Frozen Four Finals picks: March 18

No. 10 Gustavus Adolphus vs. No. 4 Norwich
Gustavus Adolphus has had a heck of a run this season and I’d like to see them walk away on a high note. They took Adrian to the wire. They may be gassed, but I think they’ve got one last bit in them. I pick them to win. Gustavus Adolphus 3-1

No. 1 Plattsburgh at No. 2 Adrian
I’ve been saying all season that I wouldn’t pick against Plattsburgh until they did something to prove I should, but I guess I have to backtrack here because I think Adrian might have what it takes to topple the giant. The Cardinals have had an easier time of it and will probably be less tired, but being at home and so close to history should help boost the Bulldogs. Adrian 5-4


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