Minnesota Duluth voted as NCHC favorites in 2018-19 preseason media poll

 (2018 Melissa Wade)
Minnesota Duluth celebrates on the ice in St. Paul, Minn., after winning the 2018 national championship (photo: Melissa Wade).

Coming off a national championship last season, Minnesota Duluth has been voted by the media as the favorite to capture the 2018-19 Penrose Cup, awarded to the NCHC regular-season champions, as the NCHC preseason poll was unveiled Monday.

The Bulldogs received 20 of a possible 27 first-place votes and totaled 209 voting points.

A total of 27 ballots were submitted by local media members from each school, as well as select national media.

2018-19 NCHC Media Preseason Poll

School (First-place votes)Voting points
1. Minnesota Duluth (20)209
2. St. Cloud State (6)182
3. North Dakota150
4. Western Michigan121
5. Denver (1)115
6. Colorado College98
7. Omaha61
8. Miami36


  1. Having lost–among others–its top three scorers [Henrik Borgstrom, Troy Terry and Dylan Gambrell] from last year’s team, Denver will need a wave of players to step forward to produce points. The aforementioned trio accounted for 50-93-143 points last season.

        • I haven’t yet…..still working on a few odds and ends. It did look like there were plenty of tickets left on the end the Sioux shoot at twice, so I’ll just keep an eye on them.

          • Usually the North Side, visitor’s attack twice, is the last to sell out. Good for you to keep an eye on them, though. A lot of Sioux fans in the Denver area buy them well before the games on 2/1 and 2/2. Kind of hate that the games are all at 7:05 again this year, unless pushed back for national TV.. Depending on I-25 traffic, I might have to take Light Rail on Friday’s. Got my AF tickets, another bummer is construction ongoing on I-25 going south to AFA. AF should be good again this year, wish they were in NCHC.

          • I don’t get the 6pm start times down in Co. Springs for Saturday games. Are they trying to keep the other team from resting more?

          • That could be a good strategy, less rest. Playing at higher altitude than Denver, and on large ice, will be a great advantage.

          • They started the 6 pm starts on Saturdays last season. Was weird….but I guess I didn’t mind getting out of the game around 9. This year, we play the late game on Friday, 8 pm start for CBS, then 6 the next night. Going to have some tired legs.


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