Five Humanitarian Award finalists get donations to charities

BOSTON — The BNY Mellon Wealth Management Hockey Humanitarian Award recipient will be named Friday, and all five finalists will get a donation made to a charity that’s close to them.

The donations are being made through the Hockey Humanitarian Award Foundation.

The charities are:

• Brittany Ammerman, Wisconsin: Nikumbuke Women’s Soccer League/Health by Motorbike

• Zoe Hickel, Minnesota-Duluth: Piedmont Elementary PTA

• Mark MacMillan, North Dakota: Northland Rescue Mission

• Jamie Murray, Babson: NephCure Kidney International

• Katelyn Scott, Robert Morris: Barst Fund

The Humanitarian Award ceremony is at Matthews Arena in Boston at 4:30 p.m. EDT Friday. It’s open to the public and takes place before the Hobey Baker Award ceremony.


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