NCHC announces adjustments to conference standings format

With the NCHC introducing a new overtime format for conferences games beginning with the upcoming 2015-16 season, the conference has also slightly adjusted its conference standings format to reflect the new procedures.

Although the point distribution and column point values within the standings are not changing, the look of the standings will be slightly altered. The first three columns of the conference standings will remain the same as they have the first two seasons with the first column representing a regulation or 5-on-5 overtime win (worth three points), the second column representing a regulation or 5-on-5 overtime loss (worth zero points) and the third column still indicates games that end in a tie after the 5-on-5 overtime (worth a single point).

The slight modification is occurring in the fourth column (far right column), which previously was listed as “SW” and indicated a shootout win worth an additional point after the tie. In order to include results from the new 3-on-3 overtime format the NCHC announced on Aug. 17, the far right column will now be listed as “3/SW” to indicate either a 3-on-3 overtime or shootout win, both of which are still worth one additional point after the tie regardless of whether the game ends during the 3-on-3 overtime or has to be decided by a sudden victory shootout.

During the NCHC’s first two seasons, the conference standings/record were displayed as W-L-T-SW. Beginning this coming season, the conference standings format and conference record will be displayed as W-L-T-3/SW. When possible, conference records will be listed to include the “backslash” in the final column, otherwise the 3-on-3 overtime and shootout wins will be listed as one combined number.

The 3-on-3 overtime and shootout will not affect a team’s overall record, nor will it affect the PairWise. The result of the game following the 5-on-5 overtime is considered final by NCAA standards and would be reflected as such in a team’s overall record and in the PairWise. Should a conference game remain tied after the 5-on-5 overtime, it will be considered a tie nationally regardless of the 3-on-3 overtime or shootout result.


  1. Okay, so in the season opener between two NCHC teams, a lucky fan from section twelve is selected for the “Shoot The Puck” contest which takes place between the first and second innings. Unleashing a blistering slap shot from center ice said fan successfully goes five hole on the wooden cut-out board hanging on the front of one of the goals. How will the realigned conference standings reflect this feat?


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