Gallery: Miami blanks Colorado College for second straight night

Miami defeated Colorado College 4-0 on Saturday in Oxford, Ohio, completing a weekend sweep of an NCHC series in which the RedHawks didn’t allow a goal. Here are the photos:

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  1. Despite being swept by Air Force this weekend, and despite having no wins against any ranked team (unless you count a win against Robert Morris that got 2 points as an also ran,) Niagara is still in position to receive an at large bid to the NCAA tournament. For teams like Union, B.U., Wisconsin, and others who have had MULTIPLE wins against ranked teams in much stronger conferences, FORGET ABOUT IT (unless they win their conference tournament.)

    This of course an outrage to any true college hockey fan, and to the teams unfairly given zero consideration in the above scenario. This is, of course, NOT Niagara’s fault. But the Pairwise system as presently configured is obscenely distorted. It should not be based on “what feels good,” or “equality,”or past reputation,

    • Speak for yourself, I am not “outraged” at Niagara having a shot at making the big dance. On the other hand, I am personally happy to see some new blood, regardless of whether or not they get knocked out in the first round or not, as I’m sure most “true college hockey fans” are (i.e. they are happy to see this small niche-market sport get some growth and footing). For all you know, Niagara could make a solid run at the Frozen Four, though I’m sure if that actually happens, those “true college hockey fans” will just say it was a fluke or that they got lucky, because there’s no way some schmuck school from an inferior conference could ever defeat a big scary team from one of the superior conferences. If you have a better, more objective system than the PairWise, by all means feel free to present it to the “true college hockey fans” (whatever that means).

      I agree that it should not be measured on “what feels good”, or “equality”, or “past reputation”. You should tell that to the WCHA fanatics who believe that the WCHA should win every year because they are the WCHA and have won so many titles in the past. These kinds of subjective metrics are the very reason the PairWise system exists in the first place. It isn’t perfect, but it’s what is used.

        • Envious of what? I could not give a crap who won more titles in the past. To quote most legal services ads, “past performance does not guarantee future results”. The only people who seem to scream how good the WCHA is all the time are the loudmouthed WCHA fans.

          I enjoy the sport because it’s fun, it’s only a game, and I root for my alma mater because those guys work hard at what they do and do everything they can to get an opportunity at some glory. I really don’t take it as seriously as some “true college hockey fans” tend to.

          Besides, the league-scene will be so radically different next year that none of it even matters.

          Just let the teams play it out and allow everyone to stop this “my league has more titles than your league because of two to three programs alone” trumpeting.

  2. How does Yale get a higher seed than RPI since RPI swept them
    6-1 in New Haven and 4-1 in Troy
    finished ahead of them in standings and are surely a much hotter team of late

    • As a fellow RPI fan… it’s done by the PairWise system, dude. They’re still higher in the PairWise than RPI.

    • Indeed. If you go to Rankings, PWR, and then select “Switch to Pairwise Rankings Comparison Grid,” and then just start clicking on teams, you can get a better feel for how it works. Basically, it goes like this: (i) all teams are compared to each other based on four criteria (RPI, record v. TUCs, record v. common opponents, and H2H record); (ii) teams “score points” in each comparison; and then (iii) teams are ranked based on the total points they score across all comparisons. This ranking is the PWR.

      In this case, looking at the Yale-to-RPI comparison doesn’t give you all the reasons Yale is ahead (because the ranking is based on total points), but it gives you some idea—strong early season results put Yale ahead in RPI, record v. TUCs, and record v. common opponents.

  3. Neat. The GR regional is 3 of the same 4 as St. Paul was last year. Maybe BU can get hot and we can just redo last year?

    • I think this sentence, before the picks answers that: “That said, even if I pick a sweep, I’ll also pick a game three result as I expect to be incorrect multiple times this week.”

      Seems pretty simple, if ND wins game 1 or 2, even though he’s not predicting that, he already has a game 3 pick, just in case.

  4. UVM played UML very tough in the final regular season weekend, albeit at home. And while Lowell may win the series, I see Hoffman stealing a game like he almost did Friday and did on Saturday just two weekends ago.

    • I agree and happy Hoffman is getting his shot again. It looked like he was going to be the back up for the remainder of the season there for a while.

    • I don’t know that UVM stole the second game as much as UML wasn’t playing for anything after locking up the 2 seed the night before. I like UML, but I think this series is going 3.

      • My only point was that Brody played really well in that second game, especially in the 3rd period to hold on to the lead. He has played great since retaking the starting role against Merrimack.

        I agree, I see it going 3.

        • UVM v UML is definitely the best series this weekend. If it only goes two, it’ll be two very hard fought and probably overtime involved. I think the time off helps Lowell who was REALLY banged up the second half. One weekend they only dressed 5 d, with one of them being Thompson (a forward).

    • I agree, I think UVM could steal at least one. Esp. considering they’re at least as good if not slightly better on the road in conference play compared to at home. Hoffman’s recent play combined with their defense certainly gives them as good an opportunity as they could possibly have. Just need guys like McCarthy and Puskarich to step up and come through with some timely goals like they got last week from McCarthy and Paliotta.

  5. With the exception of Roy and in goal, I think UNH is probably better than Northeastern overall on paper, but a wildly inconsistent team, and they tend to play to the level of their competition (case and point, final week against Merrimack).

    • I disagree with you!! Plus if NU gets their Captain back this weekend, things will be different than when they played BU 2 weeks ago!! NU is a different team since they played UNH early and Witt didn’t play in that 2nd game!!!

      • Are all the exclamation points a sign of frustration, hope that things will be different than against BU or just plain nervousness? Come on, Husky and Wildcat fans ( yes I am a UNH fan) should be used to this, good/great starts, high hopes and fade when it counts. Though this year, UNH has faded every other weekend. I think they are pretty even on paper, to be honest. I think it’s always funny that DeSmith gets overlooked when it comes to the goaltending but puts up good (not great) numbers on a team that ‘forgets’ to play defense in front of him. Since the UMass win on 2/7, Witt has been very beatable, posting an .888 save percentage and giving up 21 goals in 6 games. Not going to figure out the exact minutes played but that’s about 3.5 goals per game. Maybe he gets hot and throws up a couple shutouts this weekend, but hasn’t been happening down the stretch. Bottom line, one team will get it done and keep NCAA hopes alive and one won’t.

    • NU has one of the top freshman class in D-1. Keys to this series: NU takes very few penalties (6 minutes or fewer) and who is better between Witt and DeSmith. I think van Riemsdyck is out with an ankle injury this weekend which hurts UNH.

      • Its funny you say that, because according to the hockey east website, NU is actually the most penalized team in the league, while UNH is the least penalized team in the league. I was at the game last night, and there were tons of penalties. I would rather have Witt than DeSmith (as i said above, with the exception of Roy and the goalies…aka Witt), but that doesn’t mean DeSmith is bad. He can definitely keep them in games if need be. TvR is out, but the defense was pretty lock down last night. As usual, the question will be can UNH score against a better than average goalie.

        • They showed they can score… but the D returned to the usual D… last night was something that happens a couple times a year, as far as defense goes for UNH. Oh well, tomorrow will be fun…

  6. Almost seems paradoxical to say, but I think Notre Dame beating BC so recently HELPS BC and hurts The Irish. There will be no ‘sneaking up’ on them this time. I actually see a three-game series here, though, with BC winning tonight and Sunday while stumbling Saturday.

    • ND has more to lose… HEA championship aside, BC is playing for a #1 seed, while ND playing for a bid. While a series win is optimum, avoiding a sweep is necessary.

    • Well, not tonight. Gaining the #1 seed too early AND the two-week layout didn’t do BC much good… 7-1 ND mid-way through 3rd, and counting…

  7. Can someone tell me why NU’s 5th goal in regulation last night was disallowed? I saw the replay three times and the goal looked fine. These games are so important to both schools.

    • I believe well before the puck went in, maybe 5 seconds or so, when the puck popped up in the air, it was hit with a high stick. I sit right on that goal line and am up much higher, so obviously, I couldn’t tell how high it was but I knew it was close. At the arena, it was announced as the puck was played with a high stick.


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