So who do you root for?

I’ve really enjoyed all of the dialogue that’s been going around this blog all week. Nothing like stirring the pot to get the masses of college hockey fans talking.

Because there’s been such active participation, particularly from the WCHA and Hockey East fans, I have a question to pose:

In regions where your league has more than one team, if you’re a fan of one of those clubs, do you cheer for the other in their opening round game?

For example, if you’re a Boston College fan, are you rooting for New Hampshire over Miami? If you’re a Minnesota fan, are you rooting for North Dakota over Michigan? Obviously, the more wins for your conference teams, the higher likelihood of a team from your conference winning the national championship (and hockey is the one sport where conference bragging right seems as important as individual team bragging rights).

Last year was the first time I really took notice of this, when Minnesota and Holy Cross faced one another. As I watched the game, it was extremely obvious that the Sioux fans in attendance jumped on the Holy Cross bandwagon. Is this simply a unique scenario where NoDak fans were pulling for the extreme underdog? Or will Gopher fans return the favor when North Dakota and Michigan battle on Saturday?

It’s something I’m curious about and would love to hear opinions. So please, drop a response with your thoughts!