Weekend picks: Jan. 13

Friday, Jan. 13

Concordia (Wis.) at No. 4 Adrian
Adrian gets to rest at home and Concordia might only be able to hope to stay with Adrian’s world-class top line. I expect Adrian to win both. Adrian 5-2, 4-2

St. Scholastica at No. 7 Lake Forest
If Lake Forest wants to try to keep pace with Adrian, the Foresters need to keep amassing points — the Bulldogs won’t be slowing down. There seems to be a bit of a chasm between second and third place and these teams in the NCHA. Lake Forest should sweep, but if St. Scholastica steals one, it’ll be on the backs of their defense. Lake Forest 2-0, 3-1

Friday-Saturday, Jan. 13-14

Bethel and Augsburg (home-and-home); Concordia (Minn.) at Hamline
Augsburg and Concordia are receiving votes in the national polls and are leading the MIAC with 10 points. Bethel and Hamline are both just two points behind them. A lot of ground could be won or lost this weekend in this quartet of games. Augsburg is very stingy on defense and hasn’t been incredibly prolific on offense in conference games. If they can hold the scoring down, they should be able to take both games. Augsburg 3-1, 3-2

Hamline is at home, but needs to start finding the back of the net with more urgency in these conference games. This one I’ll call a split, with Hamline winning on Friday Concordia winning on Saturday. Hamline 2-1, Concordia 4-1

Saturday, Jan. 14

No. 10 Endicott at No. 6 Middlebury
Endicott seems to have the more powerful offensive threat and Middlebury has been sharing time in the net. I’m picking Endicott to win the upset here. Endicott 4-2

Tuesday, Jan. 17

No. 5 Elmira at Williams
An interesting nonconference matchup. Williams has been successful despite having an inverted goals for/goals allowed ratio. Elmira has been almost unstoppable. Williams has to tighten up the defense and hope they can sneak a goal or two if they want to have a shot. Elmira 4-1


  1. Its also interesting to note that Lowell has a game in hand on both Providence and BU, and plays both of them this week. If they can walk away with 3-4 points in those games, all of a sudden they may be in position to steal away a home ice spot later in the season

  2. I picked the 2 worst games to go to this weekend. Friday at BC (blowout against my wildcats) and Saturday at Merrimack (blowout against the black bears).

    • You didn’t make it to the Whit on Saturday? You would have enjoyed that one.
      Also, on the play in question. I am almost down to the goal line on the side the puck came out and I never lost sight of the puck. Goumas slid it out with the fingers of his glove (basically punched it along the ice) and did not cover it up at all. We were all shocked when he called a penalty shot at first and I am glad Hansen had a better view, as Bunyon was behind the play. This is a time (although I hesitate to say it) that maybe replay needs to be used because it involves a possible penalty shot or a game changing call because Bunyon lost sight of the puck. Think about it, the same thing happens on goals, but if the referee doesn’t see it go in, he can’t call a goal, so if he doesn’t actually see it covered, how can he call a penalty shot?

      • Did not make it to the Whit on Saturday. I had tickets to the Merrimack v Maine game that we got as a gift for my mother in law (she loves maine hockey). Didn’t realize when we bought them at the time it was the BC/UNH weekend, so we made the trek to BC after work on Friday.

  3. Is the league really getting closer – or are the standings a by product of BU and BC playing four of their last five league games against eachother/UNH? UNH’s last three league games have been against BU and BC. Somebody has to drop points in those games. Meanwhile, the rest of the league avoids the top three…

  4. The refs blew a penalty shot call in the UMass-Providence game when a PC defender clearly covered the puck in the crease but the refs totally missed it. The UMass coaches didn’t though!

    FYI, I am a PC fan and I still think they missed it.

  5. Jim, I can tell you the fans in Orono hit the panic button months ago. I challenge either you or Dave Hendrickson to write an honest piece about Tim Whitehead’s tenure at Maine. Once the Shawn Walsh/Grant Standbrook recruits moved through the system, it has been all downhill thanks to Mr. Whitehead. With excuse after excuse, he fails to deliver, and the college hockey media refuses to call him out on it.


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