WCHA Picks: Nov. 17-18

Bowling Green at Minnesota State

Jack:These guys again? MSU and BG met Oct. 20-21 in Bowling Green. They split. The two league leaders meet again this week — this time in Mankato. I have a feeling we’ll get similar results. Mavericks 4-2, Falcons 5-3

Sean: Has to be a split, right? But it should be an entertaining weekend. Falcons 2-1, Mavericks 3-2.

Lake Superior State at Alabama Huntsville

Jack: UAH is unbeaten in their last three games, and they’re playing very well at home. I think that streak continues this weekend for a five-point series. Chargers 3-2, 2-2 (with a win in 3-on-3 OT)

Sean: I think the Chargers have a chance to do something special this season and surprise people, a sweep this weekend would make me look smart. Chargers 3-2, 1-0

Michigan Tech at Alaska Anchorage

Jack: Tech heads to Alaska for their extended road trip to the Last Frontier. I think the Huskies will get a split, with a second-day win after they get settled. Seawolves 3-2, Huskies 4-2

Sean: I have move faith in Tech than Jack, I don’ think they’ll need a day to get acclimated. Huskies 3-1, 2-0

Northern Michigan at Alaska

Jack: Another Yooper-on-Alaska series. I like the Wildcats in this one, especially since UAF is reeling a little bit. Wildcats 4-3, 3-1

Sean: Northern Michigan has a chance this weekend to bank some key points in the WCHA standings against a struggling team, I think they get the job done. Wildcats 3-0, 4-2

Ferris State at/vs. Michigan State

Jack: The Bulldogs have been making the rounds against all their former instate CCHA rivals this season. So far they’re 2-2, with splits against both Western Michigan and Michigan. I think they’ll go an even 3-3 to finish off their nonconference slate at .500. Spartans 4-2, Bulldogs 3-2

Sean: My head says split, but my hearts say Ferris State gets the job done for the WCHA against their old CCHA rival. Bulldogs 3-0, 2-1