Hockey East Picks 1/22 – 1/23

Hockey East announced a new scheduling format this week to avoid cancellations, announcing which games will be played at the start of the week.

Northeastern misses another week and teams scramble to change opponents, or, as we call it in the 2020-21 season, a normal week.

So, throw out your old schedules and embrace the chaos. Will your team play this week? Who’s to say. We’ll pick ’em anyways.

Jim last week: 5-1-0
Jim to date: 29-12-5

Marisa last week: 5-1-0
Marisa to date: 26-16-5

Fri./Sat., Jan.22 – 23

Boston University vs Maine (at BU Fri./Sat.)

The Terriers had a tremendous showing with two wins over UMass, including a dramatic come from behind overtime victory last Sunday. For a team that’s had to shake off a ton of rest, it’s tough to ask for more. Maine, meanwhile, pulled off a surprising split with Providence a week ago.

Jim’s picks: BU 4, Maine 2; BU 5, Maine 2
Marisa’s picks: BU 5, Maine 2; BU 3, Maine 1

Providence vs UMass (Fri. at UMass, Sat. at Prov.)

The Friars dropped a game to Maine a week ago before rebounding on Saturday, while the Minutemen are looking for a complete rebound after a bad week with the Terriers. They’ll be without Jake Gaudet on Friday after his hit to the head in the BU game on Sunday left him with a one-game suspension.

Jim’s picks: UMass 4, PC 3; PC 4, UMass 3
Marisa’s picks: UMass 5, PC 2; PC 3, UMass 2

UConn vs Boston College (Fri. at BC, Sat. at UConn)

The Eagles adjusted to another series cancellation with Northeastern to pull off a sweep of Merrimack with their home-and-home last week. UConn hadn’t taken the ice in some time and let out a ton of that frustration with a sweep of UNH, including an eight-goal showing in the second game.

Jim’s picks: BC 3, UConn 2; BC 2, UConn 1
Marisa’s picks: BC 4, UConn 2; UConn 3, BC 2

Merrimack vs New Hampshire (Fri. at UNH, Sat. at Merrimack)

Both the Warriors and Wildcats are in the same boat entering this week; coming off disappointing showings while being swept. The Wildcats looked rough in their final outing with UConn, allowing eight goals, while the Warriors fought against Boston College last Saturday and nearly pulled it out before surrendering five the next day.

Jim’s picks: MC 3, UNH 2; UNH 4, MC 3
Marisa’s picks: MC 4, UNH 2; MC 5, UNH 3


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