Hockey East Picks: January 13-15

I could have resorted to the four-corners offense last week — you youngsters out there will need to look that one up on Wikipedia — but I didn’t. I went against Jim’s picks in three of the five games and almost went three-for-three.  But as Meatloaf once sang — more Wikipedia research there for you, kids — two out of three ain’t bad.

Perhaps the aura of Friday the 13th will turn the tide for Jim, but I think not.

Dave last week: 3-1-1
Jim last week: 2-2-1
Dave’s record-to-date: 71-43-12
Jim’s record-to-date: 66-48-12

Here are this week’s picks:

Friday, January 13

Boston College  at Massachusetts
Dave’s pick: I’m going against the stats on this one. UMass is undefeated at home (6-0-3) and winless on the road (0-7-2), but I see BC changing all that.
BC 3, UMass 2
Jim’s pick: I will go with the stats and say that home ice matters
UMass 3, BC 2

Maine  at Merrimack
Dave’s pick: Maine’s stellar offense vs. Merrimack’s exceptional defense.  The Black Bears make it five in a row and nine of ten on the strength of two power-play goals.
Maine 4, MC 3
Jim’s pick: Another opportunity to pick against Dave, I like Merrimack at home as well.
MC 4, Maine 2

Massachusetts-Lowell  at Vermont
Dave’s pick: The league’s biggest surprise against its biggest disappointment. As Gomer Pyle once said (more Wikipedia, kids), “Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!”
UML 4, UVM 2
Jim’s pick: Vermont may be at home but this shouldn’t be close.
UML 5, UVM 2

Boston University at Northeastern
Dave’s pick: I know the Huskies have won eight straight and this one is in their barn, but I’m still going with the Terriers.  They were going so strong before the losses of Corey Trevino and Charlie Coyle, and I think they’ve still got most of their mojo.
BU 3, NU 2 (OT)
Jim’s pick: I once again go with the home team. Matthews will be rocking for this one.
NU 4, BU 3

Saturday, January 14

Northeastern  vs Boston College
Dave’s pick: The Husky fans are really going to boo me on this one as I pick their boys to drop a second game on the weekend. Sorry, but that’s how I see it even though BC’s inconsistency has been troubling. Give the Eagles the edge for having played at Fenway before.
BC 4, NU 3
Jim’s pick: I am only picking against NU once, but their fans will hate me as well.
BC 5, NU 3

Maine  at Merrimack
Dave’s pick: This series really looks like a split, but I’m going with a hunch here that Maine pulls off the sweep.
Maine 3, MC 2 (OT)
Jim’s pick: I will give the rematch to Maine.
Maine 2, MC 1

Boston University at Harvard
Dave’s pick: If I’m going to pick the Terriers over a team that has won eight straight, then it’s a no-brainer to go with them against the ever-so-average Crimson. Harvard is .500 in the ECAC, .500 in non-league play, .500 at home and .500 on the road. Average, a word anathema to that school, but apt.
BU 4, HU 2
Jim’s pick: This is not as easy as Dave makes it sound, but I still think BU wins here.
BU 3, HU 2

Dartmouth  vs New Hampshire
Dave’s pick: Like Tammy Wynette standing by her man (more of the Wiki-fest), I’m standing by the Wildcats.
UNH 3, DU 2
Jim’s pick: UNH’s regular season record at Manchester is awful. That weighs on my mind.
DU 4, UNH 1

Sunday, January 15

Providence  at Vermont
Dave’s pick: The Friars won the first two games in this series by a collective 10-3 margin, but I’m going with a major reversal and an upset here. The Catamounts get their second league win.
UVM 2 PC 1
Jim’s pick: This is a must win for PC to get back on track.
PC 3, UVM 1 


    • I caught it when reading over Jim’s picks this morning, but thanks for the heads-up. In my defense, I made the typo when it was one in the morning…

  1. Wow, Dave…what a week for you with this “Maine Love-fest” stuff. You must think the Warriors are done for the year … tsk, tsk …. I’ll be surprised to see Maine get a point on the weekend.

  2. How many games does BC have to lose for people to pick against them? They are 5-6-1 in their last 12 games and everyone still has them on top of their list. NU is 7-1-1 in their last 9, including wins against Michigan, Notre Dame, and UML (all teams BC lost to recently). BC will lose at Fenway…again. 

  3. If MN beats MSU by just 1 or 2 goals, it will not clarify much of anything. If MN wants to look like a team playing their way into NT contention, they better beat MSU by 5 or 6 goals. Of course, MN won’t beat MSU by more than 1 or 2 goals, so your predictions are about right.

    • Not trying to troll you, but wow…first time I saw MSU play this year…they didn’t look good at all. Seemed they have some talent, but didn’t play cohesively as a team, and make no mistake, I realize this isn’t a great Gopher team either.

      • We’ve been trying to tell you that this MSU program is bad. I guess you have to see it to believe it.
        And as for Villiam Haag, he is like Johann Franzen of the Red Wings before his concussion issues. Great potential but disappears for weeks at a time.

    • Why doesn’t Haeg see more ice time?
      Hildebrand gets NO help from his defensemen.

      There is talent on the bench…..the product on the ice doesn’t reflect it though. AnAssTos has to go?

    • I was at the game last night and the kid and I noted that the first three State power plays resulted in 0 shots on goal. There may have been a shot off the post mixed in there. Six minutes of man advantage and no shots or good scoring opportunities when the score was close, that’s brutal. I agree with the other comment about Haeg. I’ve always liked his offensive skills and I hardly noticed him last night until he scored late in the game off a turnover.

      • I got out the stopwatch app on my phone. On one MSU PP in the second, 12 seconds of puck control in the Minn zone for that 2 min stretch.

  4. Watched the first 2 periods of the WI/PSU game before taking off for Mariucci. WI took it to PSU in the 1st (shots are lopsided in PSUs favor but most of those were low percentage). The 2nd was PSUs period, no doubt. WI fell victim to the stretch pass PSU likes.

    WI needs an offensive presence, one player to step up and score or create scoring chances. (Besse, Wagner, Soleway, etc…..). Impressed by WIs never die attitude. They work hard.

  5. In my opinion, both games are coin flips. In quality, our Frozen Faceoff could very well be equivalent to the Frozen Four. Just hope that no one gets hurt for any of the teams, and we all go into the Regionals healthy.

      • NC$$ will make it impossible. Two in Cincy and two in Fargo. Also, like last year the two western teams will meet in 1st game at Frozen Four.

        • More than likely. Would be such a travesty if an eastern team didn’t meet a western team in the title game. The NC$$ is so pathetic.

          • I don’t see why the two best teams shouldn’t meet in the title game. The arena would still be full, and the TV audience would not be impacted. I would think that if the fans knew the two best teams were playing, it would actually increase the national audience.

          • If they watched the Sioux/Pioneer game last year, everyone knew that that was the title game. Couldn’t have asked for a better game from an entertainment standpoint.

          • Would cement UND making it through if Michigan beats PSU, and Mich. St. beat Ohio State today. If that happens, there is no possible way Sioux drops lower than 12th.

          • Unfortunately, it has. Not very well played hockey in either game. Goaltending was terrible, except for PSU who allowed no pressure on their goalie. Wonder if the ticket scalpers got more than $1.50 per ticket.

          • Paid attendance for the session at Joe Louis Arena yesterday is listed at 3,387 and that’s 2 games, each featuring a Michigan team.

          • Paid attendance must have included some corporations who purchased blocks of seats for employees that didn’t show. You could tape the games, run it back at half speed, and almost count the spectators. Don’t know if you caught it on B1G Network but that 3,387 must have included vendors, ushers, coaches, players, policemen, firemen, and the equipment men. If there were 350 fans for the night game, it tripled those for the OSU-MSU game.

    • I thought you, and your BFF Wisco, would be watching the Soft Six tourney at the Joe.

      PS- Watching Soft Six tourney myself. Game between MSU-OSU, huge crowd. Looks like at least 120, B1G fan support at its’ best.

        • What a joke. There will be more ushers at the Target Center tomorrow afternoon, and evening, than there are fans now at the Joe.

          • Ha ha ha….best analogy right there.

            Not sure what is worse: the attendance or the absolutely horrible tv announcers.

          • At least big ten fans don’t have to !isten to that nerd starman gush all over Denver n f!ickertails like its his women!

          • You don’t have to either. Guess your television doesn’t have a mute button, or watch another channel.

          • At least Starman is knowledgeable. Getting punched in the face 5 times would be better than having to listen to Dan Kelly and Ben Clymer talk about Goof U for an entire game featuring Mich State and Ohio St.

          • It’s unfortunate that Denver fans have to travel to this game. Every tournament game they play should be in Denver. The NCHC is really being unfair to Denver by having them travel. Now UND, their fans love to travel.

          • Let the winner of the NCHC Frozen Four host the next years tournament. Just get it out of the target center

          • Not a bad idea, it is no longer the real central location for NCHC. Target Center will get filled by UND fans, but not many others. Truthfully, UND fans with their team playing will fill any venue, including your idea.

          • After this year the NCHC has one more year on contract with the Target Center after that im guessing maybe they make a deal with the Excel center or maybe they rotate it? Question would be where do you rotate it? I’d suggest maybe Denver, St. Paul , Sioux Falls and Omaha as possible sites

          • I think the Target Center has worked out pretty well for the NCHC Frozen Faceoff, but I’m sure that’s also because North Dakota has played in it every year. The true test will occur when they DON’T make it. I’m sure a lot of their fans like hockey because they enjoy it, but certainly the attendance will drop if they aren’t there. I could see the Xcel Energy Center as another venue. Denver, no. Omaha, no.

          • In case you didn’t see, Borgstrom won NCHC Rookie of the Year. You were wondering when they previously announced all Freshman team, when the column didn’t explain a darn thing.

          • Watching the game tonight made me wish this was the last year at the Target center… ice looked atrocious for both UND and Denver

    • The original call was the one that was always going to stand, either way. Replay was 50/50, not enough to overturn refs call on ice. You are right, crowd disappointing but much more than Soft Six. Wait until tonight for big crowd. Should be good 3rd period.

      • Agreed that call on ice wasn’t going to be changed but miska had enough time to block it. Just expected more from UMD fans in their own state. Agreed 3rd period will be good, I’m very happy with game so far, especially missing 2 of our top 3 scorers to injuries.

        • That might be true, if we throw in a clunker tonight. DU will stay #1 even with a loss. Got to root for PSU against Minnesota tonight so WMU will go back to #4.


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