Minnesota-Duluth women’s coach Miller says some with men’s team ‘hate me’

After it was announced earlier this season that the 2014-15 year would be Minnesota-Duluth women’s coach Shannon Miller’s last, Miller seemingly kept quiet to the media.

Until now.

In a recent article in the Globe and Mail, Miller opened up on her thoughts on why she won’t be retained after this season – and she pulls no punches.

“As a strong, successful woman who is also gay, I feel they had other reasons – I can’t speculate on them, but I just know how I’ve been treated,” Miller said. “There have been a lack of resources for the program and I felt they didn’t value the women. When you have a strong, winning female coach who is a good role model and known in the sport globally, you would think she would be treated with respect, but I’ve been totally disrespected.”

Miller said she has a “long list” of other reasons for her termination, but said her legal team is building a case against UMD.

“When you make good money, some people are jealous and mean,” she added. “There are some people attached to the men’s hockey program – and I’m not saying the coaches – that hate me and they see it as a men versus women thing, and if the women’s program is doing well it somehow hurts the men.”

This all comes on the heels of another women’s coach at Duluth, softball coach Jen Banford, reportedly being told she will not be brought back next season.