Walsh: Too Early To Tell

Maine coach Shawn Walsh won’t know for another six-to-eight weeks just how effective the immunotherapy treatments that he received at UCLA in early September and October were in attacking his kidney cancer. The early signs, however, are encouraging.

“I had a CAT scan done that showed that it’s too early to tell whether I’m going to be a responder or not to the treatments I went through,” he said. “The results were inconclusive, but they definitely showed no progression.

That’s what you look for when you’ve got an aggressive cancer, which is what I have. In most cases [it’s aggressive], but in my case it doesn’t seem to be progressing at this point.”

Walsh will undergo another CAT scan in six-to-eight weeks. Until then, his fight remains in a holding pattern.

“That’s the way it is with this disease,” he said. “You just keep dealing with it. There was a cover story in last Friday’s Boston Herald about a vaccine that works against kidney cancer. There are a lot of things that can be a next step. There are [new treatments] that in time are becoming available. That’s why time [in the form of no tumor progress] is good.”


    • Thanks, looked good the first period then coasted. PSU looked good, forced Union to give up and quit. MTU “resurrection” over, take the corpse to the morgue. Looking forward to good game tomorrow. Watched end on UMD game at bar and grill, another good one. Fargo regional everything that I expected

          • Watched it as we were out for lunch. I’m sure he was running on pure adrenaline.

            Actually am not watching the other hockey game…not sure why. Pretty sure the wife is controlling the tv tonight…she may be hockey’d out.

        • Yes because no angry bird has ever taken a cheap shot…..I can’t stop laughing when I see crying about this….

      • Troy Terry is really, really good. Love his game. Borgstrom, as talented as he is, remains an immature hockey player. I say this objectively, not in a punitive manner. He is not NHL ready…which means the NCHC has another year to deal with this phenom. DU fans have to very happy with their 3rd and 4th lines, very little drop off in play. Barring a massive collapse, DU is the class of the field and odds on favorite to win the NC.

        • Montgomery moved Borgstrom the last game against CC, no longer playing with Terry and Gambrell. He is now on 2nd line with Finlay and Lukosevicius. He did this to equalize all four lines. Notice most of the scoring now is being done by 3rd and 4th lines, very hard to “cover” all the lines with your best defensive players. PSU looked really good, and Union goalie was terrible. A deadly combination.


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