WCHA Picks: Nov. 17-18

Bowling Green at Minnesota State

Jack:These guys again? MSU and BG met Oct. 20-21 in Bowling Green. They split. The two league leaders meet again this week — this time in Mankato. I have a feeling we’ll get similar results. Mavericks 4-2, Falcons 5-3

Sean: Has to be a split, right? But it should be an entertaining weekend. Falcons 2-1, Mavericks 3-2.

Lake Superior State at Alabama Huntsville

Jack: UAH is unbeaten in their last three games, and they’re playing very well at home. I think that streak continues this weekend for a five-point series. Chargers 3-2, 2-2 (with a win in 3-on-3 OT)

Sean: I think the Chargers have a chance to do something special this season and surprise people, a sweep this weekend would make me look smart. Chargers 3-2, 1-0

Michigan Tech at Alaska Anchorage

Jack: Tech heads to Alaska for their extended road trip to the Last Frontier. I think the Huskies will get a split, with a second-day win after they get settled. Seawolves 3-2, Huskies 4-2

Sean: I have move faith in Tech than Jack, I don’ think they’ll need a day to get acclimated. Huskies 3-1, 2-0

Northern Michigan at Alaska

Jack: Another Yooper-on-Alaska series. I like the Wildcats in this one, especially since UAF is reeling a little bit. Wildcats 4-3, 3-1

Sean: Northern Michigan has a chance this weekend to bank some key points in the WCHA standings against a struggling team, I think they get the job done. Wildcats 3-0, 4-2

Ferris State at/vs. Michigan State

Jack: The Bulldogs have been making the rounds against all their former instate CCHA rivals this season. So far they’re 2-2, with splits against both Western Michigan and Michigan. I think they’ll go an even 3-3 to finish off their nonconference slate at .500. Spartans 4-2, Bulldogs 3-2

Sean: My head says split, but my hearts say Ferris State gets the job done for the WCHA against their old CCHA rival. Bulldogs 3-0, 2-1


  1. I would watch out for St. Lawrence this year..18 different players with points so far and a freshman goaltender who is the real deal..

    • It’s actually *20* different players with *goals* (21 with points). Greg Carvel has said that it’s going to be scoring “by committee” this year, which is a good description. This is a really different team than the last couple of years — everyone is contributing rather than relying on the couple of superstars, and Carvel has now been there long enough that it’s mostly his team. This is starting to look a little like what happened after Joe Marsh took over at SLU in 1985, though at a somewhat slower pace — a big increase in success as the new coach establishes his era. I agree that they could be a breakout success this year.

  2. Early season standings are great, but just remember that the Buffalo Bills perennially lead the AFC East for a few weeks at the beginning of each season.

    • Remember also that EVERY team makes the league playoffs. So, theoretically, the last place team could end up in the NCAA Tournament with an auto-bid!

  3. What you are seeing is the most intensely competitive ECAC conference that has ever existed and the bloodletting has just begun. Upsets are going to be the norm. Its going to be a free-for-all. The league standings at this point have no bearing on what they will look like in March and the tournament will be a crap shoot. Its going to be a wild ride !!!!

  4. Dave’s pick: The River Hawks have struggled to hold into leads thus far, but I still think they’re one of the nation’s top teams.

    Anyone watching UML knows why…Any time past the the 10 min mark of the 2nd with UML leading by 2 or more and UML deploys the trap, at times with 4 guys in the neutral zone. It’s the single most frustrating thing about watching this team. The trap does not work against good puck moving D-men, all it does is allow a free breakout at full speed for the opposition. It also robs UML of one of their biggest assets, the strong, stifling forecheck. I think this team should stick with a 3 man forecheck until proven that it isn’t working, especially when you can roll 4 lines like this team. The trap is hockey’s equivalent of the NFL’s prevent defense. IMO, both should be illegal.

  5. I’m curious about “Homer” moniker Dave as it usually means going for the home team. I’m glad you picked the Friars to defeat Brown Sunday but the game is at Meehan.


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