Gallery: Notre Dame advances to third Frozen Four by beating UMass Lowell

Photos from Notre Dame’s 3-2 overtime victory over UMass Lowell in the Northeast Regional final in Manchester, N.H., on Sunday.

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    • are you serious? mich goalie played on his damn head, i’ll give props to him, but the rest of the team dumped and chased the entire time, even the commentators were bashin them for it. The sioux outshot them 40-19, outplayed them the entire time, just didn’t out score them.
      The sioux put on a hell of a year, just couldn’t find the net tonight.

          • @Whc: Actually, it’s called implementing a strategy and playing as a team. Michigan knows it can’t play a wide open offensive game with UND and expect to win; they’re simply outmatched and outgunned. Instead, they decided to clamp down on defense after getting that first goal. They used their speed and quickness to take away passing lanes; they sacrificed their bodies to block at least 16 shots; they aggressively cleared away rebounds and were extremely physical in preventing UND from crowding the net or screening their goalie. Of course, one of the drawbacks of this high risk/reward strategy is that most of the action takes place in your own zone, which males it pretty hard to generate scoring chances aside from the occasional breakaway. Hence, the SOG disparity.
            Michigan was able to defeat a more talented group of players by effectively implementing the above strategy and working as a TEAM behind the outstanding play in goal of Hunwick. Luck? I think not.

          • ha a team who scores and then sits back almost always loses in the end if you really watch hockey. Michigan got lucky with an incredible performance from the tender. Don’t tell me Hunwick making 5-6 game changing saves was part of Michigan’s strategy. The Sioux were a stronger team but hey its hockey, that happens. Same thing happened to Michigan two years ago when they out shot Air Force like 50-14 or something and lost. I suppose this is karma coming back to repay them.

          • Good points, however, there is a lot of luck involved in a 1-0 game when the shots are so uneven. Hunwick pulled off a great game…the team did a great job bottling up the middle…he and the team deserved to win. Congrats to Michigan!!

          • it’s called frustration and desperation on ND towards the end of the game and just shooting and not getting off good shots. Even idiot Melrose who hates Michigan mentioned that.

      • The commentators can bash all they want… who won the game? by the way, I was there, so I don’t know, but I assume Melrose was commentating? He bashes everybody he doesn’t like, there is no “neutral” announcing with Barry.

        • Yes, the fool Melrose was commentating and he was horrible. He was so against Michigan it was ridiculous. He should be banned from commentating period!

          • Melrose was awful. I particularly liked his comment in the UMD/Notre Dame game that went something like this: “When you take a low angle shot like that it’s either gonna hit the goalie, go wide or go in.” Now that’s enlightening commentary!

  1. Definitely outplayed Michigan, I’m a hugeee Wolverine Fan, and even I can admit we got massively outplayed in that game. Our defense is the only reason we have come this far. Doing it without our top defensemen Burlon, is unbelievable. We are also without one of our top forwards, so i’m stunned we’ve made it this far. I hope we have one more in us! This win means nothing now, Saturday means everything

  2. when did national commentary on sporting events become one sided?. i can understand local broadcasters being biased they are home town cover people. listening to Barry Melrose , was like eating a bowl full of scotch bonnet peppers. both willturn your stomach. go college hockey!!!


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