Atlantic Hockey Picks, the final results

Last week:

Dan: 1-2
Chris: 0-3

For the season:

Dan: 134-81-27 (.610)
Chris: 137-76-27 (.627)

And the winner is:

Chris made RIT fans happy by picking against the Tigers the final weekend, and they again proved him wrong. But he held on for the season victory against Dan by a mere 3.5 games. We didn’t pick the same number of games because of the best-of-three quarterfinal format, but it was a total of 240 games picked by Chris and 242 by Dan. And we both picked better than six out 10 games correctly over the course of the season.

In 2013-2014, Chris defeated Dan by seven games, so he’s closing the gap. It’s been fun and we’ll do it again next season.

And while not an official pick, Chris is taking Minnesota State over the Tigers in South Bend. That should satisfy the RIT faithful.

Good luck to everyone in their Pick’em prognostications.



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