Picking the WCHA: Dec. 1

What a weird road it has already been for the WCHA to this point with teams getting started, some playing non-traditional opponents, and others seeing things stop before they even get started.
Daver last week: 6-0-1
Jack last week: 1-4-1
Bowling Green at Robert Morris
Jack: There have been so few games to pick that when we get one with two Division I teams it’s like a special treat. And both the Falcons and the Colonials have played well (when they have played) so this should be a good game — and one of the few actual nonconference matchups left between a WCHA team and a team from outside the league.
Daver: Alex Barber looked good against Adrian the last time the Falcons played a game, scoring twice in a 5-0 win that also saw former Michigan Tech forward Gavin Gould score his first point for the Falcons. The Colonials did sweep Alabama Huntsville, but will likely find the Falcons ready tog give them a very tough game Tuesday.
Jack: Falcons 5, Colonials 3
Daver: Falcons 3, Colonials 1