Carpenter named USCHO Player of the Year

Alex Carpenter (BC - 5) - The Boston College Eagles defeated the visiting Syracuse University Orange 10-2 on Saturday, October 4, 2014, at Kelley Rink in Conte Forum in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. (Melissa Wade)
Alex Carpenter (BC – 5) – The BC forward is USCHO’s 2015 Player of the Year. (Melissa Wade)

Boston College junior forward and 2015 Patty Kazmaier Award winner Alex Carpenter has been named USCHO’s Player of the Year.

Carpenter had a phenomenal season after returning from a year off playing the U.S. Olympic Team, helping lead Boston College to its best year ever. She led the nation in both goals and assists, notching 37 goals and potting 44 helpers.  She ended the season with a 2.19 points-per-game average, the only player in the country to finish over two points a game, and the first since player to finish that high since Amanda Kessel and Brianne Jenner both hit that number or higher in 2012-2013.

Carpenter played in 37 games for the Eagles, who finished the season 34-3-2. She registered 25 multi-point games this season, including a high of six points against Harvard in BC’s 10-2 thrashing of the Crimson on Nov. 28. She had three games where she notched four points and 12 where she notched three points.

Of her 37 games, she only had three where she didn’t score at least one point.

Though her team was knocked out by Harvard in the Frozen Four, Carpenter did return to Boston with some hardware, taking the 2015 Patty Kazmaier Award from a tough field that included finalists Hannah Brandt of Minnesota and Marie-Philip Poulin of Boston University. She was the first BC player to win the award.

“It’s unbelievable to be able to represent BC in this way,” Carpenter said. “They’ve given me so much, and to be able to give back to them like this is great. Huge testament to my teammates being the best teammates they can be for the past three years that I’ve been here. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

The USCHO awards are voted on by the women’s editor and writers.


  1. Simple fact is, I have no problem stirring the pot.

    Was Carpenter the clear #1 player of the year this year?

    Honestly? Seems no one wants to address the elephant in the room, the fact that BC was overrated all year long because they played a weaker scedule than both Minnesota and Wisconsin and in the end, were exposed.

    Yes, Carpenter had the most goals scored and assists, and played less games, so by far the best per game numbers. But look who they played.

    Minnesota played a much tougher scedule.

    And in the end BC didn’t deliver, but Minnesota did.

    I kind of get it, Women’s hockey fans are among the smartest and most polite fans I’ve ever run across. They are rarely blinded completely by team or conf bias, and they hate it when anything negative is said about any women’s college hockey player, for the most part. There are a few exceptions.

    And I am not suggesting that Carpenter doesn’t deserve this award. Just suggesting that it might not be a clear cut as some make it out to be. Hannah Brandt just seems left out of the discussion. I get the impression that women hockey fans figure since Hannah gets to revel in being a Natl Champ, why not let Carpenter have her consolation prize and just let it go at that.

    But is that fair to Hannah Brandt???


    If only Amanda Kessel had come back. She would have dominated, won the Award and then graduated. Now if she comes back, will Brandt be denied again??? Snubbed from the Olympic team by an Eastern Coach, treated like she is clearly the 2nd best, at best, player this year when that is not the case, and now if Amanda Kessel returns next year, what horrible timing and everything for this young lady. I almost hope that Brandt somehow outperforms Kessel next year, which would be an incredible accomplishment, and wins the PK. An award I truly think she deserves. But hey, Natalie Darwitz never won the PK either, which was a huge disservice to Natalie. HUGE!!!

    I mean, it seems the WCHA wins every title, what is it 13 of 14 ? But how many POY Awards and Patty Kaz Awards have gone to Eastern players?

    No one finds this a bit suspicious?!

    I’m not saying Carpenter didn’t deserve it. I’m saying it shouldn’t be implied that it was so cut and dry. I suspect that Hannah Brandt is as good as, or better than Carpenter. Or maybe not? It is just too hard to tell. And I just think Hannah deserves more credit than she is getting is all. Damn, if there could be co-winners, I would be 100% ok with Hannah sharing the award with Carpenter. 100%. They both deserve credit and praise and awards.

    And letting my homer out a bit, having a shared award, I think Darwitz should have shared the award with Wendell, and I think 2013’s award should have been a 3 way tie, or another shared award. Kessel is an amazing player and may have deserved the award, I’d never say she didn’t, but her two fellow finalists, its so hard to know, all 3 different positions, different roles, how awesome would it have been had all 3 been able to share in that Award???

    Maybe I am a utopian dreamer with my head in the clouds? But I just can’t stand sitting here watching everyone praise Carpenter as if she was so clearly the best, when looking at the scedules and who played who and who did what vs who, I’m not all that impressed with BC’s scedule or what they did against those teams. They played alot of creampuffs where as the Gophers did not.

    That is all I am saying.


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