Minnesota-Duluth women’s coach Miller says some with men’s team ‘hate me’

After it was announced earlier this season that the 2014-15 year would be Minnesota-Duluth women’s coach Shannon Miller’s last, Miller seemingly kept quiet to the media.

Until now.

In a recent article in the Globe and Mail, Miller opened up on her thoughts on why she won’t be retained after this season – and she pulls no punches.

“As a strong, successful woman who is also gay, I feel they had other reasons – I can’t speculate on them, but I just know how I’ve been treated,” Miller said. “There have been a lack of resources for the program and I felt they didn’t value the women. When you have a strong, winning female coach who is a good role model and known in the sport globally, you would think she would be treated with respect, but I’ve been totally disrespected.”

Miller said she has a “long list” of other reasons for her termination, but said her legal team is building a case against UMD.

“When you make good money, some people are jealous and mean,” she added. “There are some people attached to the men’s hockey program – and I’m not saying the coaches – that hate me and they see it as a men versus women thing, and if the women’s program is doing well it somehow hurts the men.”

This all comes on the heels of another women’s coach at Duluth, softball coach Jen Banford, reportedly being told she will not be brought back next season.


  1. Things like this annoy me. Don’t say you can’t speculate on the reasons then go and do exactly that. Then drop the I’m a woman, I’m gay as the reasons. If that’s true sue UMD (They would deserve it), let the facts speak for themselves but don’t go out and spit out those type of accusations without proof because in today’s media things like that catch fire and tomorrow on CNN there’s a headline saying UMD Hates women and gays.

  2. Great move by her. They literally cannot fire her at this point because they’ll be viewed as homophobic. I had an old co-worker that was terrible at her job who literally didn’t do an ounce of work while she was was pregnant and loudly told everyone who’d listen that her job was safe because she’d sue if they fired her for discrimination

      • Yes. She won 5 national titles, but the landscape of women’s hockey in the NCAA was different then. Plus I believe she has also been sanctioned by the NCAA for cheating and even had to vacate some wins/titles at one point. She hasn’t even made the national tournament for the last 4 years. Not to mention in the last 31 games against Wisc, MN and UND she’s only won once. The sporting world is very much what have you done lately. She hasn’t done much, and she’s getting paid more than everybody else to do it. If I were the UMD athletic director, I wouldn’t renew her contract either. I don’t think being a gay woman has anything to do with it. Plenty of heterosexual male coaches have been let go when their programs stop performing up to expectations.

    • They don’t have to fire her, she isn’t going to have her contract renewed. Did she make any noise about these allegations before she got news she wouldn’t be renewed or did she come out with this stuff only after she found out?

      Also, can a university sue for defamation of character or slander/libel, in the event that her story isn’t totally accurate, because she isn’t really beating around the bush in the quotes/accusations above?

      • Miller has never gotten along with certain people in the UMD Athletic Department. There have been issues in the past, and it is true that former Chancellor Kathryn Martin supported Miller a lot more than some people would have. However, with Berlo’s past at Notre Dame starting to come under review (allegations that multiple homosexual employees in Berlo’s office were fired under questionable circumstances), and with the near-total turnover in UMD Administration in the last 5 years, a lot has changed at the school. Miller has probably made these accusations quietly in the past, but this is the first time she has had reason to go public with them.

        As far as whether or not UMD could sue Miller, I don’t think that option is on the table. Even if Miller’s and Banford’s accusations are proven false, I doubt that UMD would file their own lawsuit. UMD is already in massive debt, so why waste time filing a lawsuit that would probably cost more than the return settlement?

  3. Weak sauce lady. Going out with the shallow appeals to ‘pc politics’ and laying the ground work for a lawsuit tells your players, program, fans, etc….it’s all about you. Sue the school if you feel wronged but show your players, program, fans, etc….some due class and put them before your own agenda. Would you be successful without them?

    “As a strong, successful woman….”
    Strong my arse.

  4. The opening paragraph is off by a few months. This article (written February 3) states that Miller hasn’t spoken with media “until now”. In reality, Miller did at least 2 press conferences in December and January with the Duluth News Tribune talking about this situation – one on the day that UMD publicly announced their decision (December 16), and a second before their 2015 Opener (January 9). Sure, the accusations weren’t as specific as they have become, but they were still very much present back then.

  5. She was on a contract. Her contract is over. UMD has no obligation to resign her. That’s how it works when you have an employment contract. Its no different then the Twins refusing to resign Joe Mauer when his contract is up.

  6. I’d be willing to bet that there are more than a few people up at umd who are relieved by the thought of not dealing with this strong gay woman on a daily basis. Just move on without looking like an angry ex and poisoning future employment possibilities.


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