Hockey East picks – March 1-3

Dave may have felt he was done in by the Curse of Nicole. Personally, I was done in by the Curse of Making Bad Picks. The white flag is in my hand right now, just about ready to be waved.

Jim last week: 5-5-1
Jim to date: 94-71-20
Dave last week: 7-3-1
Dave to date: 100-65-21

Friday, Mar. 1

Northeastern at Maine
Jim’s pick: Even though I don’t think Northeastern is a horrible team, I don’t see them winning again this year.
Maine 4, NU 2
Dave’s pick: The Huskies may play spoiler next weekend against a BU team they’ve tormented this year, but Maine will use them to vault into the playoffs.
Maine 3, NU 1

Boston College at Providence
Jim’s pick: I remember well the last time these two teams played. Though BC was the better team, Providence scrambled for a point. I just don’t see that happening again.
BC 3, PC 2
Dave’s pick: This was my toughest game to pick of the weekend. I went back and forth and came this close to picking Providence. The reasons?  The Friars are playing so well now, BC is only one game over .500 on the road and the Eagles’ loss of Kevin Hayes is a crippling one.  But the closer it gets to the playoffs, the tougher it is to go against the Eagles.
BC 3, PC 2 (OT)

Vermont at Boston University
Jim’s pick: This is my most challenging series of the weekend, believe it or not. Yes, BU exploded on Tuesday night vs. Merrimack, but is that team back? Vermont is playing its best hockey in two seasons right now. I’m going road upset here.
UVM 4, BU 3
Dave’s pick: I lost my confidence in the Terriers recently, picking them to lose all three of their games last week and being right in the first two, but some instinct tells me that they’ll see themselves only two points out of first place and snap out of their trance.  Will Vermont prove me wrong yet again?
BU 3, UVM 2

Merrimack at Massachusetts-Lowell
Jim’s pick: Lowell is the hot hand right now and I’m not picking against them at home.
UML 4, MC 2
Dave’s pick: I’m going with the red-hot River Hawks, too, but the Warriors will make it very interesting.
UML 3, MC 2

Massachusetts at New Hampshire
Jim’s pick:Sorry UMass fans but this is looking like a bad weekend for the Minutemen.
UNH 5, UMass 2
Dave’s pick: Agreed.  The Wildcats haven’t been playing at top form lately, but I see them making the charge for yet another regular season title.
UNH 4, UMass 2

Saturday, March 2

Northeastern at Maine
Jim’s pick: Maine completes the much-needed sweep and also solidifies playoff position.
Maine 5, NU 2
Dave’s pick: This will sadly be the stick-a-fork-in-them, they’re-done game for the Huskies.
Maine 3, NU 1

Providence at Boston College
Jim’s pick: Eagles grab momentum in race for first with a sweep of the Friars.
BC 3, PC 2
Dave’s pick: I, too, see an Eagles sweep. In my mind, it’ll result in a three-way tie for first going into next weekend’s finale.
BC 3, PC 2

Vermont at Boston University
Jim’s pick: Highly likely that once again I will pick a split backwards.
BU 4, UVM 2
Dave’s pick: BU completes the sweep to stay within theoretical striking distance of first. However, losing the tiebreaker to BC, Lowell, and UNH — the three first-place teams I expect to also sweep and stay in first – dampens the reality.
BU 3, UVM 1

Massachusetts at New Hampshire
Jim’s pick: The Wildcats will keep pace with the Eagles.
UNH 4, UMass 1
Dave’s pick: The Wildcats will keep pace with whichever of the other first-place teams win twice this weekend. I think it’s more likely that’ll be Lowell.
UNH 4, UMass 2

Sunday, March 3

Massachusetts-Lowell at Merrimack
Jim’s pick: I feel like home ice should and will play a major role here. River Hawks didn’t score at Lawler last time and worry that could happen again.
MC 2, UML 1
Dave’s pick: Lowell is 11-5-1 on the road this year so I’m picking the River Hawks to sweep and remain tied for first place despite the tough venue and opponent.
UML 3, MC 2 (OT)