Seven forwards among 10 finalists for 2015 Hobey Baker Award

The Hobey Baker Award will be presented April 10 in Boston (photo: Jim Rosvold).

Six of the nation’s top 10 scorers, including leader Jack Eichel of Boston University, are among the 10 finalists named Thursday for the 2015 Hobey Baker Award.

The finalists, in alphabetical order, are:

• Union senior forward Daniel Ciampini

• Boston University freshman forward Jack Eichel

• Rochester Institute of Technology senior forward Matt Garbowsky

• Michigan senior forward Zach Hyman

• Michigan Tech senior forward Tanner Kero

• Denver senior defenseman Joey LaLeggia

• North Dakota junior goaltender Zane McIntyre

• Minnesota junior defenseman Mike Reilly

• Harvard junior forward Jimmy Vesey

• Robert Morris senior forward Cody Wydo

The finalists were selected by a vote of the 59 Division I men’s coaches and online fan balloting.

The winner will be selected by a 27-member selection committee after the NCAA regionals.

Three Hobey Hat Trick finalists will be announced on April 2, and the winner will be named at the Frozen Four in Boston on April 10. The ceremony is scheduled for Northeastern’s Matthews Arena.

Seven of the 10 finalists are forwards, with two defensemen and one goaltender. Six of the 10 are seniors, three are juniors and one is a freshman.

No conference had more than two finalists, with Hockey East and the WCHA having one each. Atlantic Hockey had two finalists for the first time.

None of the finalists has been on a previous season’s Hobey top-10 list.

Wydo is the only one of the seven forwards on the list that isn’t among the top 10 in scoring. He’s tied for 19th with 41 points and tied for 18th with 19 goals.


    • I would put Reilly ahead of Laleggia, but I wouldn’t put either in the top three though. Eichel, Vesey, McIntyre. I don’t see how Eichel doesn’t win it though.

      • I respectfully disagree. LaLeggia is a two-way defenseman where Reilley has proven to lack in the defensive zone. (Take away the +’s from the PP and I’d bet his +/- reflects that.)

        • I’ll agree with you just cause LaLeggia’s name is more fun to say. All I know is if Reilly sucks than most of the time minny loses… Haven’t seen much of DU play though so thats why I am just making stuff up at this point, lets hope they both get in the top 3 to represent my old position GO DEFENSEMAN!!!!!

      • Reilly ahead of LaLeggia, nice joke there Gopher!! Shutdown defenseman with 13 goals compared to weak defensive defenseman with 6 goals. Do I have to mention strength of competition they each play in?

        • Where have you heard that Reilly’s defense is bad? Are you just saying that because you think LeLeggia is better or because someone has actually said his defense lacks? I have watched every gopher game for as long as I can remember and I can truly say Mike Reilly is the best gopher defenseman I have ever seen.

          • Read HockeyState comment below. I have seen Minnesota games on FSN and Reilly was not good covering men coming down the wings. If you think he is the best Gopher defenseman you have seen it is a real indictment on the rest of them.

          • Well the gophers have produced so many successful defenseman but i think Reilly is the best Ive seen because he is one of the few players that has stuck around for three years. I really wish the former WCHA would have stayed together. Maybe Reilly would get more attention. LaLeggia is an awesome player to watch and is very deserving as well. I hope one of these guys can be a finalist.

    • I hope you are right but I seriously doubt that McIntyre makes the final 3. To make the final 3 as a goalie you have to have an epic year and Zane has been really good but not at that level. I think his best shot is next season as a senior if he can improve on this years stats.

    • NCAA player who best “exhibits strength of character both on and off the ice” and “contributes to the integrity of the team and displays outstanding skills in all phases of the game”

  1. Mcintyre. UND #1 in country has an extremely difficult schedule faces the top talent in the country and a jr. Puts his team in a position to win every game that is a hobby baker winner!


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