Pickin’ the Big Ten: Nov. 24-26

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends! Let’s talk hockey. First, let’s talk picks.

Last week

Drew: 7-2-1 (.750)
Paula: 6-3-1 (.650)

This season

Drew: 39-28-7 (.574)
Paula: 47-20-7 (.682)

Another great week for Drew Claussen!

This week

There are three B1G and one nonconference series. All times are local.

Michigan State at Penn State

Drew: With a 7-5-0 record, Michigan State has been quite the surprise in its first season under Danton Cole. The Spartans are, however, 1-3-0 in the Big Ten and 1-4-0 on the road this season so they’ll need to find a fix for those woes this weekend if they want to find success at Penn State. Goaltender John Lethemon has been on a roll picking up three wins in a row and he’ll be tested again this weekend. I don’t like the Spartans if these games turn into high-scoring affairs, but if Michigan State can hold the Nittany Lions to three goals or less I like its chances of getting a split.

Paula: The Nittany Lions are 9-6-3 all-time against the Spartans, including four wins last season through which Penn State outscored Michigan State 18-8. I really like the way the Spartans have been playing as well, and if they’re going to take a game on the road, I think it’ll be Friday night too. Friday’s game begins at 7:05 p.m., Saturday’s starts at 8:05 p.m., and neither is televised.

Drew’s picks: Michigan State 4-2, Penn State 6-2.
Paula’s picks: Michigan State 3-2, Penn State 4-2.

No. 6 Minnesota at No. 4 Notre Dame

Drew: It will be a very impressive feat if the Irish can sweep and keep their winning streak alive this weekend, but I think this one looks destined to end in a split. A split with the Irish winning the first game and Minnesota coming back to win the second is the result that occurred the last two times these two faced off for a two-game set at Notre Dame, so who am I to mess with tradition?

Paula: These two teams last faced off in the 2017 Northeast Regional, a game that Notre Dame won 5-3. The Gophers lead this all-time series 27-16-3, and the teams have met in each of the last six seasons. Minnesota took two games at home last weekend from Harvard; Notre Dame lengthened its win streak to seven with road wins over Rensselaer. I see a split, too, but I see it the other way. Friday’s game begins at 7:35 p.m. and is carried by the NBC Sports Network. Saturday’s game starts at 7:05 p.m. and is televised by NBC Sports Chicago Plus.

Drew’s picks: Notre Dame 4-1, Minnesota 5-3.
Paula’s picks: Minnesota 3-2, Notre Dame 3-2.

No. 15 Ohio State at No. 17 Michigan

Drew: Here’s a random media-guide find that doesn’t have anything to do with this weekend’s series but I thought was interesting and it was the first time I noticed it; Michigan won the first ever meeting between these two schools 21-0 in 1964. Happy Thanksgiving, Ohio State fans, and I’m truly sorry for bringing that up. My pick, which I am fairly confident in, is that a game like that won’t happen this weekend. Ohio State is 5-1-1 on the road this season and Michigan is 4-1-1 at home, so I’m going to pick a split.

Paula: These schools really don’t like each other, and that has resulted in some of the most memorable hockey moments I’ve ever witnessed, like the time Michigan hockey fans traveled to Columbus for a game and carried roses into the rink at the state fairgrounds because the Wolverines were headed to the Rose Bowl that year. While I don’t care much about college football, I know these teams do and the timing of these games intensifies the rivalry. Michigan practically owns this all-time series with a record of 81-38-13 against Ohio State. These teams split their four games last season, each team winning one at home and one on the road. That is likely to happen again this weekend. The Big Ten Network will carry Friday’s game, which begins at 6:35 p.m. Saturday’s 7:35 p.m. rematch is not televised.

Drew’s picks: Michigan 4-2, Ohio State 3-1.
Paula’s picks: Michigan 3-2, Ohio State 3-2.

Mercyhurst at No. 9 Wisconsin

Drew: With the 50th-ranked defense in the nation, Mercyhurst is capable of giving up some goals, but it also had the 11th-ranked offense in the nation and third-ranked power play. If the Badgers can stay out of the box I think they’ll be able to use the home-ice advantage to get a sweep.

Paula: The Lakers are 2-2-0 in their last four games after splitting with Canisius last weekend and Penn State, on the road, the weekend before that. I think that Mercyhurst will give Wisconsin all the Badgers can handle, but I also like a UW sweep this weekend. Wisconsin swept Mercyhurst the last time they met, six years ago this weekend, in the Kohl Center. Friday’s game begins at 7:05 p.m. and is not televised. The second game is Sunday at 5:05 p.m. and — miraculously! — the Big Ten Network will carry that game.

Drew’s picks: Wisconsin 5-3, 4-3.
Paula’s picks: Wisconsin 3-2, 4-2.

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  1. I was sorry to see maine in same region with duluth and bc in my opinion 2 best teams in country… good luck Maine!!!!!!! I think lowell was rewarded better than maine,,and what has  lowell done last couple weeks?

    • Except lose in the Quarters to a sub par Providence team, not much. Their last good win was at BU a month ago. Dropping to a 3 seed really helped them out. The difference in strength between the #12 team and the #5 team is razor thin, and you never know if you are going to get the #6 team that has fallen from the #1 spot or the #8 team that was out of the rankings 2  weeks ago. The PWR cannot take into account who is hot. I think UMD is actually sagging. NoDak and Denver are hot, and if Milner keeps playing the way he is, BC is probably unstoppable. The game last night was amazing, Maine played extremely well, but BC showed that you can have the puck in their zone for 10 minutes, take 20 shots, get nothing, and they will score a goal 10 seconds later. With Spencer Abbott back, I think Maine beats UMD and we get the re-match.

    • What has UML done the past two weeks?  Became the first #2 seed in HE to lose in the quarterfinals of the playoffs, and hmmmm off this past weekend…kinda surprised that they didnt get shipped out west and BU stayed east….and this coming from a Maine fan….BU fans must be pissed! 

      I was hoping we’d see ourselves in the Bridgeport regional because I had a bad feeling we’d get stuck into a regional with BC AND UMD(last years champ, ugh)…..lets hope Abbott is back. 

      Im also thinking voters will be watching this game for the Hobby award…winner probably will win it, which shouldnt be the case, but we know all about how those awards go, right?

      • I am a BU fan and I am not sad at all to see BU go west. BC is the number one seed for a reason. Lowell/BU are playing the right teams according to Pairwise. Lowell running into a hot goaltender is not a crime. Maine made up for a poor start but just did not have enough PW push left at the end. If they beat BC, they would have been a number 2 seed, probably in Worcester anyways. If BU beat Maine, it would have been a number 2 seed, probably in Bridgeport. Maine gets rewarded by being much closer to home for its fans, which rock the DCU even if they are playing BU or BC.

        BU got the fourth-best “travel” option of the four HE teams. This is what was earned based on pairwise. Beating Maine and maybe BC would have changed things. Instead, a date in Xcel with Minnesota and a potential regional final with North Dakota. This is what you get when you limp across the finish line.

  2. It’s nice to have a product that is mostly predictable, and grounded in a decent set of rules. It takes a full 3 months of hockey for the PWR to start to reflect the strength of the leagues, but it works most of the time. When you consider the parochial nonsense of the BCS and the B-Ball selection committee (who pick teams they ‘like” or are market-able), this is the best in college sports. The little guys still get a fair shake, and the powerhouses are not penalized for playing a tough schedule. Now, WCHA fans will say that their conference tournament should just be the national tournament, but we love them anyway.

    • Good analysis, although as a Gopher and WCHA fan, I do think your sarcasm was a little over the top. :) WCHA fans simply say we have the best conference, and history, old and recent, backs it up.  No one denies the strenght of the top teams in the other conferences. Nothing more than that. It is fun to see the embellishing on what we WCHA fans are really saying, so no worries. 

      • Yeah, it seems like the NoDak and Minn fans are the strongest voices on this site. That’s why I threw that zinger in there. I love the talk, it just makes the hockey that much more fun to watch. There are a lot of different ways to compare the conferences (more champions, more Frozen Fours, etc…) I like to keep it simple. Basically, the last 15 years it’s been the WCHA and HEA. They usually are playing for the title, some years they play themselves and the  CCHA makes a cameo appearance with a few more as of late. It’s going to be a good tournament, can’t wait.

      • I agree that the WCHA is one of the top conferences in the country, but as Ive said earlier in the week, I think its time to do what the ACC/Big Ten do in basketball and have a weekend for the WCHA/Hockey East a yearly event.  By far the top 2 conferences in the country and I think either way it would help any team in the pairwise/RPI in the long run of the season.  Just my thoughts!

        • I think you may see some of that when CCHA goes poof and the WCHA powerhouses go to NCHC and BTHC for 2013-2014 season.

          Hockey East will be at 11 teams with Notre Dame. BTHC and NCHC will want additional games, especially BTHC. I think the top 5-6 teams in HE will get the premier matchups and the smaller programs will get AHA/ECAC matchups.

          Also, expect a lot of NCHC/BTHC matchups during conference play.

          • I wouldn’t be so sure there will be a clean divide in scheduling.  Look at some of the weaklings the top teams in the WCHA scheduled this year: Alabama-Huntsville, Sacred Heart, Vermont, etc.

          • Hm… Vermont was weak this year, but they’ve been a powerhouse in years past.  Alabama-Huntsville and Sacred Heart have pulled off some big upsets in the national tournament as well…  Some years some teams are powerful, and some years they’re not…  

          • Not to mention not all teams in a conference are created equal. How many HE matchups could sell out MSG every other year the way Cornell/BU does? I’m thinking one and one only.

          • Hopefully with more games to schedule some of the Big Ten and Western schools will have to travel for non-conference games.  Michigan, I’m looking in your direction.

      • I sure hope the Terriers can go out to Xcel and make some noise. I would not mind trying to figure out plans to go from Virginia to Tampa. Right now that looks doubtful.

        I do look forward to watching a ton of hockey next weekend.

        GO BU! To everyone else, good luck and beat BC!

    • The only major issue I have with the process is the “host” teams.  Minnesota has screwed up bracket integrity as a host team more than once.  It’s great that the process is consistent, but if the committee already gets the luxury of flipping stuff around for attendance, I don’t see why their hands need to be tied by a host team.

  3. Jayson,  I would like to respectfully add some information to your comments about tie-breakers.  My own analysis indicates that no matter how you would break the tie for 15th this year, you get MSU.  Take a close look at all the factors, in all the comparisons, and it was all pretty close, except for MSU’s advantage in RPI.  So, there is really nothing there to compare to.  Same with BU/Maine.  Yes, BU had the higher RPI, but also handily won the TUC and ComOpp categories.  The only factor in Maine’s favor was their 3-1 head to head record.  So, again, I am not sure you can read very much into that.
    Thanks for all the analysis.  Over the years, many have learned from you and others how the process works.  No secrets any more.  

  4. Not sure why Umass Lowell gets to play near home, while BU has to play in the West.  It wasnt even close in the regular season.  Plus, BU would have actually brought fans to Bridgeport, while Umass Lowell will not.   BU loses a toughly fought game to Maine and goes from a potential #1 seed to being completely screwed.

    • Being a Maine fan, I was kinda surprised by that as well…UML should be where BU is, and I actually thought BU would be where Maine is, and Maine would change places with UML…..the Bridgeport regional is VERY weak!

    • Lowell beat bu in season series, which is why Lowell took second place in hea over bu. stop whining, with the cloud hanging over bu right now you’re lucky you’re in.

    • How can you say BU will bring fans to Bridgeport? They didn’t even bring fans to Agganis for the quarterfinals (nor did BC). Pathetic. And BU narrowly escaped a very down UNH squad in the quarters. I thought Lowell should’ve been dropped, and if you could replace with another HE team, it should be Merrimack.

      • Not a bad point… except that the first round of the Hockey East tornament fell during BU Spring Break (10–18 March).  All of the on-campus students were kicked out for a week.  In that light, 3K+/game was pretty good.  A week before, in a relatively meaningless game against NU, they drew 5,100.

        Rumor has it that an NCAA rep promised Bridgeport/Fairfield/Yale either BU or BC if both made the field, but either that was false, or the NCAA changed its mind.

        • The HE and CCHA championship game attendance was as AWFUL as usual.. The lower bowls were not even close to being filled… The NCAA should look more into what the WCHA does w/ the final five and maybe start moving more frozen 4’s and a lot more regional play out west!!!

          • I personally do not care about CCHA Championship game, but I will not talk bad about it either.

            However, for Hockey East Semifinals and Championship, covered Nationally on NBCSN and locally on NESN, the semifinal attendance was 13,974 and the final attendance was 13,079.

            I am not sure how this is “AWFUL as usual”. The student and regular fan sections were packed. The crowds were large and engaged, even if the NBCSN announcers may not have been engaged. Are the crowds the same at the TD Garden as they were at the old Gahden? Nope, the expensive seats often get sold to people that show up late and leave early. The same thing happens at the Beanpot. Even so, those are plenty of loud fans. This kind of thing happens in lots of sports. Did you see all of those empty seats in the lower bowls of the NCAA basketball tournament? You can thank TicketMaster/Stub Hub for that. All of those seats get gobbled up by Stub Hub and friends and no one will pay four times face value when you can watch at home or at a bar in HD.

          • I would be willing to be the regular season game b/w denver and No DAK that was covered on NBCSN had much more or a fan base than HE semi and finals

          • On NBCSN as opposed to NESN, sure for the HE semis/finals. I only watched on NBCSN because I am 500 miles away from NESN being a local channel on my cable. Far more people in my own family watched the games on NESN than watched on NBCSN, because they live where it would be blacked out on NBCSN. If I can avoid listening to Mike Milbury blabbing, I do so.

            As for BU against Vermont….this game probably looked great on paper in September, a rematch of 2009 NCAA semi-final. Heck, Vermont even had a Stahlberg and BU had a Gilroy. I watched both games on NCBSN, but if I were not a BU alum, I would have changed the channel midway through the second if I watched it at all. It was a child only a mother could love. The Denver/North Dakota game was fun, it seemed much more like a BU/Maine, BC/Maine or BU/BC than BU/VT matchup. It was some great hockey, evenly matched and lots of angry play. Huzzah!

            Nice job cherry-picking datapoints. Who would have ever guessed no one wanted to watch BU play the worst team in Hockey East this year in a late-season matchup that meant nothing? Perhaps if we compared this year’s Beanpot (just on NESN) final to any other regular season game on any other network, I could cherry pick, too. 

            I think NESN and the TD Garden both do quite well for Hockey East finals, as they have the Celtics and Bruins on the road. I am not sure why there must be East-West foolishness. I, for one, like all the hockey I can get on my TV.

          • Now here’s another interesting way that college hockey is different from the professional game: a 10 p.m. ET game out-drew a 7:30 p.m. ET game Friday night on NBC Sports Network.The Denver/North Dakota night cap on NBCSN drew 86,000 viewers on Friday night, for a game that started at 10 p.m. ET. Not only is that better than the game that aired before it, it’s the top college hockey numbers for NBC this season, according to the numbers I’ve found throughout this season. North Dakota is an extremely well known program as hockey schools go, so this is no surprise.The aforementioned early game, Boston University vs. lowly Vermont, was less impressive, scoring 38,000 viewers.

          • Bad excuse your using…  Tickets aren’t cheap for the WCHA Final Five and it has no problem selling out games.

            The NCAA chases money and that is the bottom line….  It is sad the Frozen Four is going to a place that doesn’t even have college hockey, but Tampa Bay paid them a bunch money and that is why it is there.

        • The same goes whenever BU basketball hosts the America East finals. They do not play the games at Agannis or Walter Brown, they play them upstairs at Case Arena, for lack of a big enough crowd. They travelled well to the Garden, too, just remember that the Maine fans are LOUD!

    • The matchups are what the Pairwise say they should be. If BU won the Beanpot, did not gack away second place in Hockey East to Lowell, played better against UNH (thank you again Mr Millan) and beat Maine in the semi-finals, then they would be a second seed. They would be playing in Worcester or in Bridgeport.

      BU did none of these things, much to my shagrin, and therefore they travel. This is not a BC #1 UNH host school situation. This is a hung-on for dear life after off-ice problems rollercoaster nearly derailed the season.

      No whining here about the brackets. BU still has a chance to win four games and get a trophy. Thankfully, they will not have to play Maine at TD Garden.

    • everyone has complaints of where they are.  everyone has a good chance to win games.  The WCHA and CCHA are likely the top two conferences this year (yes HE has good teams but not as tough top to bottom) has two teams that are playing very well now and won the conference tournament and will play in the first round.  as a western fan i don’t like playing the WCHA champ right away, but because of a few bad losses to BGSU and Alaska Fairbanks that is who we see.  i am sure N Dakota is thinking the same thing about playing a team that has beaten 3 top ten teams in the last month (U of M, Ferris, Miami) in the first round.  every team is tough and has merit to be here (wont comment on  AH, love the service academy and will always respect the athletes at all of these schools) and can beat anyone in a single game elimination.  we should all be happy that in hockey the team that finishes strong will win it all and in the end unless you win your last game, you know you can’t claim to be the best.

    • I wasted my night cheering for BC, thinking that it would be better for BU to finish ahead of Maine and UML.  Now I realize that if BU had been the 4th-ranked HE team, they likely would have stayed in New England.  Of course, if they win next weekend against the lowest-seeded 2nd-band team, I won’t be complaining anymore.

      • Jonny Mo

        It is NEVER a waste to root against Boston College. In anything. Against any team.

        The only time I would root for BC is if that meant BU would get into the NCAA at the last at-large team because BC would affect a tie-breaker.

    • Maybe being away from Commonwealth Avenue will help them focus on playing better hockey. Getting away from the Black Bears is a start. Being a favorite has not helped them out. They have played better as underdogs.

    • Happens every year.  Last year Miami earned the right as a 1 seed to travel to New Hampshire to play New Hampshire, BU just got a bad shack this year

  5. By far the wcha is the best conference this year, with 4 teams that would have won most other conferences, the only other 2 teams that stack up are bc and Michigan. With that being said, doesn’t mean they will win. But placing ND and mn in the same regional isn’t good for hockey. The east regionAl is very weak and unless a goalie gets on a roll the winner will get handily beat in the semi final. My prediction the 4 will be und,Bc, Denver, and Miami with bc winning it all. Truly a disservice to the process as we truly won’t have the best teams make it to Tampa

    • BC had a horrible stretch in the mid-year.  They are a truly number one seed based upon the first three weeks of the season and the last month. The best teams will win. MN is not one of them especially not after how they played  the past weekend.  Miami will not be there either (too many bad penalties and dumb ones at that).  Do not knock the brackets, knock the quality of play when it mattered.

      • BC had a horrible strech of goaltending. Otherwise, that team was playing well. Once Parker Millner earned the starting job, the rest of Hockey East started the fight for second place. They beat a lot of highly ranked teams, even those that beat them earlier in the season, like BU and Maine, some of them in games where they got a trophy. All of which was painful to watch.

    • Yes, by far, because if you think BC is the best team in the country (which pains me to agree with), then they must play in a terrible conference. #end sarcasm.

      Maine and BC are in the same regional. This is AWESOME for hockey. I wish I could be a the DCU next weekend. Of course, I would be rooting against BC, but that hockey will be insane. North Dakota and Minnesota are in the same regional. This is also AWESOME for hockey, even if my Terriers pull an upset or two. Some of us remember the old ECAC/WCHA BU/Minnesota matchups. I still remember my first NCAA tournament games at Walter Brown against the Sioux in 1988. Good times!

    • If the WCHA was “by far” the best conference then their Pairwise and KRACH numbers would be better.  The top four teams might be very good but the non-conference results for the entire conference clearly weren’t as good as last year.  Last year the WCHA teams had the highest strengths of schedule.  This year not so much.  It means they didn’t schedule good opponents and/or didn’t win enough non-conference games.

    • Wow!  The WCHA is the best conference again this year?  I was born in 1953, but my father and a few stray descendants of farmers who later founded North Dakota tell me that sometime in the 1890s the WCHA was not the best conference.

    • Hm…  You say the WCHA was best this year, but HEA has the same number of teams in the tournament (4)  and very nearly had a fifth with Merrimack only being edged out at the very end.  However, I agree with you…  ND and MN should be in different brackets, as should BC and Maine…  But they don’t do things like that, because they don’t want even the possibility to exist for one conference to have all four spots in the Frozen Four…. which is understandable, as that would mean most fans from other conferences wouldn’t even bother to watch.  

    • Also…  My prediction, bold as it is, is Maine, ND, Lowell, and Michigan…  Though if Maine doesn’t have Spencer Abbott, I would change that to BC.  As much as I want to pick BU, I don’t think they can get past ND.  Michigan is a powerful team, and I can’t see them dropping out early… though Denver could do it.  Lowell is underrated in this tournament, and I think we’re going to see that in the first two rounds.

  6. I looked back and Notre Dame was pre-season  #1.  Denver came to Boston 1st game of the year, beat BC and looked right away like the real deal (top 3).  Still smartng from BC last yr. being shipped West as a #1 seed to play CC so I get the BU/Lowell East/West rub.  I still think the “host rule” is bogus and should be eliminated.

    • College hockey is dying.  Look at the landscape.  We are losing programs.  The host rule is a necessity.  Promote the best matchups for regional fans, build the base, keep this alive.

  7. I love listening to all you eastern babies whine when your teams have to come west to play!  How about suck it up!  Its going to be 2 years in a row when UMD goes out east and rocks the east coast host school’s world!  Don’t hear us crying do you?

    • no but when you win 30 games, are # 1 and get shipped west it makes zero sense – that’s the point.  Ntg to do w “west” – more the point about a quality 30 game record having no impact. 

      • It is tough luck, UMD should be in St. Paul this year but because Minnesota is the host school they get shipped east. No big deal. If winning 30 games in the regular season was that important, they should have beat a mediocre CC team last year no matter where they played.

    • Yes, I have never heard a WCHA fan whine about the polls, the Pairwise, Yale, traveling east, conspiracies to keep the WCHA out of the Frozen Four, that two WCHA were placed in the same region, etc, etc, etc, 

      • What are they going to complain about when they leave the WCHA for the NCHC and BTHC? Because both of those conferences will have ZERO count them ZERO NCAA titles, despite all the individual titles for the member schools.

        Well, they have two years, so maybe there will some real zingers,

        • Really Joe??????  Considering the teams moving to those conferences already have won National Championships they have them….   

          And yes each new conference will win more National Championships.  We are all dumber now for having listen to that moronic post.

          • For fans of teams with so many championships you guys whine an awful lot.  Too bad you can’t simply enjoy the hockey.

          • They will have won them as WCHA members. Each school will keep its titles, obviously, as I wrote above, but the point that eluded you was this:
            Why does anyone brag about how many titles your LEAGUE/CONFERENCE has? And when they leave one conference to join another one, the “league” standings stay with the league. NCHC and BTHC start at zero for the league. Conference bragging right? Yawn!

            For example, BU has 5, 3 in ECAC and 2 in Hockey East. I feel zero pride in the number of National Championships Boston College has brought to either league. I respect them and figure they are adding another one this year, but in no way do I ever think how lucky I am as a fan to know that BC has won anything. In fact, the only reason I would hope they win the first two games is in the slimmest hope that BU would beat them in a national semi-final.

            Most of us that deride the “best league” discussions are equally annoyed with SEC fans from rival schools all feeling proud about their biggest rivals beating some other team from some other conference. I cannot fathom why North Dakota or Minnesota fans would take pride in anything the other school did, except LOSE to their school in a meaningful game. Do Ohio State and Michigan fans sit around a campfire toasting marshmellows? Do UCLA and USC have a community Bar-B-Q? Duke/North Carolina – Their fans do not ever WATCH the other teams play when they are in the same tournament venue.

  8. BU shouldn’t have to follow Minn west because of the host rule.  they should get to stay in the 1,8,9,16 bracket and just swap out Minn.  Now being in the top ten almost all year get them a road game with no fans.  not right.

    • Agreed… my final prediction had the same brackets but had BU and Maine swapped, figured the committee would want to keep BU in the Northeast.  Oh well…

      • Or, BU could have hosted in Worcester like it did for some many years. When the Terriers stopped hosting, Holy Cross took over. HC can’t be rewarded but it seems like BU certainly can be punished.

    • Those are the rules and they are known at the first skate in October.

      If BU wants to stay at home, it needs to one of the top four seeds. They were not, hence they go where the bracket places them.

        • The second part is if you REALLY want to stay home, be a host. Not many schools want to do that.

          The reality was that BC got out-played last year by a team perfectly suited to attack BC’s weaknesses and nullify BC’s strengths. They would have lost that game at Conte Forum, too. BC’s speed and forecheck went for naught.

  9. Miami has been to the NCAA Hockey Tournament numerous times. The last six times it faced Hockey East teams … it lost 5 and won one. 

  10. Avoiding conference matchups in the regionals should be an absolute.
    MN will probably lose (unless they clear their heads and play up to their potential), but if they don’t, it’s likely they’ll face ND in round two.
    And MI will have to play Ferris St. if they both win.
    How lame!
    ND could have gone to Green Bay and MI could have been in St. Paul (with a few other shufffles, too).
    But instead there are entire regions with no representation from one conference or another.
    The committee’s stupid rules are really taking the fun out of things.

    • I agree..  It seems the NCAA are hell bent on matching WCHA teams up with others in the second round along with CCHA teams.  Hockey East seems to always have a chance to send their teams to the Frozen Four without having to play one another..

      Two of the Regionals are absolute creampuffs and the other two are stacked.  The NCAA is awful at selecting all the tournaments.

      • West regional… potential 2nd rd. WCHA matchup… UND vs Minnesota
        Northeast regional… potential 2nd rd. HEA matchup… BC vs Maine
        Midwest regional… potential 2nd rd. CCHA matchup… Michigan vs Ferris St.
        East regional… potential 2nd rd. CCHA matchup… Miami vs MSU

        Appears your post has little merit… looks pretty even to me. East and West regionals must be the cream puffs.

  11. I gotta say I like the draw that Michigan got, despite getting the highest ranked 4 seed Cornell in the first round. 

    I hope Michigan can finish the job they started last year in Minneapolis. This time, we won’t be playing in virtual road games in the semis and championship game. Assuming we can get there!

    • Kind of funny that it took us an eternity to finally set up a game with Michigan (November in NYC?) and here we get one fall into our laps.  Let’s Go Red!

        • No.  Rumor is that when trying to schedule a home and home with Cornell, Red insisted on Cornell paying for a charter flight to Ithaca.  In other words, he wasn’t interested in traveling at all.  That’s why the game this year (if it happens) will be in New York City.  Red will travel for the money of a sold out 18,000 seat arena.  So he can go suck a bag of c*#@s even if he is a good coach.

  12. Jayson. I agree with the analysis but am confused by something. Why wouldn’t mich and cornell go to minn and und and wmich go to gb? Both are travel and it’s much better bracket integrity. Now mich has to potentially play a higher seeded ferris team and und gets the 8-9. Puzzles me. Maybe they didn’t want mich on minn home ice I dont know

  13. Is it too early for Union fans to buy FF tickets..? 

    I mean, 2013 FF tickets – see you in Pittsburgh folks!!!




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