Close, but not a goal for the Eagles; 5-on-3 coming up

Brian Boyle had a doorstep chance but was stopped by Curry. A minor to McCarthy for hitting from behind, though, will give BC a 1:21 5-on-3 advantage.


    • considering they’re 18 in Pairwise, it’s a must win weekend for them to have any hope. Lose even one to WMU, and it’ll look like they’ll have to win their way in barring some monumental losses above them. Remember you need to be at14 to feel safer as Mercyhurst will be bouncing the 16 and if someone else sneaks in by winning their conf tourney, it’ll clip the 15. So a sweep looks like a must to gain some breathing room depending on what happens elsewhere.

      • Plus, I think the chances of somebody not currently “in” (a subjective phrase to be sure) winning the NCHC tournament is a distinct possibility, methinks.

        • The NCHC tourney is up for grabs. So there is a good possibility of a 3rd NCHC team in the natl. tourney. SCSU may indeed be the most worthy — but after this weekend it’s all ‘One & Done’.


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