Who’s the host team at the East Regional in Albany?

If you’ve followed Bracketology for a while, you probably know that a team that hosts a regional has to be placed there if it’s selected for the NCAA tournament.

But what if there are multiple hosts? That has come into play this season.

The 2016 NCAA East Regional at the Times Union Center in Albany, N.Y., is being hosted by ECAC Hockey, Union and Rensselaer. Only one of the teams, however, can be designated as the host for selection purposes.

ECAC Hockey had to make the call for this situation, and it gave the nod to Union.

Assistant commissioner Ed Krajewski said it was Union’s turn to be the primary host at an Albany regional, which means it takes the lead on staffing the event.

So in the event that both Union and Rensselaer make the field of 16 (an unlikely scenario at the moment, but you never know) and are on the same seeding band, Union will get to stay in Albany and Rensselaer will have to go elsewhere.


  1. should be easy this week.
    NE – QU/HC, Cornell/BC
    East – Providence/Denver, Harvard/BU

    MW – NoDak/Lowell, Michigan/Notre Dame

    W – St Cloud / Minn St, UNO/ Yale

  2. You highlight only one of the two problems with this, however. Sure, if BOTH make the tournament only one gets the autoplacement. But what this guarantees is if EITHER makes the tournament they get autoplacement. This seems rife for abuse… Suppose the ECAC made all 12 schools co-hosts? Then at least one ECAC team would automatically be placed there. It seems to me if you designate a team (in this case Union) the de facto host status, they should be the only team getting it, no matter who is contributing manpower to the effort. Since the NCAA would try, for attendance reasons, to put Union (or RPI) there anyway, creating a DUAL automatic situation seems wrong to me. IIRC, Bridgeport was jointly sponsored by Yale and Fairfield, not a problem since Fairfield doesn’t have a Div I team… but if it were jointly sponsored by Yale and Sacred Heart….


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