Weekend Picks: March 17

Well, I did well again last week in my postseason picks, going 4-0. In the postseason, I’ve gone 31-12, and on the year, I am 417-104-56.

We’ve got three games left. Let’s see how I do. I’ll pick the semis today, and post my picks for the finals Saturday morning.

Friday, March 18

Clarkson versus Boston College
This is arguably the toughest team that BC will have played to day. Clarkson can play stifling defense, as seen last week, though Quinnipiac doesn’t have quite the same caliber of relentless offense that BC does. I’m picking the Eagles in a close one. Boston College 3-1

Minnesota versus Wisconsin
They’ve played five times, with Wisconsin winning three, including the WCHA championship game a couple of weeks ago by a 1-0 score. This game comes down to goaltender Ann-Renée Desbiens. She’s riding a streak of five straight shutouts. I don’t think she’ll blank Minnesota again, but if she keeps the Gophers under two, the Badgers win. Something tells me though that Kessel inspires the Gophers to come out on top. Minnesota 3-2


          • Yep, going into the regional – maybe they were.. then UMD steamrolled them along with every other team in the NCAA…

            Technically, #3Union is better than #2Michigan – blowing their doors off in Ann Arbor this year.


          • They may have beaten UM, but due to the ECAC schedule restrictions that’s the only win outside of the conference that they can stand on.  They won’t get any respect until they beat someone when it matters.  Good luck.  I think they’re gonna need it.

          • The ECAC doesn’t have schedule restrictions.  The Ivy League does.  Union is in the ECAC and not in the Ivy League.

          • Then why didn’t they play anyone outside of their conference except michigan, CC, denver, and merrimack?

          • The PWR also said Yale was the best team in the country last year.No, it said they were the top seed.  Pairwise is based on the entire season and anyone could see that Yale started hot and cooled off.   Yale was not number one in the polls.  But the polls don’t seed the tournament.

        • I hope unin does get lucky and make the frozen four. Would mean an auto win for any of the top teams. If you look at the Karachi which is a much better system of where a team should be and union would not even be in the tourney. You have NO SHOT at getting in. But good luck.

          • bunch of college elitists.. I have been following U hockey for over 25 years its great to see them winning a cup and moving on.  Regardless of where they end its been a great and amazing season.  All these fans of the bandwagon big schools get their panties in a bunch when the little guys start doing well.  If Union beats these so called “Big Schools” which they have they will chalk it up to luck.  Union has the top goalie in the nation and that will take you as far as you want to go.  Its not the EZAC anymore and Union is going to prove that fact.  LETS GO U!

          • Gets lucky…?

            Sounds like Union could trip and fall into the FF after being ranked nationally for 90 weeks..

        • Oohhhhhh, you got me!
          I do hate children.  I also hate women and the media.  I only like people my same skin color.  I cling to my guns, my religion, my banjo, and my one remaining tooth.  Oh, and I obviously don’t know jack about hockey.
          Anything else you’ve already judged about me???

    • Enjoy the title but I’d tone it down.  If you don’t make it to Tampa the gallery here is going to make you eat s*@$

      • That would be classy of this “gallery here”.. 

        Agree to disagree – I’ll buy them all beers in Tampa.

        UNION:  Doesn’t matter who gets in the way, I wish remaining teams well, but this is a team of destiny….


        • UT,

          You are way ahead of yourself. If Union does get the #1 seed which is not 100%. You will be the 4th #1 and you will have an extremely tough bracket with teams that battle tested vs. a Union team that has been good of late but has not broken through. Hard to do! You maybe in Tampa but you might be one of those fans wearing a Jersey of a team that is not in the “barn”.

          Hockey East, CCHA, and WCHA fans are kind of laughing at you!

          • Pump the brakes TRJ1988.  While we don’t go to NCAA every year, this is two in a row for a program that was DIII 20 yrs ago.  I don’t want to hear about teams that were good before Motorola developed the “bag phone”.  We weren’t even DI then..  This is about the 2012 team from Schenectady, NY…

            Union’s “Tampa Team”…


  1. I see that Michigan State and NMU are tied at 15 in the PairWise. Clearly, the assumption is that MSU wins a “tiebreaker” of sorts there? How does that work? I’d like a deeper understanding of the PairWise here. Thank you. Otherwise, it appears clear that the CCHA was college hockey’s best conference this year. Michigan gets a 1 seed (#2 overall); Miami, a 2 (#5); Ferris, a 2 (#6); WMU, a 4 (#14); MSU, a 4 (#15). CCHA also claims three of the first four teams out Notre Dame, OSU, and NMU. That’s a change of pace.

  2. Jason, I’m a former manager of the Cornell hockey team, alum, and die-hard fan, as well of Union (where my younger brother attended and graduated from), which I’m so happy to see succeeding after so many years dwelling in the cellar of the league.  I grew up with ECAC hockey.  With that as a backdrop, isn’t it high time to use KRACH instead of the PWR rankings.  I love Cornell, but they don’t deserve to be invited to The Dance this year, in my opinion.  (Sorry, Mike.)

    • That is very true. Also extremely objective. Cheers to that! This is for all ECAC teams. It’s a great conference and I am an east coast hockey fan, but it was down this year. It is a 1 Bid conference. Ohio St, Merrimack, Notre Dame, Northern Michigan and probably CC are better teams than Cornell this year. Union might deserve a #2 seed with that in mind. Sorry UT! Your schedule is weak compared to all BCS teams in the field.

      • CC is better than Cornell?  Cornell went to their barn and took 3 of 4 points.  Came within 1 minute of a sweep.  I’m not saying we’re great but I’d say we’re in the same class as the other schools you mentioned.  They all had their chance to distinguish themselves and came up short.  

  3. As a former AV kid – thanks to staff of RPI TV ON THE WEB!!! 

    Really enjoyed it – 5 camera angles, stats and instant replays were really sweet.  I’m used to one angle / no replay / no scoreboard. 

    Gentlemen, well done.



    • I couldn’t agree more. I poneyed up for the game since no “free” TV, and was very impressed.  Very well done.  Too bad your hockey team wasn’t better!  Be proud that your team got beat only 5 times this year by a number one reagional seed.  ;-)
      GO GARNET!

      • Leggs:  I should talk to NCAA about just getting Union a bye through to Tampa…

        I mean, they made us play RPI again (already beat them 3 times) so we smoke them 2 more times to make it 5 in a row… then they make us play Colgate (already beat them 2 times) smoke them to make it 3 in a row, then make us play Harvard (already beat them 1 and tied them) so we beat them again…

        Now that the ECAC warmups are over, let’s hit Tampa.  Luckily, I’ve already fueled the plane.


        • You know the NC$$ doesn’t care about your sport when they put your championship so far away from you that you have to take a plane to get there!!!

          • Have to agree w/you there.. talk about nonsensical…

            Just put in in the Bahamas and let’s make it a destination wedding..


  4. IF straight pairings hold up, Union would play WMU. 
    Tied them twice early season at Union.
    Congratulations Dutchmen on a spectacular year so far.
    GO GARNET!!!!!

  5. Way to go Union!!!!! Been watching them since ’94. WALSTIB

    Many thanks to RPI this year. Your team did your self proud at the end of the season.
    Great job by RPITV too, for the ECAC Champoionship coverage!!

    On to the NCAA.where does it end????

  6. Union fans please settle down. You obviously have short memories…remember last year. ECAC equals early exit, year after year. It is an inferior conference, plain and simple.

    • I think they’re over reacting, too.  But the assumption that because they lost in the first round year means they’re going to lose in the first round this year isn’t terribly brilliant analysis.

  7. Union fans please calm down. You obviously have short memories…remember last year’s tourney? ECAC equals early exit. It is obviously an inferior conference, year after year.

  8. and according to the Karach we would make the tourney.  We deserve to be there, Union is a strong team and they are gonna show the nation

  9. FWIW:
    Worcester: BC v MSU; UMD v Maine
    Green Bay:  Mich. v AFA; Ferris v DU
    Bridgeport: Union v WMU; Miami v Lowell
    St. Paul:  UND v Cornell; Minn. v BU

  10. Looks like a fairly easy bracket to draw up this year.  The only question I really see is – how does the committee solve the 2/15 matchup (Michigan – Michigan State)?  A swap with Western doesn’t solve it, so Sparty gets swapped with either Air Force or Cornell.  I think the committee protects the #1 overall seed (BC) and keeps Air Force there….meaning Cornell is the #4 seed in Green Bay (playing Michigan), and Mich State is the #4 seed in St. Paul (playing UND).

    •  There are five CCHA teams in the field, so the Michigan-Michigan State matchup doesn’t actually *have* to be avoided.  Not sure if the committee will still try or not.

  11. Jayson – It shouldn’t be too difficult this year.  A popular debate is trying to put UND in St. Paul but it would better for UND to go to GB for attendance reasons and bracket integrity.  UMN should have the St. Paul close to covered for attendance.  UND fans will travel to GB better than Michigan fans will.  So Michigan to St. Paul, UND to Green Bay.

    • Minnesota will be in St. Paul as they are the host there. I don’t see how NCAA can execute the daisy chain, keep intra conference from playing in the first games, and put the #1 band seeds closest to home – not enough degrees of freedom – will be interesting to see what their priorities are tomorrow.

    • NCAA doesn’t care about fans traveling, they care about keeping costs down. It’s 325 miles fro Grand Forks to St. Paul, 593 to Green Bay – they’re putting NoDak on a bus. Besides that, with Michigan as the #2 overall, they’ll “protect” them from having to possibly play the host Gophers. Michigan will (rightly) be in Green Bay. 

      The real question is, do they flip the Maine/Duluth game from GB to Bridgeport and swap out Ferris/Denver from Bridgeport to GB? I think so. Otherwise, it’s as straightforward as they go, really, and this is perhaps the easiest they’ve had in years.

      • But a #4 overall seed (North Dakota) in the same region as the #8 overall seed (Minnesota)?  Will they really do that?  Has it happened before?

        • Honestly, I don’t know if it’s happened before or not, but it’s irrelevant. They’ve shown in the past they consider all 1s, all 2s, all 3s and all 4s as relatively interchangeable. Their focus in the past few years has been on keeping costs low, and I don’t see that changing now without some previously published directive instructing them to do so (which would have gotten out).

      • Good question, sploosh, but I believe they’ll keep Maine/Duluth in Worcester.  After Minnesota is put in St. Paul as the host school, Duluth is the next lowest #2 seed, so they should go to Worcester.  Granted, Duluth probably brings more fans to Green Bay than Maine brings to Worcester, but Ferris will bring a few hundred fans to Green Bay.  They’ll bring none if they go anywhere else.

      • The flip you suggest would likely have 3 out of 4 teams in GB from the CCHA – not likely. Already has #2 Michigan vs #15 MSU in the first game – that’s not too likely either. I can’t figure it out – whole thing gives me a headache this year – it’s really not easy nor straightforward this year.

        • The flip I suggest would wind up with Ferris playing Denver, Cornell playing Michigan in GB. It’d put Maine and Duluth in Bridgeport along with Union and Western – no three CCHA teams in the same bracket anywhere.

          For the record, here’s what I’ve got:
          WorcesterBC vs. Air ForceMiami vs. LowellGreen BayMich vs. CornellFerris vs. Denver
          BridgeportUnion vs. WesternDuluth vs. MaineSt. PaulNoDak vs. Michigan StateMinnesota vs. BU

  12. So Krach means Northern Michigan would go in instead? Both system, or any rating system for that matter, will have holes in it. 

    • Doesn’t have to.  This is all in good fun.  No matter what we say to each other the teams decide it on the ice.  Just hope the NCAA sticks to the integrity of the bracket.

  13. The big debate I see is whether to send Michigan or North Dakota to St.Paul or Green Bay. I’m gonna say North Dakota to Green Bay and Michigan to St.Paul. It helps both bracket integrity and attendance. North Dakota fans will make Green Bay REA East just like last year, Minnesota fans will fill the X. If you put Minnesota and North Dakota together your gonna have a lot of fans standing outside not able to get tickets, but also would have the 4th #1 seed and 4th #2 seed in the same region. I would rather see North Dakota and Minnesota meet in the frozen 4 than in the regionals too as they just played this week.

  14. Heres my bracket

    @ Worchester
    1 BC vs. 16 Air Force
    7 UMD vs. 9 BU

    @ Bridgeport
    3 Union vs. W. Michigan
    6 Ferris State vs. Denver

    @ St. Paul
    2 Michigan vs. 13 Cornell
    8 Minnesota vs. 10 Maine (2002 rematch)

    @ Green Bay
    4 UND vs. 15 Mich. St.
    5 Miami vs. 12 UMass Lowell

  15. I think that the arguments are all interesting in their own right, and most have some element of merit.  I too, feel that HE, WCHA, and CCHA teams should play each other through the season – it would “even” out the pairwise.  “In-conference” play is important, but when you are scheduling the likes of Alabama-Huntsville instead of another “top 10” team, you are doing no one any good (like early season NCAA football match-ups).  History is simply that – history.  What was- does not (in most cases) affect what will be.  However, you cannot ignore “trends”.  The recent “trend” is that HE teams have owned the Frozen Four…it’s a fact.  How will this year unfold?  Who knows.  But I feel confident in saying that teams like Union and AF will be facing a quality of opponents that they have not seen the likes of this season, and the same “Big 3” conferences will again – be standing in the end..I hope that Maine makes a good showing, but knowing our coach – he’ll mess something up!

    • “But I feel confident in saying that teams like Union and AF will be facing a quality of opponents that they have not seen the likes of this season”

      Let’s see, Union crushed Michigan in Ann Arbour, barely lost to Denver and CC on the road, beat Merrimack on the road, and tied WMU twice.  But I guess those are not “quality opponents”?

    • The better teams do schedule the better teams outside the conference. Case in point, rarely if ever does BC willingly schedule AHA teams or Ala-Huntsville, unless it is an earlier season or holiday tournament. Same can be said for Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, UND, Denver, BU, among others.

      • Did you see Minnesota’s non-conference schedule?  Two against Sacred Heart, two against Vermont, two against Michigan State, Niagara, Northeastern, and Notre Dame.  Only travel was to Michigan State.

        Wisconsin played Northern Michigan twice, Mercyhurst twice, RIT twice – all at home.

        Most of the big western schools won’t travel.  I’m not a North Dakota fan but I will tip my hat to them for scheduling reciprocal visits with some eastern schools.I made the same suggestion about scheduling last year here in one of these blog comment sections.  I even suggested some of the leagues trim back their conference schedule and play more non-conference games to make the rankings more meaningful whether they be Pairwise, KRACH, RPI, whatever.  I got attacked by a few WCHA fans who said their league was so strong that they shouldn’t play anyone else.

  16. I feel sorry for those kids at Merrimack and Northern Mich who are missing the tournament by a fraction of a point.  Shows the importance of every period of every game.

    • Realistically, neither team played well at all the last 2-3 weeks… and both bowed out early in their tournaments. They didn’t deserve it, fraction of points or not. Why UNM was even under consideration (a TUC) is mindblowing. HEA teams Northeastern and UMass beat better teams than they did at the time, as did other teams in their own CCHA.   

  17.  I’m sure it will be posted after the pairing.  Don’t worry, the fans will be getting screwed since most of the coverage will be ESPNU, and ESPN3.

  18. im still not sure how maine dropped to  3 spots to 9th in pairwise for loosing to BC but last week i watched lowell, miami and others loose but virtually lost nothing…

  19. How come these posts always turn into West is better than East?  WHO CARES!
    It is about the hockey.  We all know the Western teams put more players into the pros. BIG DEAL!  Now ask BC, with 17-18 players in the pros this season, what they think. This is a great year… Anyone of 7-8 teams can easily win it, without even taking an upset team into account.  IT’S GREAT HOCKEY… ENJOY IT!

    For what it’s worth…  North Dakota is my favorite, Miami is my upset.  And I’m a HE guy.

    • Butch I am a BU guy so its painful to say but BC has beaten North Dakota badly in their recent NCAA matchups,North dakota can not handle their speed!

      • But not this year… UND is playing lights out right now, especially last 2 weeks… BC is not as physical as it has been the past few years. But…

  20. Jayson,

    With five CCHA teams in the field, is there actually any need to avoid the UM-MSU matchup?  I was under the impression that the rule about avoiding first-round intraconference matchups didn’t apply in that scenario.

  21. As a hockey east guy it appears Lowell the lowest seeded HE team has the best draw in HE something wrong with that picture!

  22. I’d swap BU and Lowell; just for attendance reasons.

    If you can reward Minnesota as a host (just about every year??); then you have to put a drawing card in Bridgeport; and BU will do that. And by putting BU in that region, I would think that they stand a good chance of coming out of that bracket. Either way, don’t take BU lightly; they are a good team.

      • Well, believe it. They crushed Michigan in Ann Arbour, beat Merrimack, tied WMU twice.
        Barry Melrose has a Union-BC final.  But what does HE know.

        • Merrimack isn’t a Tourney team so who cares? Maine beat them twice as well, and 2 ties against a team that had to have an unreal weekend to get in…woopty do.  Maine is a 3 seed and they beat BC (#1) twice, Beat BU 3 times and Lowell…But the only thing we care about for wins now start this week!! Think about your Union comparison…they play Cornell in there conference and Cornell I cant believe even got in…all other conference minus AHA has to play 3 or 4 tourney teams in the regualr season and then add a couple teams that just missed getting in!! Union could be a 2 seed but the one is a sham!!

          • You would be even more pissed at Cornell if the Hockey East refs had not stolen the BU game.  Had Cornell won that game they would be a 2 seed (7 overall).

      • The funny thing about TUCs is that in any given year most of the WCHA teams are TUCs – not because they are all especially great but because they play the top teams in the WCHA 2 or 4 times each.  In other words, they get the huge bump up in strength of schedule.  And that is also helped because the league as a group schedules some pretty weak non-conference games.  But you guys win them so the Opponents Winning Percentage and Opponents Opponents components of RPI is high.  I got into this with someone last year who was claiming Wisconsin should have been in the tournament.  They were around .500 and went something awful like 1-10-1 against the top 4 in the WCHA.  But hey, they were a TUC.

  23. Great game from the Sioux last night!  On another note….I am glad UND will play in St. Paul but UND, BU and MN in the same bracket????  Even W. Mich will be a tough first game.  I would much rather play any one of those teams in the Bridgeport bracket.  Bridgeport will be a pillow fight for sure.

  24. This is stupid, the champs of the WCHA and the CCHA meet in the first round. These two conferences make up over half the field. And the East Regional is a cake walk….

    • All goes by the numbers, by what the computer formula says, deal with it. Michigan State and Lowell are low seeds, they play 3 and 5. Luck of the draw, no real committee decisions made here.

  25. I wouldn’t say it’s so much E v. W but rather just conferences.  It will be extremely interesting to see how the dynamics change when the Big Ten conference is in play (I here Iowa is even looking to join…how cool!). We’ll see how the new conference of former WCHA teams fares, too.  It will be bittersweet, but very interesting.

  26. The committee did drop the ball on bracket integ, if they went by the right structure the 8/9 game BU and Minn would be in the Northeast bracket with the 1 seed BC and at worse Maine and Minn Duluth with Union in the East bracket I honestly think they way overthink how to break ties…the Maine beat BU 3 times in the last month one as recently as Friday night and BU beat them before christmas once, but even still the braket integ cant beat spoken of if its not 1,8,9,16 and 2,7,10,15 ect…and if you are avoiding inter conference games then the 6-11 seads could be switched around a little different meaning 2 and 3 seeds switching rather then hurting the overall top seed, they didnt protect BC at all like they are trying to say they did

  27. WMU should have got a much higher seed! They got screwed! In there last 4 games they beat Ferris State twice, then Miami, and finally a CCHA title against Michigan! I say bring ND! We are going to fight hard and our ranking don’t mean crap cuz we are on a rage!! Bring it!!! We are going to frozen 4!

  28. I think he has a great point. Your bringing up one match up in a season. There needs to be multiple. Gophers lost to Vermont this year and won does it mean there equal?  No. Both Boston teams and Maine need to play multiple WCHA teams like Denver, CC, Wisconsin, Minn, UMD, UND, and SCSU. One game means nothing kind of like Duke losing to Lehigh and Missouri losing to Norfolk. If they did a tournament like the olympics with a round robin there’d be mainly WCHA teams and a one of two HE and CCHA teams. Plus CCHA and HE puts out no professional talent. Just because you keep guys for four years means there better college players but never good enough to be professionals. The Gophers had Kessel, Okposo, E. Johnson all freshman and Blake Wheeler a sophomore. If they had stayed there full time the would have 3 peated or won back to back championships. Not long after leaving they were all starters or 2nd liners on their professional teams. The gophers choke because they play underclassmen squads and have good teams year in and year out. They’d win all the big titles if people stayed. And we almost never go out of state for any of our D1 teams. And if any of you saw the USA and Minn Hockey issue were they showed the number of D1 players from respected states and Pro’s per state Minnesota is far greater. Minnesota puts out as much talent as Canada per capita.

  29. It’s funny to all those ECAC haters – the ECAC would have had 3 teams in the tourney If Union edge Harvard and block them out of an autobid…  That would have knocked out another CCHA team (Michigan State).. 
    Nothing new to Union – We’ve owned the CCHA this season (undefeated in three games – check the schedule).

    Shout out to Barry “I’m a Union Guy” Melrose.  I’m a “Union Guy” too Barry.  If I was tearing up on Selection Sunday, someone better hand me a box tissues when we take the ice in Tampa. 


  30. I really don’t know why everyone expected Notre Dame to be so good. I thought they were pretty over rated. When you combine the bruising HEA lineup (only one or two pushovers each year) and the brutal travel schedule (coming out east basically every other weekend, all but 3 league opponents in CCHA were driveable), you had to figure the first year would be a transition year for them.

    • Well, they had/have a lot of experience (juniors and seniors) returning, including one of the country’s top goalies, and came off a dominant last season in the CCHA. I, for one, expected ND to be much stronger than they’ve been… And finish no less than top three in HEA. Then what does that say about the former CCHA? Except for Michigan and Ferris State, no one has performed all that well, and NCHC pre-season favorite Miami is un-ranked, sitting at 29th in the Pairwise.

      • They belong in the Big 10. Everyone knows it, but it won’t ever happen. Playing in the ACC for basketball is just as much of a misalignment.

      • UConn makes some sense. No, they aren’t a power program, but neither were Vermont, Merrimack or Lowell when they were added to the league. But 5-of-6 New England state schools (flagship, anyways), plus Lowell, are now all in one conference. Geographically, it makes sense. And UConn used to be more closely aligned with a lot of the HEA schools anyway. They used to dominate a bunch of them in basketball before jumping to Big East (and they still do sometimes make rounds with these schools) and they were lined up with Providence and BC for basketball, and BC for football. I don’t know who would have made more sense, perhaps another Boston school (Bentley), Catholic School (Holy Cross) or state school (URI). but they don’t bring the bucks like the golden domes.

        And is it just me, or are the ND helmets OBNOXIOUS?

  31. Looking at Lowell, you have to wonder if they are banged up. You look at some of their top guys who missed on Saturday and wonder if they were at full strength Friday. Underachieving yes, but when you look what they did Saturday while only dressing 4 skaters on D (not to mention missing scott wilson and ryan mcgrath up front), its clear the talent is there, they just need to step up their game.

    • Lowell without Wilson, Kamrass, McGrath and Houk getting tossed at end of 2nd period made for a shorthanded squad and a huge win. I’d like to think Friday’s collapse was a fluke but I also just don’t see the same consistency as last year.

      • When your only losses since the first game are the season are to top 10 teams and a team that is 10-1 at home, hard to say inconsistent. I’d say more they have a few teams who can skate with them, whereas last year there weren’t many who could.

    • I thought the same after Friday, this isn’t last years team etc. but don’t be mistaken. Sat’s win was a gutsy win. They had three defensemen playing the entire third. If they get healthy, look out for a run during the HE playoffs.

  32. UML is certainly missing Ruhwedel. Being a bit younger this year on the blueline definitely contributes to the inconsistancy.

    • I wouldn’t even say inconsistent, they have only lost 4 games in 3 months, 3 coming to top 10 teams in pairwise (NU and PC) and one to a team who is 10-1 at home (Maine). I wouldn’t say they are as dominant, but definitely still consistent. If this team had Ruhwedel and Wetmore it would be battling for #1 in the country, but thats the nature of college hockey

      • I’m really talking about a consistent 60 min effort, game to game. The first NU game. the ME tie, and the PC game last Friday all come to mind as 3rd period lapses. There were a few others but they escape me at the moment.

      • Yeah, if kids never graduated all the teams would be good. This team is solid, but nothing like last year’s team in terms of night in and night out consistency like they had the last half of last year. Wilson has been out a lot and that doesn’t help. I expect to see them at the TD Garden in March and who knows from there. Just don’t know if they can make the same run as last year, which of course was historic.

  33. Dave – hope you are feeling ok heading into your upcoming heart procedure.
    ND is a very good team. Northeastern is simply better. NU is making good puck decisions and playing good team defense. Witt is calmly holding down the fort and stopping pucks while leading D-1 in save percentage.
    NU is getting timely goals from all four lines. Their penalty minutes are declining with each game. Coaching staff has set the stage for success. Players are playing with confidence. A true resurgence on Huntington Ave.

  34. No doubt BC has the skids greased to the final. It would be a major upset if they lost. MN and WI is a tossup. Hope it doesn’t ride on a bad call by a ref.


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