

  4. Two years into B1G hockey and no fervent hockey fan likes the coverage. The two ‘experts’ sitting in studio are just bad…..mute the sound bad. The producers insist on close-ups as often as possible. Somebody needs to pound it into their skulls that close-ups in hockey ruin the viewing experience. And why is it a conference with so much $$$$$ can’t get us recaps for each game/weekend/week like the other less $$$$ conferences do?

    Good thing it is MN State Hockey Tourney time…..rant over…….for now.
    Go Gophers
    Go BADgers
    Go PSU

    Go Lakeville North!!!!!!
    (worthy of a self like)

  5. Didn’t either team want to play defense at Penn State tonight? 88 shots on the night. 6-4 PSU
    In other new’s, Hildebrand earned shutout number 5 on the season over the Badgers. 3-0 MSU. And Minny beat OSU in Columbus. 4-2 .
    This concludes the “Arena” reports for the evening. Done via TV and internet. About as good as we can get given the lack of arena reporting these days.
    Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

  6. The only team that can beat goph this week is gophs, which they are VERY capable of doing. Stop turning the puck over in their own zone and gophs sweep easily.


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