A reaction to the committee’s bracketing decisions for the NCAA tournament

A couple quick thoughts after seeing how the NCAA Division I men’s ice hockey committee set the brackets for the 2015 tournament:

My two main points from the final Bracketology we posted early Sunday went the opposite of what I thought.

• The committee did move Providence back to Providence, despite what I thought. This must have been one of the prevailing thoughts in moving them to Providence. It seemed as if they decided that Providence should be in Providence, and the lowest remaining seed would play North Dakota, which in this case is Quinnipiac. And by default, Yale plays Boston University.

• The committee did separate BU and Boston College. I thought it would not. But I still am not quite sure about why Minnesota and Harvard were not swapped. Was it bracket integrity? An interesting move there.

The rest falls into line pretty easily after that.

Our Jim Connelly talked to members of the committee and has a reaction piece here.