Hockey East picks: Nov. 11-17

Just when you would think you would gain some games, Dave goes (almost) perfect on the week.

Jim last week: 7-2-3
Jim to date: 38-33-13
Dave last week: 9-0-3
Dave to date: 43-28-13

Friday, November 11

Massachusetts at Merrimack
Jim’s pick: Neither team is playing incredible. Neither is playing well but neither is playing that poorly. Thus, I’ll let home ice dictate.
MC 3, UMass 2
Dave’s pick: Agreed. This is definitely a home ice kind of game.
MC 3, UMass 2

UMass-Lowell at Maine
Jim’s pick: I lost ground last weekend picking against the River Hawks. Not going to make that mistake again.
UML 4, Maine 2
Dave’s pick: Maine has gone seven games without a win, but has played very well in some of those contests. I expect more of the same.
UML 3, Maine 2

Connecticut at Ohio State
Jim’s pick: Tough game to call. Ohio State was white hot then got a single point in a two-game series with Robert Morris. Still, I think I can go OSU at home, at least on night one.
OSU 3, UConn 1
Dave’s pick: The Buckeyes are 5-1-3 so it’s awfully tough to pick against them at home.
OSU 4, UConn 2

Boston University at Michigan
Jim’s pick: There are some injuries that might make this weekend an issue for Boston University, so I don’t see a sweep. Let’s go Michigan on night one.
UM 4, BU 2
Dave’s pick: Injuries or not, I still think BU is the better team so I’m going with the Terriers. Even on the road.
BU 3, UM 2 (OT)

Saturday, November 12

Notre Dame at Northeastern
Jim’s pick: Though I am not sure I think this weekend will be a sweep, I believe a rested Notre Dame team is dangerous.
ND 5, NU 3
Dave’s pick: I was really tempted to go with Northeastern as another home ice victor, but I think the Irish are just too good.
ND 4, NU 3

Vermont at Massachusetts
Jim’s pick: A more rested Vermont team gets back to winning ways.
UVM 3, UMass 1
Dave’s pick: This will be Vermont’s seventh road game of its first nine. To celebrate the end of these nomadic ways, the Catamounts will secure the win over the Minutemen.
UVM 3, UMass 2

Connecticut at Ohio State
Jim’s pick: The Huskies find a way to earn a split.
UC 2, OSU 1 (OT)
Dave’s pick: I’d love to see a split, but I think the Buckeyes go to 7-1-3.
OSU 3, UC 2

Boston University at Michigan
Jim’s pick: I don’t think BU is going to get swept here. So let’s go Terriers on night two, hoping the offense is ready.
BU 5, UM 3
Dave’s pick: This is probably way too optimistic, but I’ll go for a BU sweep.
BU 3, UM 3

Arizona State at New Hampshire
Jim’s pick: UNH hasn’t lit the world on fire, but I do believe that they are better than the current Arizona St. team.
UNH 5, ASU 2
Dave’s pick: A bit more dues paying for Arizona St.
UNH 4, ASU 1

Sunday, November 13

Notre Dame at Northeastern
Jim’s pick: I know I said I wasn’t sure if Notre Dame could sweep. But I’m still going to pick that as I’m not sold on Northeastern right now.
ND 3, NU 2
Dave’s pick: I’m going with an Irish sweep, too, making the Huskies 0-4-1 in league play.
ND 4, NU 2

Maine at UMass-Lowell
Jim’s pick: After Maine’s fast start, it’s hard to believe I’m picking them to get swept. But this is a Lowell team that is pretty solid.
UML 5, UM 3
Dave’s pick: Maine’s last win on Oct. 14 — in overtime over Quinnipiac — feels more and more distant.
UML 4, UM 2

Merrimack at New Hampshire
Jim’s pick: This is a strange single game where both teams have already played on the weekend. So I’m going with the home team.
UNH 3, MC 2
Dave’s pick: Not to play monkey see, monkey do, but I also think this is a home ice game.
UNH 3, MC 2

Arizona State at Boston College
Jim’s pick: The Eagles, simply put, continue to roll.
BC 6, ASU 2
Dave’s pick: If this is even close, it’ll be more stunning than, well… let’s not go there.
BC 7, ASU 1

Tuesday, November 15

Dartmouth at Vermont
Jim’s pick: Tough game to call as I am not sure of the strength of Dartmouth, so I’ll simply go with the home team.
UVM 4, DC 3
Dave’s pick: Because I haven’t gotten enough nasty emails from the fine state of Vermont.
DC 3, UVM 2 (OT)

Thursday, November 17

UMass-Lowell at Notre Dame
Jim’s pick: Over time, Lowell has had Notre Dame’s number. But this might be Notre Dame’s best team in its four years in Hockey East.
ND 3, UML 2
Dave’s pick: This is yet another game between such closely matched teams that home ice decides it all.
ND 3, UML 2