NCAA Responds to Maine; No New Information Offered

After a two-week extension, the NCAA Committee on Infractions has issued a response to the University of Maine regarding Maine’s appeal of NCAA sanctions.

“The document is a reiteration of, and slight elaboration on, the Committee on Infractions positions, as explained in their July decision,” said University of Maine spokesperson John Diamond, who has read the report.

The report offers no new information, and is in no way a resolution to any of the issues.

Maine now has 14 days to respond, after which time a hearing will be scheduled on the issue, most likely in early December.

The report, dated Nov. 13, was sent to a Bangor attorney who has been hired by the NCAA for this purpose. According to Maine officials, this is normal NCAA procedure.

In July, the NCAA issued several penalties against the University of Maine, including a ban from this year’s NCAA Tournament, and also a removal of 13 football scholarships. Maine took exception to these two penalties and filled an appeal with the NCAA.


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