BU’s Nicastro has rape charges dropped, says he’s ‘happy it’s done’

Prosecutors have dropped rape charges against former Boston University defenseman Max Nicastro, saying during a brief hearing Friday in Brighton District Court that, without giving reasons, they are no longer pursuing the case.

NiCastro was arrested Feb. 19 and called the months since the arrest a “hard road,” according to the Boston Herald.

“I’m just happy it’s done,” Nicastro told the paper. “My friends and family have been with me the whole time.”

“I asked everybody to keep an open mind and let the experts do a thorough investigation,” Nicastro’s attorney Hugh Curran said in a brief interview outside the courthouse. “And that’s what they did. They spent four months, interviewed witnesses, examined all the evidence and declined to prosecute, which speaks volumes.”

NiCastro had been originally charged with sexually assaulting a fellow BU student. He was arrested at his Buick Street dorm and pleaded not guilty at an earlier arraignment. The school said at the time of his first court appearance that he was no longer enrolled at the university following his arrest.