NCHC picks: Dec. 28

Through the first half, I have a slim lead on Matthew in our picks contest, as I am 61-29-6 (.667) and Matthew is 57-33-6 (.625). Matthew and I will be picking the games as they get scheduled in the tournaments. For now, we start with Notre Dame and Miami.

Sunday, Dec. 28

No. 6 Miami vs. Notre Dame
Candace: Like Matthew I have to go with the team that has been stronger this year. Miami 3-1
Matthew: Between how good Miami has been in the first half of the season and how meh the Fighting Irish have looked, I’ve got to take the RedHawks here. Miami 4-1

Monday, Dec. 29

Western Michigan vs. No. 17 Colgate
Candace: I think the Broncos will make this close, but I favor the Raiders. Colgate 2-1
Matthew: Colgate has lost each of its last three games, but for as much as I want to take the homer pick here, I don’t think the Raiders’ streak will stretch to four. Colgate 3-2

Tuesday-Wednesday, Dec. 30-31

New Hampshire at No. 12 Omaha
Candace: Both games will be close, but I’m going for the home league pick. Omaha 3-2, 3-1
Matthew: It can’t be weird to only me to see UNH doing as poorly as it has so far this season. Regardless, I think the Wildcats will lose twice more at UNO. Omaha 3-1, 4-2