Hockey East picks: Oct. 17-21

Just like Hockey East teams out-of-conference, neither Dave nor I posted a very good record in week one. Still, I have a one-game lead on the old man.

Jim last week: 8-5-1
Jim to-date: 8-5-1
Dave last week: 7-6-1
Dave to-date: 7-6-1

Friday, October 17

Northeastern at Colgate
Jim’s pick: The Huskies haven’t looked too great in either their exhibition or against Vermont and Colgate is supposed to be among the better ECAC teams this season. Makes this pick easier than you’d think.
Colgate 4, NU 2
Dave’s pick: Northeastern didn’t inspire confidence getting shellacked at home by Vermont, 6-2. Now the Huskies are on the road against an even stronger opponent.
Colgate 4, NU 1

Union at Maine
Jim’s pick: With Maine back home, I believe they will get a split out of this weekend. Question is, which game will the Black Bears win? I’ll go with the home opener.
Maine 3, Union 2
Dave’s pick: I suppose a split is the smart pick, but Union has impressed me too much the past few years.
Union 4, Maine 2

Lake Superior at Notre Dame
Jim’s pick: The Irish have what should be an easy opponent for a bounce back from last weekend.
Dave’s pick: Agreed. Notre Dame rebounds in impressive fashion.

Quinnipiac at Massachusetts-Lowell
Jim’s pick: The way Lowell looked last weekend, I’d love to pick a sweep in this series. But I’ll begin by picking a home win.
UML 4, QU 2
Dave’s pick: I’m going with a home ice split even though the last few years Lowell has started slowly.
UML 3, QU 2

New Hampshire at Michigan
Jim’s pick: A very difficult opening schedule for UNH continues in Ann Arbor. I think this team will get at least one win here, so I’ll go with the opener.
UNH 2, UM 1
Dave’s pick: I see a lost weekend on the road for the Wildcats.
UM 3, UNH 2

Clarkson at Vermont
Jim’s pick: Vermont’s offense seems to be awake from the get-go, and that’s a very good thing.
UVM 5, CU 2
Dave’s pick: In their own barn, the Catamounts continue their strong start.
UVM 4, CU 2

Massachusetts at Michigan State
Jim’s pick: Without knowing much about Michigan State, I will tend to side towards home ice.
MSU 5, UMass 3
Dave’s pick: The Spartans didn’t exactly light the Big Ten on fire last year, but I see them as stronger than UMass. Home ice is icing on the cake.
MSU 4, UMass 1

Saturday, October 18

Connecticut at Merrimack
Jim’s pick: This may be a tough season for UConn and the opener in Hockey East won’t prove a good one.
MC 4, UConn 2
Dave’s pick: Cynics may call this the opening salvo in the battle for last place. Maybe so, but while I expect growing pains for UConn, I think Merrimack could surprise.
MC 4, UConn 2

Vermont at Clarkson
Jim’s pick: Even on the road, I like the Catamounts here.
UVM 3, CU 2
Dave’s pick: The Catamounts have gotten off to a great start, but I’m going with Clarkson in the home end of the home-and-home.
CU 3, UVM 2

Northeastern at Colgate
Jim’s pick: Not to be completely negative towards a good Huskies team, but I don’t have the confidence in them just yet.
CU 3, NU 2
Dave’s pick: The Huskies go to oh-for-three on the season.
CU 4, NU 2

Union at Maine
Jim’s pick: The defending national champs bounce back with a road win on the second night.
UC 3, Maine 1
Dave’s pick: I also see a Union win, but it’s to complete a sweep.
UC 4, Maine 2

Massachusetts at Michigan State
Jim’s pick: Similar to Northeastern, I just don’t have confidence enough yet to pick the Minutemen, especially on the road.
MSU 3, UMass 2
Dave’s pick: Agreed, although I’m not sure I’ll pick up confidence in UMass anytime soon.
MSU 3, UMass 1

Lake Superior at Notre Dame
Jim’s pick: The Irish complete a much needed sweep.
Dave’s pick: Agreed. It’s a nice switch from getting swept to doing the sweeping.

Boston College at RIT (Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, N.Y.)
Jim’s pick: Though RIT is known to pull off some upsets in its annual homecoming game, I’m not ready to pick against the Eagles here.
BC 4, RIT 3
Dave’s pick: I was surprised to see the Eagles lose to Lowell last weekend; I don’t expect to be surprised again this week.
BC 4, RIT 3

New Hampshire at Michigan
Jim’s pick: I just can’t see Michigan getting swept on home ice.
UM 4, UNH 2
Dave’s pick: I think it’s an impressive sweep for the Wolverines.
UM 3, UNH 2

Massachusetts-Lowell at Quinnipiac
Jim’s pick: I like the River Hawks but just think this is a difficult series to sweep, particularly with a two-plus hour drive for this game.
QU 3, UML 2
Dave’s pick: Agreed. The home teams prevail in this home-and-home.
QU 3, UML 2

Tuesday, October 21

Quinnipiac at Connecticut
Jim’s pick: Quinnipiac’s tour through Hockey East earns them another win.
QU 4, UConn 2
Dave’s pick: It may be quite a while before I pick a UConn win.
QU 5, UConn 2