A note on our new look and that 20 in the logo

Last week, we changed some things around the site, and it’s just the beginning of a transformation around here.

We rolled out our new logo on the site and our social media channels, and if you’re wondering about the “20” on the right side, that’s a reference to this being our 20th season covering college hockey. (For more on the founding of USCHO and its precursor, check out this story.)

Some color changes came along with the new logo, and we’re using a new font in the menu bar.

It’s a first step in a process of remaking USCHO. We’re working on a new look for the site as a whole that we hope will be a better experience on desktop and mobile platforms. And there’s a lot of under-the-hood work going on to improve site performance.

It’s hard to put into words how appreciative we are of everyone following USCHO for all these years as we do our best to cover the game we all love. If you ever have questions, comments, suggestions, news tips or the like, drop me a line at [email protected] or @ToddMilewski on Twitter.