Travelogue: We’ve reached Frozen Four Friday

Good morning, hockey fans! What a crazy first day of Frozen Four action. We saw two teams less than 10 miles apart advance to the national championship. We promise to keep Quinnipiac out of this as much as possible, but we must make note of the mayhem at QU’s Mount Carmel and York Hill campus, where police had to disperse large crowds after the 4-1 win.

We, on the other hand, are safe and sound in the Steel City prepping for Frozen Friday. Friday is a unique day for fans as they attempt to control the excitement of Saturday by chalking their schedules full of activities. Today, fans grab autographs from Yale and Quinnipiac and, thanks to some great scheduling, can cap off the day with a Pittsburgh Pirates game at PNC Park. It is also important to note that it is free T-shirt Friday at the Pirates game. What the organization was thinking with that A.J. Burnett shirt, I will never know.

Finally, today is a great day to try out the local Pittsburgh eateries. We’ve been told by everyone and their mothers that the Primanti Brothers is a must, so we’ll let you know if the talk of the town is as good as it sounds.

It’s Frozen Friday and the eve of the national championship, but more importantly it is “Free T-shirt Friday.”