Hockey East picks: January 27-29

Was there a more pathetic performance last weekend than my picks? I’ll give you Kyle Williams and Billy Cundiff but can you name a third?

I didn’t think so.

Dave last week: 4-6-0
Jim last week: 5-5-0
Dave’s record-to-date: 79-53-13
Jim’s record-to-date: 76-56-13

Here are this week’s picks:

Friday, January 27

Maine at Boston University
Dave’s pick: The Terriers take the first of two huge steps toward a regular-season title.
BU 4, Maine 2
Jim’s pick: We’ll see this weekend if BU is the dominant team it was against Providence last weekend.
BU 4, Maine 3

Northeastern at Vermont
Dave’s pick: The Huskies stop their losing skid at four, dropping the Catamounts to a 2-14-1 league record.
NU 4, UVM 2
Jim’s pick: Have to agree with Dave. At least on the first night, I think this is NU’s game.
NU 3, UVM 1

Massachusetts-Lowell at Massachusetts
Dave’s pick: I’d look to for the River Hawks to avenge their Tuesday loss to Providence if not for one thing: the Minutemen are the only Hockey East team still undefeated at home. UMass makes it 9-0-3 at the Mullins Center.
UMass 3, UML 2 (OT)
Jim’s pick: Mullins Center continues to be the dominant home for the Minutemen.
UMass 4, UML 2

New Hampshire at Boston College
Dave’s pick: Will one of these disappointing clubs turn it around and have a stretch run befitting its reputation? Will both?  Neither? Color me confused when it comes to these two, so I’m going for home ice.
BC 4, UNH 3
Jim’s pick: I’m with Dave. Six weeks ago, this was a slam dunk for BC. Now I have no clue.
BC 3, UNH 2 (OT)

Saturday, January 28

Maine at Boston University
Dave’s pick: Note to Maine fans – this is not a condemnation of your team; it’s an endorsement of BU.
BU 4, Maine 2
Jim’s pick: Here is where I will differ. I have this feeling that Maine can pull one out on the road.
Maine 4, BU 3

Northeastern at Vermont
Dave’s pick: The Huskies pound a very big nail into Vermont’s playoff coffin.
NU 4, UVM 2
Jim’s pick: Again, I think Vermont can take two points at home.
UVM 4, NU 2

Massachusetts at Massachusetts-Lowell
Dave’s pick: After the Minutemen play like Supermen at home, they hop on the bus to Kryptonite Arena.
UML 4, UMass 1
Jim’s pick: As good as UMass is at home, the road has not been kind.
UML 3, UMass 2

Boston College at New Hampshire
Dave’s pick: Both teams could really use a sweep to launch their stretch drive, but they’ll have to be satisfied with a home-ice split.
UNH 4, BC 3
Jim’s pick: This is the defining weekend for BC, in my mind.
BC 5, UNH 3

Sunday, January 29

Providence at Merrimack
Dave’s pick: This isn’t a home ice pick. Despite their reputation, the Warriors are 6-3-2 at home and 6-2-2 on the road. It’s just a Merrimack pick, plain and simple.
Merrimack 4, Providence 2
Jim’s pick: I know it was weeks ago, but for some reason I fell like Providence has Merrimack’s number this year.
PC 3, Merrimack 1



  1. UNO has not been swept at home by anybody in the whole of the Blais era and they haven’t been swept at home at all since ’08. Their record at home under Blais is nothing short of sterling.

    Comparing the environment at UNO’s Centurylink Center (upwards of 17,000 fans will be at Friday night’s game in an NHL/college atmosphere) and that at Lawson (seats under 4,000) is apples and oranges to the extreme.

    If UMD can sweep, they’ll make a believer out of me, but, I don’t see it happening. UNO also has a great equalizer on their bench, standing behind their players, too. If anybody knows, Sandelin, it’s him.

    That said, UNO’s “goalie of the week” thing, the loss of Alex Hudson (kicked off the team) the injury to Andres Sustr, and the line jockeying…………hmmmm….we’ll see.

    • Not like it matters but I’m gonna have to agree with this guy, Blais is already pissed from the WJHC and I’m guessing he will have UNO ready to play this weekend… I’m calling a split for sure!

  2. DU is 4 – 2 since the Bemidji series not 3 – 1,  c’mon guys.  I say split.  Huntsville exposed more than arrogance with the Pioneers.  DU doesn’t have any leadership. Granted DU has been playing with a 3rd string goalie (who I think may actually be better than Howard) and has several key injuries. 

    • No excuses here on the 3-1 thing. I just looked at the schedule/results and for the life of me can’t figure out where I got 3-1. Must do these things when I’m slightly more lucid in the future.

  3. BU and Merrimack will battle it out for 1st/2nd…Merrimack takes Crown with Goaltending…BC finishes 3rd  and UML sneaks in @ 4th then 5th thru 8th could change every weekend…surprise team for the QF’s UML….only team on the outs Vermont. More or Less a Weaker Hockey East this year from Top to Bottom.

  4. Wow, keep underestimating UMaine Black Bears.  Thanks for building their egos just makes our victories all the SWEETER! GO BLUE! ! ! !

  5. Maine at Boston University
    Dave’s pick: Note to Maine fans – this is not a condemnation of your team; it’s an endorsement of BU.It’s a shame your team got swept, do you ever wish you knew more about college hockey?  Nice call Jim, thanks.
    Maine, Downeast

  6. No mention of Maine sweeping the #1 team in the Pairwise?! You’re all impressed with your polls.  Look to College Hockey News for more balanced coverage of college hockey.

  7. Dave what are you going to say this week to deminash Maines sweep of BU? Last week you already blamed a ref for getting in the way, and gave no credit for an overtime win, so don’t use those again. You might have to say that the goaltending is better then what you have been saying, and that maybe Maine has improved with its neutral zone play and not turning the puck over that was giving odd man rushes and that is why they had a bad start to the season.

    • i think dave might suggest the refs screwed poor ole BU…and of course jakie parker was unfairly tossed for merely making polite conversation with officials.  maybe the ice had been imported from sebago lake?!?!?

  8. Is it possible to rename the Tsongas Center????

    Kryptonite Arena is sounds simply amazing. Oh… and rough weekend on the predictions guys.

  9. For those who have not seen the Bears all year and seen their progress as a team, keep thinking they won’t do anything.  I have seen the growth – they are beginning their peak.

  10. LOL

    “I’m leaning toward an Omaha sweep here……………

    ……….and then in the very next sentence goes on to actually predict a UML sweep. Wishy-washy much?


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