Atlantic Hockey picks – battle of the bridge edition

The weekend starts early in Atlantic Hockey with local rivals Canisius and Niagara squaring off Tuesday and Thursday. The “Battle of the Bridge” contests open tonight at Canisius, where Niagara has won the last two meetings, and the over the Grand Island Bridge(s) to Niagara on Thursday. The teams tied 1-1 earlier in the season, but I’m picking the Purple Eagles, who have cooled off a bit but still should come out on top in both games. Niagara 3, Canisius 2; Niagara 4, Canisius 2.


  1. The MSU-MTU series was a disappointment. Lost leads late in both games. The Defense looked tired. Understandable when you only have 6 defensemen able to play. But that’s 18 goals against in the last four games (not counting the EN at BC). Could be a lloooonnnggg week-end against UND.

  2. The MSU-MTU series was a disappointment. Lost leads late in both games. The Defense looked tired. Understandable when you only have 6 defensemen able to play. But that’s 18 goals against in the last four games (not counting the EN at BC). Could be a lloooonnnggg week-end against UND.

    • Besides not having their top scorers it would be nice to know what the issues were. I know they started the Saturday game with a 10 min. misconduct from the night before and they took another penalty on top of that which led to a Providence goal 4 min. in. I think that may have set the tone for the night.

      • Saturday night the penalties were the difference, two 5v3. Friday night, in addition to not having Terry and Borgstrom, Gambrell was serving a one game suspension from the previous game and Butcher was ill. We still stayed #3 in PWR.

  3. Hmmmm…..did you pay attention to every team in the league over the past two weeks? How about what Colorado College achieved in Florida? Why no mention of that? North Dakota winning a road game….no huge news there…Omaha winning a couple of home games against a weaker opponent…no huge news there…Miami beating OSU…not a huge news story. A struggling CC team winning in Florida is the best NCHC story of the holiday break. You “fanned” on this one….badly.

    • You realize that most who work on this site, this isn’t their primary job, correct? Do you think USCHO sends reporters to all of these tournaments? Florida? Over Christmas…. think about it. They cover events when they have a reporter available to go to said event. College hockey isn’t exactly a boon financially, so websites like USCHO have to make due with what they’ve got.

      • I fully understand they don’t send reporters to all…or even many of the games. If you cover the NCHC, you didn’t need to be in Florida to know what happened down there and it’s relative importance to the other three/four games referenced by the writer, who, probably didn’t attend any of the games written about.

        • North Dakota winning a non-conference game is not necessarily newsworthy. A 3-win Colorado College team winning a tournament while allowing just one goal in two games is newsworthy. “Dog bites man”= not news…”Man bites dog”= news. Basic, simple journalism

          • Fair point, but I still think a matchup of two Top 10 teams, who happen to be two of the last three title winners, is a bigger news story.

          • Prolly should’ve had an “also in nchc play” where they mentioned Colorado college and western winning their tournaments.

          • I completely agree, but that CC tournament win isn’t newsworthy, as much as UND/Union is, IMO. Also, weren’t those tournament games covered with gamers? UND vs. Union wasn’t. Maybe that’s why?

          • Nobody is saying NoDak’s win at Union isn’t newsworthy. The point is that in an article titled “Three Things”, CC’s tournament victory is certainly among the three things most newsworthy over the past week. Upsets are news, NoDak’s win at Union, if an upset at all, is a small upset at best.

          • Samboni, gotta remember a lot of the time these writers do a mid week article. A lot of the times the team they leave out in “three things” they will include in the article. Not guaranteeing it will be CC, but that’s how it typically goes.

          • Again, fair enough. You immediately pointed out the argument being directly against UND/Union. I agree CC’s tourney win is more newsworthy than UNO’s win at OSU, although that is an upset, too.

          • Btw, either they listened to you about wanting to have an article written about CC, or they did that as a plan hahaha.

        • So, you’d rather have them report about games they didn’t attend? Also, is CC winning a tournament against PWR also rans really more important than UND beating Union on the road? That is a match up of Top 10 teams and two of the last three national champions. Sorry man, UND games are gonna get the site more clicks AND are way more important to the NCHC than CC willing a garbage Christmas tournament. Big win for CC for momentum, but it’s nearly irrelevant to the NCHC.

      • This. People need to settle down a little regarding USCHO’s coverage. Coverage is not equal, and it likely never will be. It’s just the way things are. I think the staff does make a concerted effort to provide fair coverage for every NCHC team, but it will never be a perfect endeavor. With this being said, if WMU continues to win I am hopeful they receive attention….as it will surely be deserved.

    • Every article should focus exclusively on the Fighting Sioux Hawks of North Dakota. They are the only team worth reading and writing about. I love it when my Mom reads these articles to me. The Fighting Susie Hawks Rule!

  4. Did you see how awesome the Fighting Sioux Hawks were this weekend. We won another game — we are the greatest team ever in the world at any sport. We went all the way to Unionville to player the Union team in hockey and we won like we always do. I wish we could find some real competition but there just isn’t any when you are the greatest team ever at anything. Can you believe how good NorthDakota is —- I can.


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