Yale coach Allain reprimanded by ECAC

The ECAC has issued a written reprimand to Yale coach Keith Allain for his conduct after Yale’s game at Clarkson contest last Sunday (Jan. 15).

The reprimand was issued by league staff upon review of Allain’s postgame actions directed to the on-ice officials after Clarkson won 5-4 in overtime victory.

It is in accordance with ECAC policies that prohibit “Coaches, student-athletes and institutional personnel from using abusive language or inappropriate conduct toward officials before, during or after a contest whether in public or private.”


      • Not only was it the right call on O’Neil, against UMD, for contact to the head it was also a charge.  O’Neil took a check from behind penalty a few minutes before that that should have been given a 5 minute major instead of the 2 minutes he got.  Apparently O’Neil is such a hot head that moments later he skates from across the ice and takes a run at the UMD.  Charge, check from behind, illegal contact to the head…take your pick it was the right cal.  Then Allain acts like a 5 year old and blames the refs as the reason a much superior UMD runs his team out of the building ending their season.  He forgets his team gave up a short-handed goal and they had no match for UMDs speed or power play.  Yale should be embarrassed by these actions.     

  1. When do referees ever get suspended for ruining a game or abusing their authority?  Never.  Yet, they are far less important to the game and work far less than the players and coaches.


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